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Water Management
Swindon, England, United Kingdom stands as a trailblazer in the realm of sustainable water management. Leveraging innovative technology and expert knowledge, they provide comprehensive solutions that empower businesses and communities to conserve, treat, and responsibly manage water resources. By addressing the pressing challenges of water scarcity and environmental impact, plays a pivotal role in fostering resilience and promoting eco-conscious practices. Their commitment to optimizing water usage contributes to a more sustainable and secure future, aligning with global efforts to ensure the availability of clean water for generations to come. Learn more about eWATERservices.

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UraVu Labs is revolutionizing skincare by harnessing advanced personalized solutions. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, they analyze individual skin profiles, enabling the creation of bespoke products that address unique needs. Embark on a transformative skincare journey that seamlessly merges scientific innovation with personalized care, redefining how we approach skincare. Learn more about Uravu Labs.

Paris, Paris, France

CityTaps is a visionary nonprofit committed to revolutionizing water access for underserved urban communities. Using cutting-edge technology, they empower people with prepaid water services, transforming a fundamental necessity into an affordable and reliable resource. By digitizing water payments and infrastructure, CityTaps not only enhances convenience but also dismantles economic barriers, ensuring clean water is accessible to all. This innovative model has a profound impact on communities, elevating their quality of life and promoting sustainable development. With an unwavering focus on equity, CityTaps is a catalyst for global change, envisioning a world where safe water is a basic right, not a privilege. Learn more about CityTaps.

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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Eco365 is committed to providing innovative, environment-friendly solutions that promote a sustainable and self-sufficient way of living. They aim to conserve water and replace regular plastic by offering water-saving products and compostable packaging solutions. ECO 365 pays attention to the environmental impact of our communities are healthy, pleasant places to. They have production capacity of 1800 metric ton annually, 25000 sq. feet production space dedicated only for compostable bio plastic. Their products are certified as by CIPET and approved by CPCB as per IS 17088 standard of composting defined in solid waste management rule of 2016 by the Government of India. It's an equivalent to EN13432/ASTM D6400 International standards of composting. Learn more about Eco 365.

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

We at Forest Creators believe that Development and Afforestation are not mutually exclusive, we want to demonstrate this by giving forests a new definition; one that is relevant in this rapidly developing world. We want development, but we also want out nature to be preserved. We want Factories, But we also want to be Carbon Neutral manufacturing products. We want Better & Wider Roads, Rail & air connectivity to reach our loved ones faster,safer but we also want to save the earth from the green house emissions. We believe it is time to shift from manicured landscapes to purpose based plantations that contribute to better air quality, water conservation, checking global warming and supporting the overall ecosystem. Forest Creators is creating Miyawaki forests that are 100% organic, wild,fast growing & self sustainable. We wish to Create a new definition of forests – forests that are compact and modular; forests that can be ‘inserted’ in every empty spaces around us. We shouldn’t be heading out of our everyday living/working areas to enjoy the nature. We wish that Nature should be part of our everyday life. We are thankful to our Mentor, our teacher, our well wisher Shri. Shubhendu Sharma of Afforestt for guiding us in 2014 to create our first Myawaki Forest of 1500 trees. And we haven’t stopped since & till date planted & influenced States & Industries & individuals to plant more then a million trees by creating Miyawaki forests across India. At our Not for Profit Foundation, Enviro Creators Foundation, We are now driven with a single Mission :10 Crore trees by 2025. And help Mother nature restore the ecosystem & try & make this world a better place for our future generations. Learn more about Forest Creators.

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