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Project Drawdownlogo
San Fracisco, California, USA

Project Drawdown's research and analysis includes the work of a broad coalition of researchers, graduate students, post-docs, policy makers, business leaders and activists to assemble and present the best available information on existing climate solutions in order to describe their beneficial financial, social and environmental impact. Learn more about Project Drawdown.

Ford Foundation main aim reduce poverty and injustice, strengthen democratic values, promote international cooperation, and advance human achievement. Learn more about Ford Foundation.

EarthWays is a non-profit organization that encourages personal awareness and social responsibility with a global perspective. They initiate small-scale projects that serve as models for environmental preservation, human potential, and sustainable development. Learn more about Earth Ways Foundation.

Colcom Foundationlogo
Pennsylvania, USA

Colcom Foundation supports national projects that use entertainment-education and mass media to prevent unplanned and unwanted births to reduce birth rates globally. They also invests in efforts to protect, preserve, and restore Pennsylvania’s water resources and watersheds. Learn more about Colcom Foundation.

Eco Femmelogo
Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India

Eco Femme produce and sell washable cloth pads and provide menstrual health education. It is a women-led social enterprise whose goal is to create environmental and social change through revitalising menstrual practices that are healthy, environmentally sustainable, culturally responsive and empowering. Learn more about Eco Femme.

Work on climatelogo
Berkeley, California, USA

They get more people to fight against climate change through their programs,positive and action-oriented community. We foster collaboration, experimentation, knowledge-sharing, and broad awareness of the climate work ecosystem in order to unblock folks seeking to work on climate and inspire them to take action through entrepreneurship. Learn more about Work on climate.

Youth Green Clublogo
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Youth Green Club is the coming together of individuals who are to inherit this planet and are striving to make it better. Youth Green Club creates awareness of important environmental causes and takes on-ground action to address them. They believe in climate-conscious actions, strive for zero waste lifestyles, make our cities clean. Learn more about Youth Green Club.

Archway Community Serviceslogo
Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

Archway provides recycling services for the City of Abbotsford and the District of Mission. Its facilities process blue bag and drop off recyclables which are placed onto a conveyor belt and hand sorted by Abbotsford Community Services employees into different types of materials. They also offer an extensive public awareness program. Learn more about Archway Community Services.

Mr. Ellie Poohlogo
Pennsylvania, United States

Mr. Ellie Pooh mission is to educate and create awareness about the ongoing human elephant conflict raging Sri Lanka. Learn more about Mr. Ellie Pooh.

Planet Love Lifelogo
Florida, United States

Planet Love Life are an eco-friendly organization dedicated to creating innovative ways of recycling salvaged marine debris and educating the public about the harmful effects of pollution in our oceans. Learn more about Planet Love Life.

Ellen Macarthur Foundationlogo
England, United Kingdom

Ellen Macarthur Foundation is a charity committed to creating a circular economy, which is designed to eliminate waste and pollution, circulate products and materials (at their highest value), and regenerate nature. Learn more about Ellen Macarthur Foundation.

Growing with Plantslogo
Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

Growing with Plants appeals to a broad audience of plant enthusiasts who crave new ideas on what to grow, who get excited when they find inspiration, and who love to learn new things. Learn more about Growing with Plants.

The Ecopreneurlogo
Hyderabad, Telangana, India

The Ecopreneur cultivate green economy ideas that benefit our planet. They embrace the diversity of thought and action in their inclusive workspace. The news items published herein have been collected from various sources which are considered to be reliable. Learn more about The Ecopreneur.

Eco Dive Club Maafushilogo
Location not available

Maafushi Environment Club is an NGO-Non Government Organisation. Their mission and focus are on the environment and to give you the safest and best diving experience. Their goal is to create awareness about the importance of the ecosystems in the Maldives and to fight against marine debris. Learn more about Eco Dive Club Maafushi.

Sadhana Forestlogo
Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India

Sadhana Forest are a donation-based and volunteer-run community, and we welcome volunteers year round. Sadhana Forest works on restoring degraded ecosystems and ensuring food security through indigenous food forestry in rural and arid lands. Learn more about Sadhana Forest.

Swasthvritta Health Solutions logo
Vadodara, Gujarat, India

SwasthVritta Health Solutions is focused Primarily on serving the 3 Aspects of Health - Promotive, Protective and Curative based on Science of Ayurveda. Learn more about Swasthvritta Health Solutions .

Amsterdam, Netherlands The

Yoni makes organic cotton tampons, pads and liners free from plastic, chemicals and shame. Their mission is to bring women and other people in the know about all things vulva. Organic cotton is a vulva-friendly choice. Learn more about Yoni.

Sampurn earthlogo
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Sampurn provide context based decentralized solid waste management solutions which are environmentally friendly, actively engage waste pickers and are profitable. We work towards breaking the current non-cyclic process of waste management, which involves extraction, production, consumption and dumping or landfilling. Learn more about Sampurn earth.

Be Responsiblelogo
Bangalore , Karnataka, India

Be Responsible is an e-waste collection company. It spreads awareness on e-waste within households and institutions. Be Responsible is implementing the initiative on responsible e-waste collection and awareness within households and institutions. Learn more about Be Responsible.

The Better Earthlingslogo
Kolkata, West Bengal, India

The Better Earthlings team is dedicated to curating best possible products and methods to reduce waste in your premises.They also make sure the little waste generated reaches the right destination. They do various awareness programs to make more people believe in starting to live less-waste. The company makes best possible products to reduce waste in all premises. Learn more about The Better Earthlings.

Green Matters is a lifestyle media company dedicated to making news and topics across sustainability and innovation accessible to all. They seek to develop awareness, conversations, and communities to inspire real-world change. Learn more about Green Matters.

Fork Rangerlogo
Location not available

Fork Ranger's mission is to use food as starting domino for systematic change. Fork Ranger is about translating climate science into digestible stories and recipes because food is the best way to make an impact. Three times a day we have a chance to vote on the kind of world we want to live in. Learn more about Fork Ranger.

Bristol, United Kingdom

Peequal stands as a groundbreaking platform committed to advancing gender equality and inclusivity within workplaces. By providing customized strategies, data-driven insights, and educational resources, Peequal empowers organizations to cultivate diverse and equitable environments. With a mission to reshape workplace culture, Peequal offers a transformative journey for companies seeking to promote gender balance and create an inclusive atmosphere that benefits employees and the organization as a whole. Learn more about PEEQUAL.

Bharat krushi sevalogo
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Bharat Krushi Seva is a platform for all agricultural requirements in India. From quality agricultural products to expert advice on farming techniques, we provide comprehensive solutions to enhance crop yield and profitability. Our goal is to educated farmers with knowledge and tools for resilient agriculture and a flourishing future." Learn more about Bharat krushi seva.

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