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Rivercleaning is a passionate advocate for environmental preservation, centering its efforts on the vital mission of river cleanup and conservation. This platform serves as an informative hub, providing a wealth of resources, insights, and opportunities for individuals and organizations dedicated to safeguarding the health and cleanliness of rivers around the globe. Rivercleaning empowers communities with practical guidance on organizing and participating in river cleanup initiatives, facilitating a grassroots approach to environmental stewardship. By promoting awareness, advocacy, and sustainable practices, this platform fosters a collective commitment to restoring and protecting our precious waterways. Rivercleaning stands as a beacon of hope, inspiring meaningful action and fostering a profound sense of responsibility toward the environment and the diverse ecosystems that depend on our rivers. Learn more about River Cleaning.

ScrapBees GmbHlogo
Neuss, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Schrottbienen is a comprehensive online platform based in Germany, dedicated to fostering recycling and sustainability. It serves as a valuable resource hub, providing users with a wealth of information and guidance on scrap metal recycling, environmental preservation, and sustainable living practices. Visitors can explore articles, guides, and tips on responsible waste management, eco-friendly lifestyle choices, and the economic benefits of recycling scrap materials. Schrottbienen plays a pivotal role in raising awareness about the importance of reducing waste, conserving resources, and contributing to a greener, more eco-conscious world. Whether you're seeking information on recycling best practices or looking to make environmentally conscious choices, this website serves as a valuable reference for all things sustainable. Learn more about ScrapBees GmbH.

Gateshead, England, United Kingdom

Equiwatt is a game-changing platform designed to incentivize energy-saving actions. By connecting seamlessly with your smart meter, it actively encourages and rewards energy-efficient behaviors. Users can earn incentives such as cash rewards or charitable donations of their choice by reducing their electricity consumption during peak demand periods. Equiwatt not only helps individuals save money on their energy bills but also contributes to a more sustainable environment by reducing the strain on the grid during high-demand times. Joining Equiwatt means taking a proactive role in conserving energy, reducing your carbon footprint, and making a positive impact on the planet, all while enjoying the benefits of lower energy costs and the satisfaction of supporting charitable causes. Learn more about equiwatt.

Paris, France

GreenGoT stands as a leading advocate for eco-conscious living by offering a diverse range of sustainable alternatives to everyday products. Their focus on biodegradable and reusable solutions reflects a commitment to reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact. By providing consumers with accessible options to make greener choices, GreenGoT empowers individuals to play an active role in preserving the planet. Their innovative approach extends beyond products, inspiring a shift towards more responsible consumption habits. Learn more about Green-Got.

Solutions: The Game stands as a thought-provoking and immersive board game that transcends entertainment by combining fun with global problem-solving. Players are invited to navigate intricate scenarios, make strategic choices, and collaborate to tackle pressing real-world issues. Through gameplay, participants gain insights into the complexity of global challenges and explore innovative, sustainable solutions. "Solutions: The Game" not only offers a captivating experience but also fosters critical thinking, empathy, and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of global problems. Learn more about Solutions: The Game.

Eco 365logo
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Eco365 is committed to providing innovative, environment-friendly solutions that promote a sustainable and self-sufficient way of living. They aim to conserve water and replace regular plastic by offering water-saving products and compostable packaging solutions. ECO 365 pays attention to the environmental impact of our communities are healthy, pleasant places to. They have production capacity of 1800 metric ton annually, 25000 sq. feet production space dedicated only for compostable bio plastic. Their products are certified as by CIPET and approved by CPCB as per IS 17088 standard of composting defined in solid waste management rule of 2016 by the Government of India. It's an equivalent to EN13432/ASTM D6400 International standards of composting. Learn more about Eco 365.

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EcoEnclose drives the charge in commonsense packaging, offering custom boxes, packs, and eco-obliging conveyance game plans. Their obligation connects past things, provide Earth-obliging guidance and developing a neighborhood EcoAllies. With an accentuation on circularity and material turn of events, they draw in associations to seek after earth proficient choices, each and every pack. Through their obligation to materials circularity and sponsorship for an EcoAlly social class, EcoEnclose sets the standard for moral packaging plans, preparing for a greener future. Learn more about EcoEnclose.

Location not available

Grounded: Enabling Organizations with Economical Bundling Arrangements Having some expertise in custom supportable bundling, Grounded meets the extraordinary requirements of different businesses and items. Our worldwide ensured materials and top-level assembling processes position your business as a forerunner in battling single-use plastics. Go along with us in progressing natural stewardship while recognizing your image with creative bundling arrangements from Grounded. Learn more about Grounded.

