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Organic Solutionslogo
Gurugram, Haryana, India

Organic Solutions is a company dedicated to providing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions in the agricultural sector. Specializing in organic farming practices, they offer a range of products and services aimed at promoting healthier and more sustainable food production. Their expertise includes organic fertilizers, pest control solutions, and crop management techniques designed to maximize yields while minimizing environmental impact. With a strong focus on innovation and research, Organic Solutions constantly strives to develop new and improved methods for organic farming. They work closely with farmers, agronomists, and agricultural experts to ensure their products and services meet the highest standards of quality and efficacy. Founded on the principles of ecological balance and sustainability, Organic Solutions is committed to promoting a greener and healthier future for agriculture, benefiting both farmers and consumers alike. Learn more about Organic Solutions.

Swindon, England, United Kingdom stands as a trailblazer in the realm of sustainable water management. Leveraging innovative technology and expert knowledge, they provide comprehensive solutions that empower businesses and communities to conserve, treat, and responsibly manage water resources. By addressing the pressing challenges of water scarcity and environmental impact, plays a pivotal role in fostering resilience and promoting eco-conscious practices. Their commitment to optimizing water usage contributes to a more sustainable and secure future, aligning with global efforts to ensure the availability of clean water for generations to come. Learn more about eWATERservices.

Rutu Biosyslogo
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Rutu Biosys offer a wide range of bio-products that effectively meet the Eco-friendly cleaning needs of corporate, institutional and government spaces. Rutu Biosys developed the brand biodoc based on the principle of Cleaning- For Well being. Learn more about Rutu Biosys.

The American Forest Foundation (AFF) is a national conservation organization that works to deliver clean water, wildlife habitat, carbon sequestration and storage, and sustainable wood supplies to those that value it, by empowering family forest owners to care for their land. Learn more about American Forest Foundation.

 Agua Fundlogo
Wisconsin, Washington, USA

Agua Fund collaborates with other foundations in both regions to improve water quality and protect local ecosystems. The Agua Fund's local grantmaking efforts focus on improving water management, land conservation, and food production in the Shenandoah River watershed so local residents have access to clean water and a healthy environment. Learn more about Agua Fund.

Green Practiceslogo
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Green Practices offer sustainable alternative products and services and fight climate change or at least to reduce its effect on future generations Their main products currently are our Ganpati Idols, Organic Holi Colours, Organic Mangoes, Cold Pressed and Organic oils, Biodegradable Plastic Bags and our Home and Community Composters. Learn more about Green Practices.

Kritsnam Technologieslogo
Hyderabad, Telangna, India

Kritsnam technologies is launching Dhaara, a water budgeting tool that allows businesses to identify water risks and digitally manage their water footprint, encouraging a safe future for water.sustainably for industrial, commercial, agriculture and drinking purposes. They built compact and low-power consuming IoT enabled instruments to mine the water data and provide useful insights to improve water use efficiency. Dhaara allows managers to first estimate an overall water budget plan for their organisation and then track their actual water use in relation to that plan. It assists them in identifying gaps and possible flaws, which finally leads to remedial actions. Learn more about Kritsnam Technologies.

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

FluxGen helps industries monitor their water usage in real-time and reduce their operational costs. The company reduces the cost of water for our clients and help industries become more responsible and sustainable, and well as de-risking from water crisis. The clients include food processing plants, metals and mining sites, pharmaceutical factories and commercial buildings. Learn more about FluxGen.

Good Earthlogo
Bangalore , Karnataka, India

They are engaged in bringing together like-minded people with a common vision of building a sustainable future. They foresee a future where many such communities keep growing, each influencing its neighbourhood and context. Their vision is to inspire change in the way people live through their efforts in development. Learn more about Good Earth.

CLEAN Internationallogo
Ventura, California, USA

CLEAN International works everyday to remove barriers to access to safe sanitation and clean water. The company mobilizes, implements, and evaluates innovative, environmentally sustainable solutions to sanitation and water-related needs in order to improve the quality of life, overall health, and educational and economic opportunities of individuals worldwide. Learn more about CLEAN International.

