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Greener Beauty is a fully vegan, cruelty free, ethical business retailing a range of products & brands that fit this ethos as well as being natural. All their products are not only good for you and your health but also animals and the planet. Learn more about Greener Beauty.

Manatee Bagslogo
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Manatee bags are perfect for all your grocery needs: greens, fruits, veggies, nuts, grains, and mushrooms. They eliminate the need for plastic bags and are great for both produce shopping and storage. Learn more about Manatee Bags.

EQUA CARE dispensers are refillable and designed to last a lifetime. They are made of recycled single-use plastic bottles waste, so no new plastic is being produced in the process.        Learn more about EQUA d.o.o..

Discover Bluelogo
London, England

Discover Blue sources ocean-friendly bathroom products from ethical UK suppliers. Their boxes are letterbox sized and contain sustainable items to encourage plastic-free and zero waste lifestyles. Learn more about Discover Blue.

Bottega Zero Waste is on a mission to empower you with the tools simplify your beauty routine. They offer courses from Natural Soap Making, to Shampoo & Conditioner Bars Making, as well as Zero Waste Make Up. Learn more about Bottega Zero Waste.

Brighton, England

BalmNatural all our Balms are water-free formulated to to help moisturise, soften, repair and nourish dry skin. Hand poured using the finest organic, natural, vegan botanical extracts and ingredients. All their packaging can be recycled and is plastic free. Learn more about BalmNatural.

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

Inwaste is a platform to bring all about positive change around us in the world of waste. They bring amazing journey of waste lovers across and let those stories inspire all of us to make way for a greener environment. Learn more about Inwaster.

One For Bluelogo
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

One For Blue makes T-Shirts with recycled fibers and fabrics to address human impact on the planet. One For Blue is developing a range of products to help us achieve the target of Zero-Waste manufacturing. Not only do they use recycled material for the products, they also ace the zero waste feat. Learn more about One For Blue.

Brand Zerologo
New delhi, Delhi, India

Brand Zero craft eco-friendly products with the help of local artisans across India. Brand Zero India aims to ensure deep impacts on the livelihoods of the associated artisans whilst making sustainable living easy for everyone by providing truly zero-waste eco-friendly products. Learn more about Brand Zero.

Normal Shop helps you to make it easy and simple with our environmentally friendly products, local organic goods, waste-less daily refills, and more. Normal Shop is a shop for everyday necessities. They support a waste-free lifestyle by helping to facilitate friends who are interested in this approach. Learn more about Normal Shop: Zero Waste Community.

City to Sealogo
Bristol, United Kingdom

City to Sea tackle the single-use plastic items most found on our beaches, and in our rivers and oceans. They focus on stopping plastic at source by reducing demand, so our beaches won’t need to be cleaned in the future. Learn more about City to Sea.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Jiro re-think & replace single-use plastic by scaling circular solutions, and igniting collaborative movements. They provide global distributors, and small local businesses with a wide range of plastic-free products such as Bags,Cutlery and Packaging. Learn more about Jiro.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Greenlogix forte is developing and inventing solutions for the challenging issue of waste management and its disposal. They have gone many steps ahead from traditional recycling and disposing to creating grass root awareness and counselling corporates and individuals to help them achieve their green goals including zero waste. Learn more about Greenlogix.

LOLI Beautylogo
New York, New York, United States

Loli Beauty is on a mission to stir things up to make a conscious change. Their sustainable products are made with Living Organic Loving Ingredients and nothing else. Food grade and earth-friendly. Start blending now and experience beauty. Learn more about LOLI Beauty.

Durham, United Kingdom

IzzyWizzyRoo is dedicated to opening conversations regarding menstruation, menstrual product options and reducing the stigma associated with periods. They are passionate about reducing waste, but also reducing the cramps and discomfort that is often felt when using disposable sanitary products. Learn more about IzzyWizzyRoo.

