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Waste management

Find waste management companies working in the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of garbage, sewage, and other waste products safely and efficiently.
Holywood, United Kingdom

Green Salon Collective collect almost 100% of all salon waste and find new uses for it that reward the salon, the environment, and the community.They provide each salon with the separation kits, in-salon marketing, regular collections, ongoing support, ideas and education on all matters regarding sustainability. Learn more about ​GREEN SALON COLLECTIVE.

Affordable Junk Haulersoffer a variety of junk removal services that cover everything from household trash to construction debris. From Full-service junk removal to easy curbside junk pickups, they have affordable junk removal pricing options that are designed to work with almost any budget. Learn more about Affordable Junk Removal of Central IL, LLC.

GreenTek Remanlogo
New delhi, Delhi, India

GreenTek Reman is one of the IT Asset Disposition and e-waste Management companies in India. We provide IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), Data Sanitization, Precious Metal Recovery (PMR), Solar Panel Recycling (SPR), and Product & Equipment Destruction (PED) services to our customers. Learn more about GreenTek Reman.

London, United Kingdom

Junkbgone is a leading waste removal company. The company aims to protect the environment by creating enhanced recycling processes. They handle all types of domestic and commercial waste 7 days a week. It is a licensed company that provides rubbish removal services throughout London. Learn more about Junkbgone.

Daily Dumplogo
Bangalore , Karnataka, India

Dailydump is a design-led company where they help you manage your household waste and convert it to useful high-quality compost. Their objective is to reduce waste, improve material recovery, enable better livelihoods. They’re involved in developing a range of composting solutions. Learn more about Daily Dump.

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Brown Leaf- Creating circular economy of dry leaves waste

On our quest to meet changemakers, we saw this quote come to life, and our recent interaction with Aditi Deodhar, founder of the Brown Leaf initiative, was no different. Not only were these changemakers able to persuade their society, but they also bought equilibrium to the way of living. But, most importantly, they worked for the change they wished to see in the world.

Aditi Deodhar worked in the IT industry and completed her post-graduation in Mathematics. With her quest to solve a problem in her locality, she has managed to close the loop of bringing nature back to nature. Let’s look at her tale and see what lead to the creation of the Brown Leaf initiative.
Sampurn earthlogo
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Sampurn provide context based decentralized solid waste management solutions which are environmentally friendly, actively engage waste pickers and are profitable. We work towards breaking the current non-cyclic process of waste management, which involves extraction, production, consumption and dumping or landfilling. Learn more about Sampurn earth.

Think Green Enviro Systemslogo
New delhi, Delhi, India

Think Green Enviro System is waste water, E waste, hazardous waste management company. The company provides straightforward, commercially aware and technically robust advice to clients in the protection of the environment. They support investors, developers, regulators, policy makers, landowners and other stakeholders for sustainable development. Learn more about Think Green Enviro Systems.

New Delhi, India

Chintan convert waste into social wealth by creating and facilitating green jobs in the waste sector, research and advocacy for better urban policies, organizing the informal sector for self-representation and eliminating child labour in the sector. Learn more about Chintan.

Swachatha Corporationlogo
Bangalore , Karnataka, India

Swachatha Corporation are one of the leading Municipal Solid Waste Management, House-keeping and Facility Management organizations in India. They are also into Landfill Management, Waste to Energy, Recycling. Their mission is to provide waste management solutions that assist the growing initiatives of the government and bring about a radical change in the perception of cleanliness in the world. Learn more about Swachatha Corporation.

Waste chakralogo
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Waste Chakra provide appropriate & sustainable end of life solutions to solid wastes. Samudhyoga Waste Chakra is a clean tech company specialized in designing and manufacturing advanced circular economy technology that derives value out of waste. Established in 2019, they are currently incubated in IIT-Madras incubation cell. They initiated our endeavors by researching end-of-life waste and identified bottlenecks in waste processing. Learn more about Waste chakra.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Ecoreco conducts e waste management, innovative & environment friendly disposal practices. It provides end to end seamlessly integrated solution for e-waste management. They are India's first and leading professional E-waste Management Company that has set industry benchmarks time and again with its innovative & environment friendly disposal practices. Learn more about Ecoreco.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Ananta consults businesses to transition away from single use plastic packaging. It offers industries waste management solutions. They find new and creative ways to create awareness of plastic consumption. Ananta Sustainables is also working with local producers to create packaging from locally sourced materials. Learn more about Ananta.