BOSON White Waterlogo
Bangalore , Karnataka, India

Boson White Water is seeking to collaborate with apartment associations to install an advanced water reclamation system using existing STP treated water, with lease setup costs being less than water purchase costs. Their mission is to promote water conservation by assisting IT parks, malls, and apartment complexes in recycling waste water and promoting sustainable water management. Learn more about BOSON White Water.

Gurugram, Haryana, India

Environics Digital IoT based water measurement solutions will help you get a hold on your water consumption at every level and help you to conserve water. Irrespective of the site condition, water quality and measurement application they have a solution available. It started off as a market research company that specialized on social values and surveying public opinion. It added data analytics, marketing, and communications strategies to its list of services over time. Learn more about Environics.

Green Yatralogo
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Green Yatra objective is to create a habitable Green Earth. Green Yatra works PAN INDIA in metro cities. They are mitigating climate change by helping people achieve #CarbonNeutrality and #UNSDG2030 through Carbon Audits, Tree Plantation and Sustainable Solutions. Learn more about Green Yatra.

Digital Paanilogo
Location not available

Digital Paani is driven by our mission to serve the $17 billion wastewater operations industry to protect natural resources from contamination and accelerate the transition to clean cities with abundant water. Learn more about Digital Paani.

Rain Water Solutionslogo
Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Rain Water Solutions work with residents, local and state agencies, and public and private institutions to develop custom solutions with the intent of protecting their landscape investment and reducing the use of costly, treated water. Learn more about Rain Water Solutions.

Surfers Against Sewage projects target coastal environmental issues including marine litter, sewage pollution, climate change, toxic chemicals, shipping, industry and coastal development. They aim to create measurable improvements in the state of our oceans, waves and beaches through changes in public behaviour, government policy and industry practices. Learn more about Surfers Against Sewage.

The Green Miyagilogo
Denton, Texas, United States

The Green Miyagi serve the Denton, TX and surrounding areas. The Green Miyagi is an environmentally friendly businesses and they value water conservation. Learn more about The Green Miyagi.

Sadhana Forestlogo
Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India

Sadhana Forest are a donation-based and volunteer-run community, and we welcome volunteers year round. Sadhana Forest works on restoring degraded ecosystems and ensuring food security through indigenous food forestry in rural and arid lands. Learn more about Sadhana Forest.

Uravu Labslogo
Location not available

UraVu Labs is revolutionizing skincare by harnessing advanced personalized solutions. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, they analyze individual skin profiles, enabling the creation of bespoke products that address unique needs. Embark on a transformative skincare journey that seamlessly merges scientific innovation with personalized care, redefining how we approach skincare. Learn more about Uravu Labs.

Paris, Paris, France

CityTaps is a visionary nonprofit committed to revolutionizing water access for underserved urban communities. Using cutting-edge technology, they empower people with prepaid water services, transforming a fundamental necessity into an affordable and reliable resource. By digitizing water payments and infrastructure, CityTaps not only enhances convenience but also dismantles economic barriers, ensuring clean water is accessible to all. This innovative model has a profound impact on communities, elevating their quality of life and promoting sustainable development. With an unwavering focus on equity, CityTaps is a catalyst for global change, envisioning a world where safe water is a basic right, not a privilege. Learn more about CityTaps.

Location not available

The GULP Kickstarter project presents a groundbreaking solution to one of the pressing environmental issues of our time – microfiber pollution from washing machines. This innovative self-cleaning washing machine incorporates a built-in microplastic filter, effectively capturing and containing microfibers shed from clothing during each wash. By preventing these tiny plastic particles from entering wastewater, the GULP washing machine significantly reduces their impact on aquatic ecosystems and the environment at large. With a strong focus on sustainability and responsible consumer choices, this project aims to revolutionize clothing care by offering a practical, eco-friendly appliance that empowers individuals to play their part in mitigating the harmful effects of microplastic pollution. Learn more about Matter..

