At Jeevit nadi Living River Foundation, they firmly believe that river revival is not possible without active citizen participation. At Jeevit nadi, we truly think that the people's active involvement can bring back the river. In 2014, former members of the Ecological Society united under the inspiration of eminent ecologist Late Shri Prakash Gole to advocate for the revitalization of Pune's rivers. This group of people, who were enthusiastic about environmental protection and came from a variety of professional backgrounds, aimed to restore people's lost connection to the rivers and change their perspective of them, especially in metropolitan areas.

Shailaja Deshpande

Founder - Director

Operating Since 2016

Benefits & strength

Jeevitnadi's work in river clean-up, restoration, and preservation offers several benefits and demonstrates key strengths:

Community Engagement: One of the primary benefits of Jeevitnadi's approach is the active engagement of citizens in river conservation efforts. By involving community members, they foster a sense of ownership and responsibility towards the rivers. This community-driven approach enhances the effectiveness and sustainability of their initiatives, as individuals become personally invested in the well-being of their local rivers.

Environmental Impact: Jeevitnadi's work directly contributes to the improvement of river ecosystems and the surrounding environment. Through their clean-up and restoration activities, they remove pollutants, restore natural habitats, and enhance the overall health of the rivers. This positive environmental impact helps safeguard biodiversity, maintain ecological balance, and improve the overall quality of water resources.

Awareness and Education: Jeevitnadi plays a significant role in raising awareness about the importance of river conservation. Through their initiatives, they educate community members, schools, and other stakeholders about the ecological and socio-economic value of rivers. By fostering a deeper understanding of rivers and their significance, they promote a sense of responsibility and inspire individuals to take action for their preservation.

Collaboration and Partnerships: Jeevitnadi's strengths lie in their ability to collaborate with various stakeholders, including local communities, governmental organizations, NGOs, and academic institutions. By building strong partnerships, they leverage collective knowledge, resources, and expertise to drive impactful change. This collaborative approach enhances their capacity to implement comprehensive and sustainable river restoration projects.

Advocacy and Policy Influence: Jeevitnadi's work extends beyond grassroots activities, as they actively advocate for policies and practices that support river conservation. Through their expertise and engagement, they influence decision-makers and policymakers to prioritize the protection and restoration of rivers. This advocacy helps create a supportive regulatory environment and institutional frameworks that promote long-term river conservation efforts.

Overall, Jeevitnadi's benefits and strengths lie in their ability to engage communities, make a positive environmental impact, raise awareness and education, foster collaboration and partnerships, and advocate for policy change. Through their work, they empower individuals, organizations, and policymakers to take collective action towards the clean-up, restoration, and preservation of rivers, ensuring the long-term sustainability of these vital natural resources.

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+91 9960350779


HQ6V+XMW, Aundh - Baner Link Rd, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045

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