Kabadiwalla Connectlogo
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Kabadiwalla Connect integrates the informal ecosystem into the reverse-logistics supply chain. They help municipalities, brands and waste management companies recover post-consumer waste cheaply, efficiently and more inclusively in the developing world. Learn more about Kabadiwalla Connect.

Namo E wastelogo
Faridabad, Haryana, India

Namo e-waste operates in the collection and recycling of electronic. The company is committed to provide the ultimate electronics waste and non-ferrous metals recycling solutions in India. They deliver a comprehensive integrated technology to deal with the hazardous ingredients that are present in our waste. Learn more about Namo E waste.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

rPlanet thrive for eco friendly recycling and reuse of electronic and plastic wastes. The company provides end-to-end E-waste Recycle, Reuse or Disposal. One stop solution for Extended Producer Responsibilities (EPR) authorization, registration and fulfilment for manufacturers across India. Learn more about RPlanet.

Aruna Green Ventureslogo
Bangalore , Karnataka, India

Aruna Green is compnay that develops bio gas plant, organic waste converters, and is into waste management. It is a company with an enthralling mindset towards go-green initiative, hence we have corner stoned for recycling the organic waste. The foremost aim of the company is to satisfy the customers and hence, we make sure that the products are provided as per their demands and preferences. Learn more about Aruna Green Ventures.

Isoklin Fine Chemlogo
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Isoklin is the exporter and manufacturer of food waste composting machines. The ISOKLIN group has been in the field of Waste Management & Energy Saving technologies for over 8 years with investments in the field of Non-Recyclable Plastic Waste Management, Waste Water Treatment Solutions, Solid Waste Management, Bio Medical Waste Management, Energy Saving Equipments, Solar Technologies among others. Learn more about Isoklin Fine Chem.

3R Technologylogo
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

3rtechnology in into business of enabling optimum usage of raw materials and energy with minimum waste or Zero Discharge. The company acknowledges the facts of Cleaner Technology and intends to offer suitable solutions and energy efficient systems for Recovery and Recycle/Reuse options. Learn more about 3R Technology.

Bangalore , Karnataka, India

Eco Bin provides end-to-end solid waste management solutions. They can help your home and your surroundings and the landfills free from the burden of managing waste. It also works in aligning your waste processing operations and identify cost savings, as well as help generate new revenue sources by taking advantage of lucrative recycling opportunities that are currently under-utilized. Learn more about Ecobin.

GoGreen Recyclinglogo
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

GGR is India's professional E-waste Management Company that has set industry benchmarks with its environment friendly disposal practices providing an end to end seamlessly integrated solution for e-waste management to MNC, Government Departments, NGOs, Philanthropy Organisations, Educational Institutions and all other entities willing to discard their e-waste in an environment friendly manner. Go Green gives solution to MNCs about E waste management. Learn more about GoGreen Recycling.

Greenrich is an Effective Environment Management System that provides eco-friendly waste and environmental solutions since 2010. They provide micro solutions where waste is composted at source.They are the pioneer in offering the best range of products in Aerobic Composting for Home, Community, Institutions and Bulk Waste Digestors and Waste to Energy Solutions. Learn more about Greenrich Grow India Private Limited.

Zero Plast Labslogo
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Zero Plast Labs is a social enterprise founded with a mission to create a zero-waste world. The company aspires to develop sustainable and affordable products from upcycled agro-waste to replace oil based plastics. The company’s mission to create a zero-waste world by Science, Sustainability and Society. Learn more about Zero Plast Labs.

JB Ecotex Limitedlogo
Surat, Gujarat, India

JB Ecotex Limited one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of high-quality Recycled Polyester Staple Fibre & PET Flakes. They enable the use of millions of used plastic bottles into superior grade eco-friendly products. They help manufacturers and brand owners to reduce plastic footprints and enabling them to ful-fill Extended Producer Responsibility. Learn more about JB Ecotex Limited.