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

NeeRain Rooftop Rainwater Filters provide a cost-effective and efficient method for homeowners to harvest rainwater from their rooftops for use in borewells or tanks. The NeeRain rooftop rainwater filter is an effective, no-water-loss filter with microfiltration capacity of up to 200 microns. It captures rainwater without human interaction and requires no energy, moving parts, consumables, or upkeep. It can be placed on a wall or downtake pipe and installed in under 2 hours by a semi-skilled plumber. They have their own rooftop filters such as Neerain Rooftop Rainwater Filter, NeerainUltra Rooftop Rainwater Filter, Neerain+Rooftop Rainwater Filter, Built-in Flush Device. Neerain rooftop rainwater filter wins CII's national award for excellence in water management 2022, featured in Doordarshan, DD India, DD News, and DD Girnar. Learn more about Neerain.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Earthfokus develops technology that will not just support our surrounding but also equip the future for self sustenance. Focusing on creating products that save non renewable energy, Earth Fokus commits to initiating a revolution. Learn more about EarthFokus.

Eco 365logo
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Eco365 is committed to providing innovative, environment-friendly solutions that promote a sustainable and self-sufficient way of living. They aim to conserve water and replace regular plastic by offering water-saving products and compostable packaging solutions. ECO 365 pays attention to the environmental impact of our communities are healthy, pleasant places to. They have production capacity of 1800 metric ton annually, 25000 sq. feet production space dedicated only for compostable bio plastic. Their products are certified as by CIPET and approved by CPCB as per IS 17088 standard of composting defined in solid waste management rule of 2016 by the Government of India. It's an equivalent to EN13432/ASTM D6400 International standards of composting. Learn more about Eco 365.

14 Trees Foundationlogo
Pune, Maharashtra, India

14 Trees Foundation wish to persuade every human on earth to plant at least 14 trees. They are digging ponds to store rain water and trenches to recharge ground water and they are generating livelihood for local tribals. Learn more about 14 Trees Foundation.

Oxford, England, United Kingdom

Oxwash emerges as a transformative force in the laundry industry, redefining garment cleaning with a combination of innovation and sustainability. Their cutting-edge technology and advanced processes ensure thorough cleaning while significantly reducing the environmental impact of traditional laundry methods. By implementing eco-friendly practices, Oxwash promotes water conservation and energy efficiency, contributing to a more sustainable approach to laundry. Through their platform, Oxwash offers a solution that aligns with the values of modern consumers who seek convenience without compromising on environmental responsibility. Their commitment to reducing water usage and minimizing energy consumption sets a new standard for the industry, showcasing the potential for technology to drive positive change. Oxwash's approach resonates with a global push towards responsible consumption and environmental stewardship. As they continue to lead the way in sustainable laundry solutions, their impact extends beyond cleanliness – it's about forging a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future for both businesses and individuals alike. Learn more about Oxwash.

Lion Brand Yarn logo
Location not available

Lion Brand Yarn's Re-Up offers eco-cognizant creating with a huge water-saving effect. Each 70-gram ball saves 1,400 liters of water, adding to maintainability endeavors. By picking Re-Up, crafters can appreciate righteous innovativeness while decreasing their natural impression. Join Lion Brand Yarn in having a constructive outcome in the world, each line in turn. Learn more about Lion Brand Yarn .

Aaradhya Enviro Techlogo
Vapi, Gujarat, India

Aaradhya Enviro Tech is an industrial wastewater treatment and waste management company. The company specializes in the design, construction and installation of complete Water Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants & RO such as Effluent Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, Water Treatment Plants & Reverse Osmosis Plants, for a wide range of industry sectors from beverage and food to sewage and wastewater. Also they are providers of chemicals and solutions for industries like dyes, textiles, food and beverages, dairy, metal, pharma and many more. AET is a specialist in the design, construction & installation of water and waste water treatment plants for industries. They lead the industry as the manufacturers , suppliers and service providers of a comprehensive range of water and waste water treatment solutions. They have successfully installed more than 100 plants across India serving a range of industries that include food & beverages, pulp& paper, Pharmaceuticals, pesticides, chemicals and more. Learn more about Aaradhya Enviro Tech.

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