Supr pack pvt Ltdlogo
Location not available

Supr Pack: Your Hotspot for Eco-Accommodating Custom Bundling Experience eco-cognizant custom bundling arrangements from Supr Pack, conveyed quickly in low amounts inside 15 working days, with free transportation. Our in-house fabricating ensures quality, combined with neighborhood and worldwide affirmations. Situated in Australia, we have some expertise in compostable delivery and mailer sacks, offering choices like 20 compostable air pocket mailers, 50 compostable bags/mailers, 50 custom stickers, and 100 custom tissue papers. Trust Supr Pack for reasonable bundling that lines up with your business values and ecological objectives. Learn more about Supr pack pvt Ltd.

Puffy Stufflogo
Location not available

Puffy Stuff revolutionizes packaging with its all-natural packing peanuts, offering unmatched durability and resilience even in humid conditions. Surpassing wheat starch, corn starch, and polystyrene in laboratory tests, it's a superior eco-friendly option. Remarkably, Puffy Stuff is safe for consumption, embodying sustainability without compromising strength. Choose Puffy Stuff for packaging that prioritizes both environmental consciousness and reliability, ensuring your shipments are protected while minimizing ecological impact. With Puffy Stuff, you not only get top-tier performance but also contribute to a greener future. Learn more about Puffy Stuff.

Location not available

Founded in 1972, Ranpak revolutionized packaging with environmentally responsible solutions for product shipment. Committed to sustainability, they offer innovative packaging to enhance supply chain performance globally. Headquartered in Ohio, with locations in the Netherlands and Singapore, Ranpak leads in e-commerce and industrial supply chain solutions. With manufacturing facilities in multiple countries, they continuously develop and refine materials, systems, and total solution concepts, earning a reputation as an innovative industry leader dedicated to reducing environmental impact while meeting growing business demands. Learn more about Ranpak.

Location not available

Ecobox presents Bio Air pocket, offering the strength and solidness of normal air pocket wrap with an exclusive biodegradable equation. Once in landfill locales, Bio Air pocket separates, abandoning just CO2, H2O, and biomass that feed soil microorganisms. Pick supportability without forfeiting security with Ecobox's imaginative bundling arrangement. Learn more about Ecobox.

Nashville Wrapslogo
Location not available

Nashville Wraps® specializes in eco-friendly gift and gourmet packaging, offering solutions made in the USA from recycled materials. Since 1976, we've served retail stores and gourmet industries from our Nashville facility. With a focus on reliability and exceptional service, our non-commissioned sales staff ensures assistance, while our 160,000 sq. ft. facility guarantees 99% success in 24-hour shipments from stock. We offer a wide range of retail packaging options, including shopping bags, gift boxes, tissue paper, ribbons, and custom printing services, all at competitive prices. Trust Nashville Wraps® to elevate your merchandise presentation sustainably. Learn more about Nashville Wraps.

SKS Bottle & Packaging, Inc., a family-owned business since 1986, has consistently exceeded customer expectations. With roots in upstate New York, SKS has expanded across eight locations in the state and a warehouse in Sparks, NV. Their enduring principles prioritize environmentally conscious decisions, USA-made products, and fostering authentic relationships. Committed to sustained growth and success, SKS remains dedicated to providing top-notch service and quality packaging solutions to customers nationwide. Learn more about SKS Bottle & Packaging, Inc..

Sustainable Packaging Industries leads the way with environmentally friendly clamshell packaging made from recycled cardboard. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect, with packaging that's 100% recyclable and free from bleach, dyes, and glue. Choose Sustainable Packaging Industries for eco-conscious solutions that prioritize environmental responsibility without compromising on quality or durability. Learn more about Sustainable Packaging Industries .

Pactiv Evergreen Inc.logo
Location not available

Pactiv Evergreen, a prominent North American manufacturer of fresh food and beverage packaging, prioritizes sustainability by producing high-quality products made with recyclable or renewable materials. With over 14,000 employees and 14 raw materials, they create over 14,000 unique items, reaching consumers approximately five billion times weekly in the U.S. alone. Boasting a 2022 net revenue of $6.2 billion, Pactiv Evergreen holds market-leading positions across various product categories and continues to expand its footprint with 51 manufacturing facilities and distribution centers across 17 states, Canada, and Mexico. Learn more about Pactiv Evergreen Inc..