Recycling Alternativelogo
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Recycle Alternative provides affordable, convenient, community-based recycling and shredding services. Their services include comprehensive recycling and waste collection programs, confidential shredding, consulting and engagement, supporting festivals and events in their waste diversion efforts, and composter technology. Learn more about Recycling Alternative.

Waste Not eliminate food waste and hunger through innovative community partnerships. Significant resources, time, and dollars go into growing nutritious food. Learn more about Waste Not.

Rashi E Wastelogo
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Rashi E-Waste combine highly diversified skillsets with years of experience and a scalable delivery model to help our customers effectively manage Electronic Waste. From scrapping machines with usable spare parts, to crushing CFL Bulbs and refurbishing of Laptops , Other Computer Hardware, Rashi offers a comprehensive end-to-end suite of competitively priced services to pick-up, segregate, process and recycle E-Waste. Learn more about Rashi E Waste.

5280 Waste Solutionslogo
Denver, Colorado, USA

5280 Dumpster & Roll-Off Solutions dumpster is a rental service which provide waste hauling and disposal service using their roll-off containers. The company provides industry-leading service to residents, contractors and commercial clients along the front Range. Learn more about 5280 Waste Solutions.

Saahas Zero wastelogo
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Saahas is end-to-end waste management services. Saahas specializes in designing and executing customized solutions for the goal of zero waste to landfills, especially for bulk waste generators such as technology parks, residential complexes, educational institutions, hotels and others. Learn more about Saahas Zero waste.

carbon loopslogo
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Carboon loops is in the business of building bio-gas plants. The company provides consultancy as well as complete solution to develop a bio gas plant. The aim of the company is to convert the waste into biogas. Learn more about carbon loops.

Location not available

Baeru handles waste sustainably & responsibly for bulk waste-generating organizations and institutions. They are one of the few e-waste management companies in Karnataka that is working towards scientific and sustainable disposal of electronic waste. Learn more about Baeru.

Be Responsiblelogo
Bangalore , Karnataka, India

Be Responsible is an e-waste collection company. It spreads awareness on e-waste within households and institutions. Be Responsible is implementing the initiative on responsible e-waste collection and awareness within households and institutions. Learn more about Be Responsible.

Sampoorn Zero Wastelogo
Hyderabad, Telangna, India

Sampoorn Zero Waste is a company in the field of Waste Management. Sampoorn Zero Waste aims to create awareness, guide and motivate on appropriate waste management practices and provide suitable home composting solutions. Learn more about Sampoorn Zero Waste.

Brown leaflogo
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Brown Leaf have developed resources to help you manage dry leaves in eco-friendly manner. It is an active community aimed at creating a circular economy of the dry leaves waste. The community consists of leaf donors and leaf donors. Learn more about Brown leaf.

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Trashcon provides an automated Waste segregation machines in India. Making high-quality recycled products. The company have created solutions to convert non-degradable waste to recycled sheets that can replace plywood. They convert these into tables, chairs, racks and furniture providing dignified jobs to thousands of ragpickers. Learn more about Trashcon.

AltLab Innovatorslogo
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Outofwaste provide solutions for people with their home and lifestyle products needs by upcycling things they want to discard or out of scrap from the scrap market. They conduct waste management workshops enabling communities & organisations to creatively manage the waste that they generate by upcycling into functional products. The company also conduct waste management workshops enabling communities & organisations to creatively manage the waste that they generate by upcycling into functional products. Learn more about AltLab Innovators.

Blue Sky Mineslogo
Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Blue Sky Resource is the leading provider of recycling and resource recovery solutions, located in Northern Ireland. The company works with business partners in waste management sector closely and provide environmentally friendly solutions from contaminated soils and other contaminated waste streams. They fully focus on diverting waste materials from landfill and creating a cleaner earth. Learn more about Blue Sky Mines.