Nude is a zero-waste store located in Petaling Jaya that sells a range of household supplies ranging from snacks and cosmetics to household cleaners and pet food. They actively try to encourage everyone who walks into their store to be more aware of the environment. Learn more about Nude Zero Waste.

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Acala is an online store offering an extensive range of natural, organic and vegan health and beauty products from leading brands. All responsibly packaged; refills, plastic free and zero waste packaging. Acala exists to provide immovable balance between people and planet. Learn more about Acala.

Silver Falls Sustainability Co. products are sustainably and naturally sourced, and best of all, come in zero waste packaging. They never use disposable plastic in our products or their shipping. All their products are natural and organic, chemical-free or toxins. Learn more about Silver Falls Sustainability Co..

The Refill Pantrylogo
Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

The Refill Pantry offers natural products, reusable product bags, jars, metal straws, cleaning products, beauty products. Their specifically designed weighing scales will weigh your container before and after filling it so you only pay for the weight of the product you are purchasing. Learn more about The Refill Pantry.

The Refill Storelogo
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The Refill Store stock plastic alternative products such as bamboo reusable cutlery, bamboo toothbrushes, beeswax wraps, reusable straws and storage containers for the home. They bring authenticity back to high street grocery shopping by ultimately replicating the older style with a new modern twist. Learn more about The Refill Store.

Earth.Food.Love is an organic, wholefoods, zero-waste shop based in Totnes, South Devon. Organic food products wholefood, gluten free products pulses & grains, organic herbs & spices organic dried fruit & nuts. Learn more about Earth Food Love Zero Waste Shop.

West Coast Refills was derived from a need to find basic household and body cleaning products that are friendly to the environment and your wallet. They offer bulk, environmentally friendly, plant based cleaning products for your body and home as well as a selection of plastic free reusable housewares and personal care items. Learn more about West Coast Refills.

Albany, California, United States

Fillgood provides environmentally friendly home and body products through a distribution model that takes plastic packaging out of the mix. Their products are delivered to your door, in refillable containers. Learn more about

The Soap Dispensary is Vancouver’s first dedicated refill shop specializing in premium soaps, household cleaners, personal care products, DIY ingredients and fine edibles. Their products are biodegradable and selected for minimal impact on human and environmental health. Learn more about The Soap Dispensary & Kitchen Staples.

Zero Marketlogo
Aurora, Colorado, United States

ZERO market offers customers toxin-free, preservative-free, cruelty-free body care and eco-household products all in bulk and without disposable packaging. They offers variety of products in bulk and zero-waste packaging. Learn more about Zero Market.

Seattle, Washington, United States

Salonsolids are effective as salon products without the chemicals that are unhealthy for us and the environment. 100% biodegradable ingredients and packaging. Their mission is to create therapeutic, effective, toxin free personal care products that are good for you and the environment. Learn more about Salonsolids.

RISE Productslogo
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Rise Products is a trailblazing company that redefines sustainable food solutions. Through innovative upcycling practices, the company transforms organic byproducts into premium-quality ingredients, demonstrating a commitment to both environmental stewardship and culinary excellence. By pioneering eco-friendly innovation in the food industry, Rise Products addresses waste reduction while offering high-quality, responsibly sourced ingredients for a more sustainable and conscious approach to food consumption. Learn more about RISE Products.

Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

Siklus is a forward-thinking provider of sustainable waste management solutions. With a visionary approach, the company transforms the way communities handle organic waste, introducing innovative methods for repurposing and recycling. By offering a holistic and environmentally conscious approach to waste management, Siklus addresses a critical need in today's world, paving the way for more responsible and efficient resource utilization. Learn more about Siklus.

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Trashless stands as a transformative app reshaping sustainable shopping practices. By seamlessly linking users with nearby bulk stores, the platform facilitates packaging-free shopping experiences that substantially curtail plastic waste. With its intuitive interface and informative resources, Trashless empowers environmentally aware consumers to actively participate in reducing their ecological footprint. The app's commitment to a zero-waste lifestyle and its role in connecting individuals with local eco-friendly options make it an essential tool for those seeking to make tangible contributions towards a more sustainable future. Learn more about Trashless.

