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Water conservation

Find organizations, companies and individuals who are actively involved in enabling water conservation at small and large scales.
Boson White Waterlogo
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Boson Whitewater is a Water Recovery and Sustainability company which Sells high quality water and also sets up system which can convert any waste water to Potable Quality water. Learn more about Boson White Water.

Kritsnam Technologieslogo
Hyderabad, Telangna, India

Kritsnam Technologies evolved from research and innovation centre with a vision towards data-driven water management. The company envision to use freshwater sustainably for industrial, commercial, agriculture and drinking purposes. They built compact and low-power consuming IoT enabled instruments to mine the water data and provide useful insights to improve water use efficiency. Learn more about Kritsnam Technologies.

Organic Solutionslogo
Gurugram, Haryana, India

Organic Solutions advance solutions are poised to revolutionize the waste treatment industry. The founding principle of their solutions is based on the benefits of probiotic microorganisms. Learn more about Organic Solutions.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

NeeRain is an innovation-oriented start-up committed to addressing the Global crisis of water with local decentralized technologies that empower a common man to lead water secure life. Learn more about

The Green Miyagilogo
Denton, Texas, United States

The Green Miyagi serve the Denton, TX and surrounding areas. The Green Miyagi is an environmentally friendly businesses and they value water conservation. Learn more about The Green Miyagi.

Everything ecologo
Bangalore , Karnataka, India

Everythingeco specialise and provide ECO solutions in Water, Waste, Gardening and Green building technologies. Their expertise is to provide user friendly solutions and help citizens and business adopt sustainable technologies. Learn more about Everything eco.

BOSON White Waterlogo
Bangalore , Karnataka, India

Boson White Water mainly make buildings sustainable in terms of water management. They look to collaborate with eligible apartment association to setup most advanced Water Reclamation system from your existing STP treated water. They don’t require any investment by the apartment, only space and power to be provided and the system will be setup on lease and the cost of lease will be lesser than the cost of purchase water. Learn more about BOSON White Water.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Earthfokus develops technology that will not just support our surrounding but also equip the future for self sustenance. Focusing on creating products that save non renewable energy, Earth Fokus commits to initiating a revolution. Learn more about EarthFokus.

Pune, Maharashtra, India

A waterless car wash uses high lubricity sprays to polish and wash the vehicle’s bodywork. The spray’s high lubricity encapsulate dirt and dust particles. This process is similar to how water removes dirt. Learn more about Gowaterless.

Jeevit Nadilogo
Pune, Maharashtra, India

At Jeevitnadi Living River Foundation, they firmly believe that river revival is not possible without active citizen participation. Learn more about Jeevit Nadi.

Gurugram, Haryana, India

Environics Digital IoT based water measurement solutions will help you get a hold on your water consumption at every level and help you to conserve water. Irrespective of the site condition, water quality and measurement application they have a solution available. Learn more about Environics.

Kelvin Water Technologies Pvt Ltd delivers water treatment plants for the diverse needs of industries. Treatment plants reduce pollutants in wastewater to a level nature can handle. Learn more about Kelvin Water Technologies Pvt Ltd.

CLEAN Internationallogo
Ventura, California, USA

CLEAN International works everyday to remove barriers to access to safe sanitation and clean water. The company mobilizes, implements, and evaluates innovative, environmentally sustainable solutions to sanitation and water-related needs in order to improve the quality of life, overall health, and educational and economic opportunities of individuals worldwide. Learn more about CLEAN International.

Eco 365logo
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Eco365 provide solutions related to water conservation. By using our solutions you can save water, energy, cost and Go Green. Few of the solutions are Water Saving Aerators, Bio Urinal Cakes, Water Saving Showers, Water Saving Taps, Hygiene Taps, Water Tank Filter and more. We at Eco365 have been in this industry for more than 5 years. . Learn more about Eco 365.

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Fluxgen help industries to monitor their water usage in real-time and reduce their operational costs. The company reduces the cost of water for our clients and help industries become more responsible and sustainable, and well as de-risking from water crisis. The clients include food processing plants, metals and mining sites, pharmaceutical factories and commercial buildings. Learn more about FluxGen.

Rain Water Solutionslogo
Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Rain Water Solutions work with residents, local and state agencies, and public and private institutions to develop custom solutions with the intent of protecting their landscape investment and reducing the use of costly, treated water. Learn more about Rain Water Solutions.

Eco Dive Club Maafushilogo
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Maafushi Environment Club is an NGO-Non Government Organisation. Their mission and focus are on the environment and to give you the safest and best diving experience. Their goal is to create awareness about the importance of the ecosystems in the Maldives and to fight against marine debris. Learn more about Eco Dive Club Maafushi.

Surfers Against Sewage projects target coastal environmental issues including marine litter, sewage pollution, climate change, toxic chemicals, shipping, industry and coastal development. They aim to create measurable improvements in the state of our oceans, waves and beaches through changes in public behaviour, government policy and industry practices. Learn more about Surfers Against Sewage.

Digital Paanilogo
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Digital Paani is driven by our mission to serve the $17 billion wastewater operations industry to protect natural resources from contamination and accelerate the transition to clean cities with abundant water. Learn more about Digital Paani.

Rutu Biosyslogo
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Rutu Biosys offer a wide range of bio-products that effectively meet the Eco-friendly cleaning needs of corporate, institutional and government spaces. Rutu Biosys developed the brand biodoc based on the principle of Cleaning- For Well being. Learn more about Rutu Biosys.

Aaradhya Enviro Techlogo
Vapi, Gujarat, India

Aaradhya envirotechis an industrial wastewater treatment and waste management company. The company specializes in the design, construction and installation of complete Water Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants & RO such as Effluent Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, Water Treatment Plants & Reverse Osmosis Plants, for a wide range of industry sectors from beverage and food to sewage and wastewater. Learn more about Aaradhya Enviro Tech.

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Water App is a network of powerful IoT Sensors (Water Level Sensors) that are installed into your tanks and wells that send info to your phone via the cloud.Using wireless water level sensors, water meters and network equipment, it shows you all your water info on a single app. This solid, easy to use technology is used by homes & residentials. Learn more about WaterApp.

Say Earthlogo
Delhi, Delhi, India

Say Earth is a leading environmental NGO in India working for water conservation by restoration of water bodies and creating urban forests. Objective is to conserve and maintain the hydrological cycle of India and restore depleting water table and oureco-system. Learn more about Say Earth.

City to Sealogo
Bristol, United Kingdom

City to Sea tackle the single-use plastic items most found on our beaches, and in our rivers and oceans. They focus on stopping plastic at source by reducing demand, so our beaches won’t need to be cleaned in the future. Learn more about City to Sea.

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