Kritsnam technologies is launching Dhaara, a water budgeting tool that allows businesses to identify water risks and digitally manage their water footprint, encouraging a safe future for water.sustainably for industrial, commercial, agriculture and drinking purposes. They built compact and low-power consuming IoT enabled instruments to mine the water data and provide useful insights to improve water use efficiency. Dhaara allows managers to first estimate an overall water budget plan for their organisation and then track their actual water use in relation to that plan. It assists them in identifying gaps and possible flaws, which finally leads to remedial actions.

K. Sri Harsha


Operating Since 2015

Benefits & strength

Kritsnam Technologies brings several benefits and strengths to the field of data-driven water management:

Improved Water Efficiency: By utilizing IoT-enabled instruments to collect and analyze water data, Kritsnam Technologies empowers industries, businesses, and agricultural practices to enhance their water usage efficiency. The valuable insights generated from the data enable stakeholders to identify inefficiencies, optimize processes, and reduce water wastage, leading to significant cost savings and environmental benefits.

Sustainable Water Resource Management: With their vision centered on sustainable water utilization, Kritsnam Technologies plays a crucial role in ensuring the long-term availability of freshwater resources. By providing actionable recommendations based on data-driven insights, the company helps stakeholders make informed decisions that support responsible water management practices.

Innovative Technology Solutions: Kritsnam Technologies stands out for its development of compact and low-power consuming IoT-enabled instruments. These cutting-edge devices not only collect real-time data but also operate efficiently, minimizing energy consumption and reducing the environmental footprint. Their innovative technology solutions enable widespread adoption and implementation across various sectors.

Holistic Approach: Kritsnam Technologies takes a comprehensive approach to data-driven water management. They gather information from diverse sources, including industrial, commercial, agricultural, and drinking water sectors, enabling a holistic understanding of water usage patterns. This allows for a more accurate assessment of water availability, demand, and potential areas for improvement.

Sustainable Development Impact: By enabling sustainable water resource management, Kritsnam Technologies contributes to broader sustainable development goals. Efficient water usage reduces strain on ecosystems, supports economic growth, and improves societal well-being. Their focus on data-driven insights empowers stakeholders to make impactful decisions that align with environmental and social sustainability objectives.

Overall, Kritsnam Technologies' benefits and strengths lie in their ability to harness data-driven insights, provide innovative technology solutions, and foster sustainable water resource management practices.

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