Fair Food Forager is a dynamic platform revolutionizing the way we approach dining and food consumption. By connecting environmentally conscious consumers with a network of eco-friendly restaurants and businesses, it empowers individuals to make ethical and sustainable food choices. This innovative platform not only serves as a tool for discovering responsible dining options but also fosters a sense of community that shares a commitment to the environment. Join Fair Food Forager in reshaping food culture by supporting businesses that prioritize sustainability, and be part of the movement towards a greener and more responsible dining experience. Learn more about Fair Food Forager.

Emeryville, California, United States

MycoWorks is at the forefront of sustainability and innovation, using groundbreaking technology to transform fungi into leather-like materials. This eco-friendly alternative reduces the environmental footprint associated with traditional leather production, offering a unique and responsible approach to material design. MycoWorks' commitment to merging creativity, sustainability, and versatility paves the way for a more eco-conscious and stylish future. Learn more about MycoWorks.

The Roundslogo
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The Rounds emerges as a vibrant and essential platform, uniting healthcare professionals to facilitate collaborative learning and exchange of expertise. Centered around medical education and professional networking, The Rounds empowers clinicians with a comprehensive toolset to remain current, share valuable insights, and elevate the quality of patient care. By fostering a dynamic community of medical practitioners, The Rounds plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare through continuous learning, interdisciplinary collaboration, and the seamless sharing of best practices. Learn more about The Rounds.

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Riimagined stands as a transformative creative platform that redefines fashion through sustainable practices. Specializing in pre-loved clothing and accessories, Riimagined curates a collection that combines style with conscious consumerism, allowing individuals to make fashionable choices that contribute to a more sustainable world. By offering a diverse range of curated items, they empower shoppers to embrace unique personal styles while reducing their environmental footprint. With a commitment to both individual expression and environmental well-being, Riimagined paves the way for a fashion-forward future that values both aesthetics and sustainability. Learn more about RIMAGINED.

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Spruce stands as a leading provider of virtual receptionist services that elevate business communication and customer interactions to a higher level. With a team of skilled professionals at the helm, Spruce takes charge of managing incoming calls, scheduling appointments, and delivering personalized support. This comprehensive approach ensures that businesses can maintain seamless client engagement while focusing on core operations. Whether for small enterprises or large corporations, Spruce optimizes customer experiences, streamlines communication, and ultimately contributes to enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction. Learn more about Spruce.

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MyNi introduces a sustainable shift in personal care by providing reusable and eco-friendly sanitary products. Their innovative approach not only reduces waste but also prioritizes women's health and well-being. With a commitment to a greener planet, MyNi offers a convenient and environmentally responsible solution for menstrual care. Learn more about MYNI.

Emeryville, California, United States

Stasher Bag presents a game-changing solution to food storage by providing reusable silicone bags that serve as an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags. These versatile bags not only contribute to reducing plastic waste but also ensure that food stays fresh and safe. With Stasher Bag, users can make a conscious choice to embrace sustainable practices while enjoying the convenience of reliable and reusable food storage solutions. Learn more about Stasher.

Sustainabl Planet stands as a beacon of eco-consciousness, offering a thoughtfully curated collection of sustainable products that span various aspects of daily life. Their platform serves as a hub where consumers can explore and embrace environmentally friendly alternatives, making it easier to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle. By providing a wide array of choices, from eco-friendly household items to ethically produced fashion, Sustainabl Planet empowers individuals to align their consumption with their values and contribute to a healthier planet. Learn more about Sustainabl. Planet.


Whole Green stands as an online haven for eco-conscious consumers, offering a thoughtfully curated collection of sustainable products spanning across multiple categories. Their platform serves as a one-stop destination for individuals seeking to adopt a greener lifestyle, encompassing a wide range of items that align with ethical and environmentally friendly values. From home and personal care essentials to fashion and more, Whole Green empowers individuals to make conscious and sustainable choices in every facet of their daily lives. Learn more about Whole..