Srichakra Ecotexlogo
Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India

Srichakra is India’s leading plastic recycling and waste management company based in Hyderabad. The company has pioneered the plastic recycling process and achieved many ‘firsts’ for plastic recycling in India for 10 years. Srichakra Ecotex is committed to sustainability and protection of our ecosystem. Srichakra Ecotex specializes in producing superior rPET, rPP, rPE granules in large volumes for the packaging, textile, and automotive industries. Learn more about Srichakra Ecotex.

A1 Skip Hirelogo
Stoke, United Kingdom

A1 Skip Hire offers waste management and recycling services. They offer reliable skip hire, mini skips, waste management and recycling services across Stoke-On-Tent and Newcastle-Under-Lyme. Learn more about A1 Skip Hire.

Gomti Incincologo
Bangalore , Karnataka, India

Gomti Incinco handle hazardous wastes. GOMTI GROUP with over two decades of experience and expertise in the field of handling hazardous wastes. It has set up a common hazardous Waste Incinerator Plant, under the title GOMTI INCINCO and installed a PYROLYTIC INCINERATOR, specifically designed to treat waste of infectious and hazardous nature. Learn more about Gomti Incinco.

All scraplogo
New delhi, Delhi, India

All scrap is an online platform to sell scrap. All Scrap provides a range of printed and handmade home décor products has something for every corner of your home and office. They specialize in designing personalized wall hangings and deco walls for homes and living spaces. Learn more about All scrap.

Bangalore , Karnataka, India

Orbin is a waste management solutions company that offers "at-source" composting solutions for individual households, apartment complexes, office cafeterias/ canteens, restaurants/ Hotels, Food processing industries and other bulk organic waste generators by using its flagship patented products Orbin SOLO and Orbin STAX. Learn more about Orbin.

361 Dumpsterslogo
Victoria, Texas, USA

361 Dumpsters provide 15yd dumpsters or trash trailors for both residential and commercial purpose. They fulfil the waste removal needs with their dumpsters and are perfect for DIY projects, driveway friendly and great for tight spaces. Learn more about 361 Dumpsters.

Green India Eco Serviceslogo
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Green India Eco Service is profitable decentralized waste handling company. It’s focus is on building a socially and ecologically sustainable as well as financially profitable decentralized waste handling units targeted at households, corporate houses, townships, school and college campuses. Learn more about Green India Eco Services.

Earth sense Recycle Pvt. Ltdlogo
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Earth Sense is e-waste Management and Handling Service provider in India. Earth Sense provides green solutions for the recycling of e-waste. Earth Sense Recycle is an industry leading Electronics Recycling, Asset Management and Value Recovery solutions provider since its inception in 2007. Learn more about Earth sense Recycle Pvt. Ltd.

VDQ-NRG Systems Inc.logo
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

VDQ-NRG Systems Inc. provides the first cost-effective solution to the problem of landfill waste. It is an innovative clean technology company with a mission of stopping the transport and dumping of waste, while decarbonizing Cities. Learn more about VDQ-NRG Systems Inc..

Greenshield Envirologo
New delhi, New Delhi, India

Green shield enviro work for prevention of air, water and noise pollution. The company believes in making available innovative and cost effective engineering solutions for customers. They have the business verticals such as Process Heating, Waste Incinerators, Air Pollution Control Equipment, Municipal Solid Waste Management. Learn more about Greenshield Enviro.

Earth E-Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. is one of the premier service provider engaged in offering services for collection, recycling, reusing, reducing, recover and safe management, handling and disposal of electrical & electronics scraps (e-waste). Learn more about Earth E waste management Pvt Ltd.

The Better Earthlingslogo
Kolkata, West Bengal, India

The Better Earthlings team is dedicated to curating best possible products and methods to reduce waste in your premises.They also make sure the little waste generated reaches the right destination. They do various awareness programs to make more people believe in starting to live less-waste. The company makes best possible products to reduce waste in all premises. Learn more about The Better Earthlings.

