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The Great Bubble Barrier is an innovative solution tackling river pollution. By employing bubble barriers, the company captures and diverts plastic waste, effectively combating water pollution and promoting a cleaner environment. This technology-driven approach contributes to the preservation of aquatic ecosystems and underscores the potential of inventive solutions in addressing pressing environmental challenges. Learn more about The Great Bubble Barrier®.

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The GULP Kickstarter project presents a groundbreaking solution to one of the pressing environmental issues of our time – microfiber pollution from washing machines. This innovative self-cleaning washing machine incorporates a built-in microplastic filter, effectively capturing and containing microfibers shed from clothing during each wash. By preventing these tiny plastic particles from entering wastewater, the GULP washing machine significantly reduces their impact on aquatic ecosystems and the environment at large. With a strong focus on sustainability and responsible consumer choices, this project aims to revolutionize clothing care by offering a practical, eco-friendly appliance that empowers individuals to play their part in mitigating the harmful effects of microplastic pollution. Learn more about Matter..

San Francisco, California, United States

Loliware stands at the forefront of sustainability with their innovative solutions for single-use plastics. They offer a range of biodegradable and even edible straws and tableware, presenting a unique and eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic products. Loliware's commitment to reducing plastic waste and promoting responsible consumption resonates with the growing demand for sustainable alternatives in everyday life. Learn more about LOLIWARE Inc..

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San Francisco, California, United States

Macro Oceans is a holistic platform at the forefront of ocean conservation and environmental sustainability efforts. It provides a wealth of resources, insights, and actionable solutions aimed at safeguarding marine ecosystems and raising awareness about crucial ocean-related issues. Through its diverse content and community engagement, Macro Oceans acts as a catalyst for positive change, inspiring individuals and organizations alike to actively participate in preserving our oceans for future generations. Learn more about Macro Oceans.

United Kingdom

Experience the future of sustainable materials at MarinaTex takes center stage as an innovative bioplastic, crafted from organic waste to address the pressing issue of plastic pollution. This groundbreaking material mirrors the versatility of conventional plastic while presenting an environmentally conscious alternative for a wide range of applications. Dive into the website to delve deeper into the transformative potential of MarinaTex, playing a pivotal role in shaping a greener and more responsible tomorrow. Learn more about MarinaTex.


Kelpy stands out as a pioneering provider of revolutionary seaweed-based products, driving sustainable living forward. Their extensive array of eco-friendly alternatives encompasses everything from inventive packaging materials to essential household items. By choosing, you're not only embracing innovative solutions but also actively participating in the global effort to reduce environmental impact and foster a more sustainable future for generations to come. Learn more about Kelpy.

Rivercleaning is a passionate advocate for environmental preservation, centering its efforts on the vital mission of river cleanup and conservation. This platform serves as an informative hub, providing a wealth of resources, insights, and opportunities for individuals and organizations dedicated to safeguarding the health and cleanliness of rivers around the globe. Rivercleaning empowers communities with practical guidance on organizing and participating in river cleanup initiatives, facilitating a grassroots approach to environmental stewardship. By promoting awareness, advocacy, and sustainable practices, this platform fosters a collective commitment to restoring and protecting our precious waterways. Rivercleaning stands as a beacon of hope, inspiring meaningful action and fostering a profound sense of responsibility toward the environment and the diverse ecosystems that depend on our rivers. Learn more about River Cleaning.

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Our goal is to give more visibility of green initiatives for eco-concious consumers.

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