Macro Oceanslogo
San Francisco, California, United States

Macro Oceans is a holistic platform at the forefront of ocean conservation and environmental sustainability efforts. It provides a wealth of resources, insights, and actionable solutions aimed at safeguarding marine ecosystems and raising awareness about crucial ocean-related issues. Through its diverse content and community engagement, Macro Oceans acts as a catalyst for positive change, inspiring individuals and organizations alike to actively participate in preserving our oceans for future generations. Learn more about Macro Oceans.

Stockholm, Sweden

Circulate8 stands as a revolutionary platform committed to driving the principles of the circular economy forward. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, they establish a dynamic marketplace where businesses can seamlessly exchange reusable and recyclable materials. By facilitating these exchanges, Circulate8 empowers organizations to maximize resource efficiency, reduce waste, and cut costs, all while contributing to a more sustainable future. This innovative approach not only transforms the way industries manage resources but also aligns with the global push for responsible consumption and waste reduction. Learn more about Circulate8.

Axiology Beautylogo
Bend, Oregon, United States

Axiology Beauty stands out as a prominent cosmetics brand, embodying a commitment to both personal beauty and planetary well-being. At the forefront of ethical and sustainable practices, their online platform,, presents a diverse array of beauty products. From richly pigmented vegan lipsticks to cruelty-free makeup essentials, each item harmonizes vibrant colors with an unwavering dedication to eco-conscious production. With an emphasis on transparency and responsible resourcing, Axiology Beauty invites visitors to explore and embrace their collection, knowing that every choice supports a more beautiful world, inside and out. Learn more about Axiology Beauty.

Broel, a venerable institution with a legacy dating back to 1912, is a distinguished purveyor of bespoke interiors located in the heart of Europe. Merging time-honored craftsmanship with cutting-edge innovation, Broel is renowned for creating timeless and exceptional furniture and interiors that epitomize European artistry. Their portfolio showcases a rich tapestry of designs, reflecting a deep appreciation for heritage while embracing modern aesthetics. With an unwavering commitment to quality and precision, Broel crafts spaces that exude sophistication and individuality. Learn more about BRØL | B Corp™.

Gardena, California, United States

ByFusion emerges as a trailblazer in sustainable construction solutions, addressing the plastic waste crisis through innovative technology. Their unique process transforms plastic waste into "RePlast," an eco-friendly construction material that can be used in various building applications. By diverting plastic waste from landfills and oceans and repurposing it into functional construction materials, ByFusion not only reduces plastic pollution but also offers a greener alternative to traditional building materials. Learn more about ByFusion.

Bare Necessities stands as a pioneer in the realm of sustainable living, providing a virtual haven for eco-conscious consumers. With an emphasis on zero-waste principles, their online store offers an extensive array of products designed to minimize environmental impact. From essential household items to personal care necessities, every product is thoughtfully curated to align with a greener lifestyle. By presenting eco-friendly alternatives, Bare Necessities empowers individuals to make mindful choices that contribute to reducing waste and fostering a more sustainable future for our planet. Learn more about Bare Necessities Zero Waste Solutions.

Paris, Paris, France

Everdyé has redefined textile dyeing with their groundbreaking approach. Through the ingenious use of supercritical carbon dioxide, they've transformed the dyeing process into an eco-conscious marvel. By eliminating water usage and minimizing chemical waste, Everdyé's method aligns perfectly with sustainable practices. This innovative technology not only contributes to the reduction of environmental impact in the fashion and textile sectors but also produces fabrics that exhibit vibrant and lasting colors. In an era where sustainable solutions are paramount, Everdyé emerges as a trailblazer, paving the way for a more planet-friendly and colorful fashion future. Learn more about EverDye.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Refillable is a pioneering platform that merges convenience with sustainability. Focused on promoting eco-conscious living, they curate a range of household and personal care essentials, all designed for easy refill. By enabling customers to reduce single-use plastic waste through their refill system, Refillable empowers individuals to make tangible contributions to the environment. This innovative approach not only simplifies the shopping experience but also fosters a sense of responsibility towards a greener future. With each refill, customers become part of a larger movement that prioritizes reusable solutions, aligning with the growing global shift towards more mindful and sustainable consumption. Learn more about Refillable.

