Loliware stands at the forefront of sustainability with their innovative solutions for single-use plastics. They offer a range of biodegradable and even edible straws and tableware, presenting a unique and eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic products. Loliware's commitment to reducing plastic waste and promoting responsible consumption resonates with the growing demand for sustainable alternatives in everyday life.

Sea F. Briganti


Operating Since 2015

Benefits & strength

Loliware's sustainable and edible solutions for single-use plastics offer a wide array of benefits and strengths that contribute to both environmental conservation and consumer satisfaction:


  1. Plastic Waste Reduction: Loliware's products directly combat the issue of plastic waste by providing biodegradable and edible alternatives to traditional single-use plastics.

  2. Edible Innovation: The concept of edible tableware adds a unique dimension to their products, reducing waste further and offering an engaging and interactive dining experience.

  3. Eco-Friendly Materials: Their solutions are made from natural and renewable materials, reducing the reliance on fossil-fuel-based plastics and minimizing the environmental impact.

  4. Circular Economy Promotion: Loliware's approach aligns with circular economy principles, encouraging the reutilization of resources and minimizing waste generation.

  5. Consumer Appeal: Their products resonate with environmentally conscious consumers, providing a guilt-free and sustainable choice for everyday use.


  1. Innovative Design: Loliware's strength lies in their pioneering design of edible and biodegradable tableware, showcasing their creative approach to addressing plastic waste.

  2. Functional Practicality: Their products maintain functionality and practicality, offering a seamless replacement for traditional single-use plastics without compromising convenience.

  3. Sustainability Advocacy: Loliware serves as a prominent advocate for sustainable living, inspiring others to explore alternative options and reduce their plastic consumption.

  4. Consumer Engagement: The novelty of edible tableware encourages consumer engagement and raises awareness about the importance of responsible consumption.

  5. Industry Disruption: Loliware's innovative offerings disrupt the traditional plastic industry, encouraging other businesses to explore creative alternatives to conventional plastics.

  6. Collaborative Approach: Loliware collaborates with partners, brands, and industries to extend the reach of their sustainable solutions and promote wide-scale adoption.

In essence, Loliware's benefits and strengths encompass waste reduction, innovative design, consumer engagement, circular economy principles, and the potential to catalyze positive change in the perception of single-use plastics.

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San Francisco, California 95138, US

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