Location not available

PaperFoam delivers top-tier sustainable packaging solutions worldwide, merging unique aesthetics with functionality and eco-friendliness. With headquarters in The Netherlands and production facilities across Asia, North America, and Czech Republic, we cater to renowned companies in diverse industries. Our packaging boasts a low carbon footprint, biodegradability, and custom design options, including injection molding for perfect fitting. Featuring friction fit, clamping, embossing, debossing, and unlimited colors, PaperFoam offers versatility and innovation. Choose PaperFoam for lightweight, environmentally friendly packaging that meets your specific needs and stands out in the market. Visit our website for more information, inquiries, and samples. Learn more about Paperfoam.

Location not available

Sulapac Ltd pioneers sustainable material innovation to combat the global plastic crisis. Founded in 2016 in Helsinki by three scientists, Sulapac offers beautiful and functional alternatives to conventional plastics. Backed by investors like CHANEL and Sky Ocean Ventures, Sulapac's patented materials enable companies worldwide to reduce their carbon footprint and eliminate microplastic pollution. Recognized as one of Europe's hottest startups by WIRED UK and a Nordic startup to watch by Sifted, Sulapac is leading the way in advancing the circular economy and reshaping the future of packaging and materials. Learn more about Sulapac.

Ecovative leverages biology to address human needs on an industrial scale, using mycelium to create groundbreaking products such as sustainable packaging and high-performance foams. Recognized by esteemed organizations like the World Economic Forum and featured in prominent media outlets including Wired, Forbes, and Time, Ecovative stands as a leader in both technical innovation and environmental stewardship. Through their pioneering use of mycelium, Ecovative is redefining industries and setting new standards for sustainability and biologically-driven solutions. Learn more about Ecovative - the mycelium technology company.

Magical Mushroom Company®logo
Location not available

Magical Mushroom Company® drives the way in regular bundling arrangements, supplanting polystyrene with eco-accommodating other options. Using mycelium's normal strength and adaptability, we develop defensive bundling at any scale. By consolidating mycelium with agrarian waste like hemp, plug, and sawdust, we make vigorous bundling materials that are both reasonable and compelling. Our imaginative methodology not just advantages organizations by giving solid and dependable bundling arrangements yet additionally adds to a better planet by lessening dependence on destructive materials like polystyrene. Go along with us in our main goal to make a more reasonable world, each mushroom-based bundle in turn Learn more about Magical Mushroom Company®.

TIPA leads in biodegradable bundling for the food business. Its answers organically debase in as long as 180 days in modern manure, in contrast to conventional plastics that require years. TIPA's movies offer high adaptability, strength, and protection from oxygen and water fume, guaranteeing both usefulness and manageability in food bundling. Learn more about TIPA® Compostable Packaging.

LetsGoGreen, Inc.logo
Location not available

Starting around 2007, has been a confided in hotspot for eco-accommodating items, offering reasonable options in contrast to ordinary things. Spend significant time in compostable and biodegradable plates, cups, utensils, and the sky is the limit from there, clients can diminish their carbon impression effortlessly. In addition, appreciate free carbon-unbiased transportation on all orders more than $89! Learn more about LetsGoGreen, Inc..

World Centriclogo
Location not available

World Centric at first a non-benefit, progressed into a for-benefit social undertaking in 2009, driven by a mission to battle financial treachery and natural corruption. Through imaginative, eco-accommodating items and organizations, we endeavor to make a flourishing world. Our process started with a little web-based store advancing Fair Exchange items, extending to remember compostable things for reaction to developing interest for maintainable other options. Today, as a guaranteed B Corp and California Advantage Organization, we keep on involving business as a power for positive change, typifying our faith in a world-driven way to deal with really focusing on our planet and its kin. Learn more about World Centric.

AMS Compostablelogo
Location not available

At AMS • COMPOSTABLE, our group use state of the art green advancements to address the worldwide single-utilize plastic emergency. Teaming up with Part States, UN organizations, common society, and the confidential area, we endeavor to diminish plastic utilization and advance mindfulness. Together, we pursue tracking down reasonable arrangements at worldwide, provincial, and nearby levels, cultivating a greener and all the more earth mindful future. Learn more about AMS Compostable.

Location not available

UBPack presents 100 percent normal biodegradable bundling, made from cassava starch and regular fiber. Its froth like yet unbending construction comes in different shapes and sizes for adaptable applications. With protection properties and protection from hot and cold, UBPack offers an eco-accommodating arrangement reasonable for a great many purposes. Learn more about UBPack.

Location not available

PacknWood gives eco-accommodating bundling answers for food administration and cooking enterprises. From biodegradable plates and utensils to compostable food holders, PacknWood offers a different scope of supportable choices. With a pledge to diminishing natural effect, organizations can view as reasonable and eco-cognizant bundling arrangements at PacknWood, assisting them with lining up with supportability objectives while serving their clients capably. Learn more about PacknWood.

