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Oxford, England, United Kingdom

Oxwash emerges as a transformative force in the laundry industry, redefining garment cleaning with a combination of innovation and sustainability. Their cutting-edge technology and advanced processes ensure thorough cleaning while significantly reducing the environmental impact of traditional laundry methods. By implementing eco-friendly practices, Oxwash promotes water conservation and energy efficiency, contributing to a more sustainable approach to laundry. Through their platform, Oxwash offers a solution that aligns with the values of modern consumers who seek convenience without compromising on environmental responsibility. Their commitment to reducing water usage and minimizing energy consumption sets a new standard for the industry, showcasing the potential for technology to drive positive change. Oxwash's approach resonates with a global push towards responsible consumption and environmental stewardship. As they continue to lead the way in sustainable laundry solutions, their impact extends beyond cleanliness – it's about forging a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future for both businesses and individuals alike. Learn more about Oxwash.

Grafing bei Munchen, Munich, Germany

KiteKraft is at the forefront of wind energy innovation, creating pioneering kite-based airborne wind power systems that tap into high-altitude winds to generate sustainable electricity. Their cutting-edge technology presents a promising avenue for expanding renewable energy sources and significantly reducing carbon emissions. Learn more about Kitekraft.

Quaise Energylogo
Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom

technology facilitates efficient storage and controlled release of thermal energy, unlocking new possibilities for sustainable energy utilization. By offering versatile applications across industries, from renewable energy integration to building HVAC systems, Quaise Energy contributes to enhanced energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions. Learn more about Quaise Energy.

Oakland, California, United States

The Commons emerges as a dynamic and forward-looking platform that empowers sustainable living through community-driven initiatives. By facilitating connections between individuals, businesses, and organizations, they create a collaborative ecosystem where shared resources, knowledge, and efforts converge. Through this holistic approach, The Commons not only encourages eco-conscious practices but also strengthens community ties and resilience. Their commitment to fostering sustainable lifestyles positions them as a catalyst for positive change in the pursuit of a more harmonious relationship between people and the environment. Learn more about Commons.

Graviky Labslogo
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Graviky Labs takes a revolutionary stance in the battle against air pollution by introducing inventive solutions that repurpose carbon emissions into valuable resources. Their cutting-edge technology captures harmful pollutants and converts them into ink products, a unique approach that not only reduces pollution but also fuels creative expression. By transforming something detrimental into something constructive, Graviky Labs encourages environmental consciousness and sustainable practices while enabling artists to contribute positively to the planet. Learn more about Graviky Labs.

Carbon Reformlogo
Phildelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Carbon Reform stands as a crucial catalyst for environmental change by offering a comprehensive platform that empowers individuals and businesses to take meaningful action against climate change. Through cutting-edge technology, data-driven insights, and practical solutions, they enable users to calculate their carbon emissions, make informed decisions to reduce their environmental footprint, and offset the remainder through verified projects. Carbon Reform's approach not only raises awareness about the impact of carbon emissions but also provides tangible tools for combatting climate change on a personal and corporate level. Learn more about Carbon Reform.

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Ecoligo is at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution, offering a groundbreaking crowdfunding platform that connects socially and environmentally conscious investors with sustainable projects in emerging markets. Their primary focus is on financing solar projects, which not only reduce carbon emissions but also drive economic growth in underserved regions. Through Ecoligo's platform, investors can contribute to the expansion of clean energy infrastructure while enjoying competitive returns on their investments. This innovative approach not only supports the transition to sustainable energy sources but also empowers local communities by creating jobs and reducing energy costs for businesses. Ecoligo's mission embodies the dual goals of environmental stewardship and economic development, making it a pivotal player in the global sustainability movement. Learn more about ecoligo.

Gateshead, England, United Kingdom

Equiwatt is a game-changing platform designed to incentivize energy-saving actions. By connecting seamlessly with your smart meter, it actively encourages and rewards energy-efficient behaviors. Users can earn incentives such as cash rewards or charitable donations of their choice by reducing their electricity consumption during peak demand periods. Equiwatt not only helps individuals save money on their energy bills but also contributes to a more sustainable environment by reducing the strain on the grid during high-demand times. Joining Equiwatt means taking a proactive role in conserving energy, reducing your carbon footprint, and making a positive impact on the planet, all while enjoying the benefits of lower energy costs and the satisfaction of supporting charitable causes. Learn more about equiwatt.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Flashfood is a game-changing app and platform dedicated to reducing food waste and helping users save money on their grocery bills. This innovative service connects individuals with discounted surplus food items from nearby grocery stores and restaurants. Users can browse through a range of fresh, high-quality groceries, including produce, dairy, and bakery items, all at significantly reduced prices. By rescuing surplus food that might otherwise go to waste, Flashfood contributes to a more sustainable and eco-conscious approach to food consumption. Joining the Flashfood community not only means accessing great deals on groceries but also participating in the global effort to combat food waste and promote responsible consumption. Learn more about Flashfood.

London, London, United Kingdom

Grey Parrot is a trailblazing AI company revolutionizing waste management and recycling practices. Their advanced technology harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to optimize waste sorting processes. By automating and enhancing the identification and sorting of recyclable materials, Grey Parrot significantly improves recycling efficiency and reduces contamination in waste streams. This innovative approach not only makes recycling more economically viable but also contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly waste management ecosystem. Grey Parrot's solutions are scalable and adaptable, making them suitable for a wide range of industries and waste management facilities. With their commitment to innovation and sustainability, Grey Parrot is at the forefront of creating a cleaner and more environmentally responsible future for waste management. Learn more about Greyparrot.

London, London, United Kingdom

Pavegen, a groundbreaking technology, ingeniously transforms human footsteps into energy and captivating interactive experiences, a concept it aptly terms Citizen IMPACT. This innovation captures the kinetic energy generated by each footstep, producing 3-5 joules of power. Pavegen doesn't merely focus on energy output but prioritizes energy input, emphasizing people's involvement in sustainability initiatives. Through its innovative applications, Pavegen enhances urban environments, public spaces, and buildings by linking to functions like mobile phone charging, LED lighting, and even powering interactive green walls' irrigation systems. Additionally, it offers engaging brand experiences at live events, expos, and public spaces, allowing gamified interactions, education, and the exchange of footsteps for sustainability and social action rewards through mobile apps. With an impressive track record of over 250 installations spanning 38 countries, Pavegen is rapidly revolutionizing citizen engagement in the realms of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Learn more about Pavegen.

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