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The GULP Kickstarter project presents a groundbreaking solution to one of the pressing environmental issues of our time – microfiber pollution from washing machines. This innovative self-cleaning washing machine incorporates a built-in microplastic filter, effectively capturing and containing microfibers shed from clothing during each wash. By preventing these tiny plastic particles from entering wastewater, the GULP washing machine significantly reduces their impact on aquatic ecosystems and the environment at large. With a strong focus on sustainability and responsible consumer choices, this project aims to revolutionize clothing care by offering a practical, eco-friendly appliance that empowers individuals to play their part in mitigating the harmful effects of microplastic pollution. Learn more about Matter..

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Earthfokus develops technology that will not just support our surrounding but also equip the future for self sustenance. Focusing on creating products that save non renewable energy, Earth Fokus commits to initiating a revolution. Learn more about EarthFokus.

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

FluxGen helps industries monitor their water usage in real-time and reduce their operational costs. The company reduces the cost of water for our clients and help industries become more responsible and sustainable, and well as de-risking from water crisis. The clients include food processing plants, metals and mining sites, pharmaceutical factories and commercial buildings. Learn more about FluxGen.

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Our goal is to give more visibility of green initiatives for eco-concious consumers.

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