Package Freelogo
Location not available

At Package Free Shop, we curate feasible everyday items from eco-cognizant people and brands. Our contributions are about reusability, refillability, compostability, or recyclability. Visit to investigate our standards and find item subtleties. Go along with us in our main goal to have a positive ecological effect through cognizant shopper decisions. Learn more about Package Free.

Newlight Technologies, Inc. a main biotechnology organization, changes ozone depleting substances into cutting edge manageable materials. Starting around 2003, their creative interaction uses sea microorganisms to change over ozone harming substance into a flexible, biocompatible material. This innovation, created north of 10 years of exploration, offers eco-accommodating arrangements that diminish fossil fuel byproducts and plastic contamination, adding to a more feasible future for all. Learn more about Newlight Technologies, Inc. .

Repaq - compostable packaging are eco-accommodating, home and nursery compostable bundling arrangements. Confirmed sans plastic and meeting the world's most noteworthy natural principles, they offer ideal item insurance while being viable with all customary filling and fixing machines. Pick Repaq for reasonable bundling that focuses on natural obligation without settling for less on usefulness or quality. Learn more about Repaq - compostable packaging.

Smile Plasticslogo
Location not available

Smile Plastics is a spearheading materials plan and assembling house, making staggering hand-made boards from reused materials. Notwithstanding our exemplary reach, we offer restricted versions and custom materials administrations, alongside plan and fabricate arrangements. Our main goal is to challenge impression of waste through advancement, utilizing workmanship and innovation to uncover the secret magnificence in reusing. By rousing manageability and reusing mindfulness internationally, we plan to have a beneficial outcome on our current circumstance. Learn more about Smile Plastics.

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Foresso presents a clever sheet material, drawing motivation from the extravagance of end grain lumber offcuts. Our methodology combines customary projecting strategies with state of the art fabricating, focusing on maintainability. Intended for engineering and insides, Foresso commends wood's variety while offering functional arrangements. With an emphasis on ecological cognizance, we bring special, economical materials to the very front of configuration, orchestrating craftsmanship with current development. Learn more about FORESSO.

Location not available

Plasticiet offers a different scope of terrazzo varieties and completions made from reused plastics. Their materials are great for surfaces, deck, and installations, giving both supportability and tasteful allure. Customization choices take into consideration custom-made arrangements, while investment opportunities take special care of quick requirements. Each sheet material in their assortment conveys an unmistakable history, for example, their Chocolate Plant material obtained from disposed of molds in the chocolate business. With a promise to supportability and development, Plasticiet offers exceptional and naturally cognizant answers for configuration projects. Learn more about Plasticiet.

Location not available

Biomason is at the very front of planet-accommodating development, reforming concrete creation with Biocement®. By handling the underlying driver of fossil fuel byproducts, in addition to the side effects, we expect to lessen 25% of the worldwide substantial industry's carbon impression by 2030. Go along with us in our central goal to #BuildBetter for a more practical future. Learn more about Biomason.

Grown Biologo
Location not available

Grown Bio Mycelium Bundling offers a supportable option in contrast to Styrofoam, lessening natural effect. It gives practically identical assurance to bundled things while being completely normal and biodegradable. Flexible and versatile, it suits different applications like bundling, inside plan, and protection. By picking Mycelium Bundling, organizations and shoppers add to a better planet by diminishing plastic waste. Developed Bio leads in imaginative bundling arrangements, teaming up intimately with clients to foster tweaked arrangements. Their natural initiative sets a model for the business, driving positive change towards a greener future. Learn more about Grown Bio.

Location not available

At the front of manageable design, TENCEL™ by Lenzing Gathering offers unrivaled solace and eco-cordiality with its botanic-beginning cellulosic filaments. Find another norm in delicateness and regular solace while having a beneficial outcome in the world. Embrace the #FeelSoRight experience as you investigate our most recent developments and stories at From dress to home materials, TENCEL™ strands reclassify extravagance with maintainability at their center Learn more about TENCEL™.

Stony Creek Colorslogo
Location not available

Stony Creek Colors drives the way with recognizable, 100 percent plant-based indigo colors, changing style supply chains around the world. Our eco-accommodating colors improve soil wellbeing, supplanting hurtful engineered materials. Go along with us in changing the business with mindful arrangements that benefit the two individuals and the planet. Learn more about Stony Creek Colors.