Warszawa, Mazowieckie, Poland

Ecobean introduces a sustainable revolution in the realm of coffee enjoyment. With their range of reusable organic coffee capsules, they reimagine the traditional coffee experience by offering an eco-friendly alternative to single-use coffee pods. Compatible with a variety of coffee machines, Ecobean's capsules not only deliver a premium coffee taste but also significantly reduce the environmental impact associated with disposable coffee waste. This innovative approach empowers coffee enthusiasts to savor their favorite brews without compromising on their commitment to sustainability, reflecting a shift towards more responsible consumption habits and a greener future. Learn more about EcoBean.

Nammushroom is an exclusive online destination for mushroom enthusiasts, catering to a diverse range of mycological interests. This specialized marketplace offers a comprehensive array of premium mushroom products and cultivation supplies, making it a one-stop shop for all things fungi-related. Whether you're an experienced mycophile seeking gourmet mushroom varieties or a beginner eager to embark on a mushroom-growing journey, Nammushroom has you covered. The platform's commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in its selection of products, ensuring that every item, from fresh mushroom varieties to growing kits and tools, meets high standards. Nammushroom aims to foster a deeper passion for mycology and an appreciation for the unique world of mushrooms, making it the ultimate destination for those intrigued by the fascinating realm of fungi. Learn more about NÃM Mushrooms.

London, London, United Kingdom

Grey Parrot is a trailblazing AI company revolutionizing waste management and recycling practices. Their advanced technology harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to optimize waste sorting processes. By automating and enhancing the identification and sorting of recyclable materials, Grey Parrot significantly improves recycling efficiency and reduces contamination in waste streams. This innovative approach not only makes recycling more economically viable but also contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly waste management ecosystem. Grey Parrot's solutions are scalable and adaptable, making them suitable for a wide range of industries and waste management facilities. With their commitment to innovation and sustainability, Grey Parrot is at the forefront of creating a cleaner and more environmentally responsible future for waste management. Learn more about Greyparrot.

New York, New York, United States

YourIzzy is a vibrant and comprehensive online hub committed to fostering personal growth and well-being. This dynamic platform offers an extensive collection of articles, resources, and tools designed to empower individuals in their journey towards self-improvement. From enhancing mental and emotional resilience to developing fulfilling careers and nurturing meaningful relationships, covers a wide spectrum of topics crucial for a balanced and fulfilling life. What sets YourIzzy apart is its dedication to providing actionable insights and practical guidance. It serves as a valuable resource for anyone seeking to explore and enhance various aspects of their life, ultimately leading to a more positive and empowered self. Whether you're on a quest for self-discovery, looking to overcome challenges, or simply aiming for personal growth, YourIzzy is your trusted companion on the path to personal development and well-being. Learn more about IZZY ZERO WASTE BEAUTY.

Remark Glasslogo
Phildelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Remark Glass is dedicated to transforming discarded bottles into exquisite, hand-blown creations. In every piece of barware, lighting, decor, and tableware, the company captures the rich history and character of the original glass, preserving its unique story. Remark Glass stands as a pioneer in sustainability, crafting a locally sourced, energy-efficient, and zero-waste certified process for recycled glass making. Each creation represents more than just a beautiful design; it embodies a commitment to reducing waste in our urban environments and lowering the energy needs of traditional glass studios. The result is an array of unique designs that showcase the diverse colors, shapes, sizes, and intricacies of each bottle, all while contributing to a more sustainable future. Learn more about Remark Glass.

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