Action Junk Removallogo
Seattle, Washington, USA

Action Junk Removal is a local, minority owned, professional junk removal service. The company offers a full suite of commercial and residential rubbish removal services. They recycle over 50% of the junk hauled. Items that can be reused are recycled and repurposed and not disposed of in landfills. Their team comes out to your location and picks up your unwanted items. Learn more about Action Junk Removal.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Recity enable value chain collaborations between brands, consumers, government, waste workers, and the recycling ecosystem. Recity has a vision to keep plastics in the economy and out of the environment. It is creating a Circular Economy of plastics with solutions aligning all the ecosystem players such as waste generators, waste workers, recyclers, brands and Urban Local Bodies. Learn more about Recity.

Bangalore , Karnataka, India

Bioman deals with kitchen waste. It’s technology is a unique waste management solution developed for “Neighborhood Level” management of waste. It addresses a huge gap that currently exists in the market. The Bioman solution uses a microbial powder to quickly digest waste. Learn more about Bioman.

Örebro, Sweden

Deligate is an application for smart tracking of expiry dates of the products. It develops technology for increasing in-store profit and reducing retail loss. Engage the consumers with user-friendy, innovative solutions like Expiry Date Management, Price Markdown and Deli Counter Journals Learn more about Deligate.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Virogreen India is the foremost Global E-Waste Management Company. The company is capable of providing consistent e-waste recycle and management services. Their cost effective E-Waste Management services will gratify your company's E-Waste recycling requisites. Learn more about Virogreen.

Hyderabad, Telangna, India

AESP makes India’s solid waste management sector environmentally sustainable and financially viable. AES provides solutions for waste management and distributive renewable energy generation. They also offer specialized electrical contracting and consultancy services along with a wide range of electrical products. Learn more about AES.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

505-Junk is a full service junk removal and recycling business serving the entire Greater Vancouver Regional District. It provides services to the residential, construction, and commercial clients. Their mission is merging junk removal and the planet's health into a world class business where residential and commercial consumers are confident that they have done their part by choosing 505-Junk. Learn more about 505-Junk.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Satma to enable & track a  transparent  supply chain & boosts the bottom line. Satma is used for collection & segregation to gain visibility and ensure ROI on every recyclables purchase. Learn more about Satma.

Hasiru Dalalogo
Bangalore , Karnataka, India

Hasiru Dala, together with all stakeholders, brings change in the lives of waste pickers waste pickers, workers and traders in the informal waste economy; based on solidarity. It is a member-based cooperative of waste-pickers in Bangalore. It aims to offer services for waste collection and handling to the city. The member waste-pickers will also get benefits such as social security, health insurance, access to micro-finance etc. to empower them to raise their standard of living. Learn more about Hasiru Dala.

Saint Fons, France

ICTYOS combines the traditional know-how of a French tannerywith an eco-responsible approach by transforming fish skins from the food industry into top quality marine leather. ICTYOS gives guarantee of highest quality of sea leathers. They carefully select the finest fish skins from their French agri-food partners. To control the traceability of supplies, ICTYOS relies on a network of local partners and reduces its carbon footprint thanks to this short circuit. They do not increase fishing and use smartly the available resources in an upcycling logic, they favors vegetable tannins composed of leaves, roots or fruits to minimize the impact of deforestation. Learn more about ICTYOS.

The Shakti Plastic Industrylogo
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The Shakti Plastic Industries is a leading waste management company in India, and manufacturer of recycled plastic granules working relentlessly towards a clean and sustainable future and enabling a circular economy. Learn more about The Shakti Plastic Industry.

Choice Junklogo
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Choice Junk is a metropolitan junk removal and dumpster rental business. It offers services such as Junk Removal, Estate Cleanout, Hoarder Cleanup, Furniture Removal, Appliance Removal, and Basement Cleanout. They also offer demolition services. Learn more about Choice Junk.

Euroteck Environmental Limitedlogo
Mahbubnagar, Telangna, India

Euroteck Environmental Limited is a Waste Water Treatment Management Company in India. It is a leading brand in waste water treatment. They provide state of art waste water treatment systems that cater to your needs be it industrial or municipal. Learn more about Euroteck Environmental Limited.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Greenlogix forte is developing and inventing solutions for the challenging issue of waste management and its disposal. They have gone many steps ahead from traditional recycling and disposing to creating grass root awareness and counselling corporates and individuals to help them achieve their green goals including zero waste. Learn more about Greenlogix.

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