A&E Gütermannlogo
Location not available

A&E Gütermann, with more than 275 years of involvement, is a worldwide forerunner in sewing string producing. Work in Industry, Car, and TechTex areas, we give fitted answers for Attire and Non-Clothing needs. Our top notch items and far reaching administration guarantee consumer loyalty. With a global presence and an emphasis on trust and dependability, we are your reliable accomplice in the material business. Our European central command in Gutach im Breisgau close to Freiburg, Germany, house around 400 representatives, while our worldwide group surpasses 10,000 individuals. Engraving and information assurance data are accessible on our site for straightforwardness and responsibility. Learn more about A&E Gütermann.

Bolt Threadslogo
Location not available

Bolt Strings drives the charge in making practical answers for top attire, footwear, and magnificence brands like adidas and Stella McCartney. Our creative materials, including Mylo™ and b-silk™ protein, are roused ordinarily and add to a more maintainable future. With an emphasis on supportability and state of the art innovation, we're focused on reforming the materials business. Learn more about Bolt Threads.

Botanical Colors, LLClogo
Location not available

Botanical Colors, LLC is a main normal color house in the U.S., gaining practical experience in non-poisonous, plant-based colors. With north of 10 years of involvement, we give comprehensive color answers for design and insides. Our clients incorporate famous names like Eileen Fisher and Greg Lauren. We offer recipe improvement bundles for testing and adaptable creation runs for article of clothing coloring. Through our internet business and instructive stages, we intend to advance maintainable practices and enable people to embrace normal coloring methods. Learn more about Botanical Colors, LLC.

COROZO buttonslogo
Location not available

Corozo, otherwise called "vegetable ivory," is a characteristic item with a hard gum like consistency. Its firmly wound natural filaments give outstanding sturdiness and scratch obstruction, making it an optimal material for buttons, gems, and style extras. As a manageable option in contrast to plastic, corozo offers eco-cognizant customers a biodegradable choice without settling on quality or execution. Its extraordinary properties and eco-accommodating nature settle on it a well known decision among planners and makers looking for earth dependable materials for their items. Learn more about COROZO buttons.

Benno's Buttons logo
Location not available

Benno's Buttons offers exceptional 2-opening buttons, sold by the dozen, ideal for improving the style of regular textures like cloth, cotton, and denim. Hoist your plans with these particular buttons, adding a dash of complexity and energy to your pieces of clothing. With quality craftsmanship and adaptable choices, Benno's Buttons gives the ideal last little detail to your sewing projects. Whether you're making clothing, frill, or home style things, our buttons make certain to say something and put your manifestations aside. Pick Benno's Buttons for quality, style, and imagination in each join. Learn more about Benno's Buttons .

Paradise Fiberslogo
Location not available

Paradise Fibers presents 100 percent reused Sari silk yarn, exhibiting a variety of dazzling strong and multicolor mixes. Created with care, every skein flaunts interesting varieties, adding appeal to your sewing or knitting projects. Redo your request by determining variety inclinations, taking into consideration a customized touch. Experience the magnificence and eco-kind disposition of reasonable yarn with our flawless Sari silk assortment. Learn more about Paradise Fibers.

Lion Brand Yarn logo
Location not available

Lion Brand Yarn's Re-Up offers eco-cognizant creating with a huge water-saving effect. Each 70-gram ball saves 1,400 liters of water, adding to maintainability endeavors. By picking Re-Up, crafters can appreciate righteous innovativeness while decreasing their natural impression. Join Lion Brand Yarn in having a constructive outcome in the world, each line in turn. Learn more about Lion Brand Yarn .

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Bananatex® by QWSTION is a progressive texture produced using normally developed Abacá banana plants. Biodegradable and roundabout, it's delivered without pesticides or additional water. Support to Support Certified® Gold, it fulfills the most noteworthy guidelines of wellbeing and maintainability. Created as an eco-accommodating option by Swiss pack brand QWSTION, Bananatex® is making ready for positive change in the design business. Learn more about Bananatex®.

Ananas Anamlogo
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Ananas Anam upsets manageable style by shrewdly reusing waste pineapple leaf fiber into a flexible material. Gotten from rural side-effects, it limits natural effect as well as cultivates financial open doors for cultivating networks. By making a rewarding optional revenue source, Piñatex® advances social strengthening and moral creation rehearses. This brutality free material encapsulates the standards of supportability, offering a righteous option for faithful purchasers. Its sturdiness and flexibility make it ideal for an extensive variety of style applications, from dress to frill, while its eco-accommodating qualifications resound with those focused on settling on naturally capable decisions in their buys. Learn more about Ananas Anam.

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