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Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

The Catch Foundation's focus is on creating awareness of cleanliness in the surrounding areas, segregation of dry and wet waste at source, increasing the green landscape in the city, and encouraging people not to use single-use plastic. Learn more about Catch Foundation.

New Delhi, India

Chintan convert waste into social wealth by creating and facilitating green jobs in the waste sector, research and advocacy for better urban policies, organizing the informal sector for self-representation and eliminating child labour in the sector. Learn more about Chintan.

Climate Neutrallogo
San Fracisco, California, USA

Climate Neutral help brands of all shapes and sizes measure and offset their entire carbon footprints, and reduce future emissions. The Climate Neutral Certified label helps shoppers weigh the climate impacts of the brands they buy. Learn more about Climate Neutral.

Youth Green Clublogo
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Youth Green Club is the coming together of individuals who are to inherit this planet and are striving to make it better. Youth Green Club creates awareness of important environmental causes and takes on-ground action to address them. They believe in climate-conscious actions, strive for zero waste lifestyles, make our cities clean. Learn more about Youth Green Club.

Green Yatralogo
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Green Yatra objective is to create a habitable Green Earth. Green Yatra works PAN INDIA in metro cities. They are mitigating climate change by helping people achieve #CarbonNeutrality and #UNSDG2030 through Carbon Audits, Tree Plantation and Sustainable Solutions. Learn more about Green Yatra.

Location not available

GreenWave work with coastal communities throughout North America to create a blue-green economy—built and led by ocean farmers—that ensures we all make a living on a living planet. Learn more about GreenWave.

Eco Dive Club Maafushilogo
Location not available

Maafushi Environment Club is an NGO-Non Government Organisation. Their mission and focus are on the environment and to give you the safest and best diving experience. Their goal is to create awareness about the importance of the ecosystems in the Maldives and to fight against marine debris. Learn more about Eco Dive Club Maafushi.

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Our goal is to give more visibility of green initiatives for eco-concious consumers.

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