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Sustainable products

Find Sustainable products that provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health and the environment over their whole life cycle.
Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Phool is the world’s first profitable and lean solution to the monumental ‘temple-waste’ problem. They collect 8.4 tons of floral waste from temples in Uttar Pradesh, India daily. These sacred flowers are handcrafted into charcoal-free incense, organic and biodegradable packaging material through their ‘Flowercycling’ technology. Learn more about Phool.

Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

Onpery makes sustainable menstrual products to improve comfort and usability. It has user friendly policies such as maximum menstruators can easily adopt green menstrual products and have designed systems such as to make products inclusive. Learn more about Onpery.

Econiture sells furniture and home decors made from recycled plastic. Econiture is a brand launched by Recycle Bell Private Limited. Their collection includes chairs, stools, racks, stands, shelves, pots, benches and tables. Learn more about Econiture – Recycle Bell Private Limited.

Good Karmalogo
Bangalore , Bengaluru, India

Good Karma is a leading tissue brand in India. Good Karma has their own paper mills and with integrated facilities, they offer wide range of products including toilet rolls, facial tissues, kitchen towels, paper towels, paper plates, paper tissues, seat covers and many more. All of their products are made in India. Learn more about Good Karma.

Februus Organicslogo
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Februus Organics is an Indian beauty & wellness brand. Februus Organic have designed the systems in a way that the farmers get fair pricing for their produce, which in turn helps in maintaining the quality of the produce and development of further orchards. Learn more about Februus Organics.

Gurgaon, Haryana, India

HeyDay have a range of sustainable personal care products including sanitary napkins & menstrual cups. The products are 100% plant based made from pure organic fibres of corn and bamboo for a safe, healthy, rash-free and allergy-free personal care experience. They have a range of sustainable personal care products including sanitary napkins, menstrual cups, panty liners and baby diapers. Learn more about HeyDay.

Core Asanalogo
Gurgaon, Delhi, India

Core Asana has blended functionality with style and bring to you a sublime range of products to help you put your fashion foot forward while uplifting your spirituality. All their products, processes and practices are planet-friendly and sustainable to the best possible extent. Learn more about Core Asana.

ALT Retaillogo
Bangalore , Karnataka, India

ALT Retail are a Mom-led and parent-approved venture, that creates fun, open-ended, and gender-neutral toys that allow kids to play independently and have imaginative play experiences. Their toys are free from plastic, harmful chemicals and offer Screen-free delight to the little ones. Learn more about ALT Retail.

Hyderabad, Telangna, India

Amouve uses cotton that is long staple and the dyeing process is completely free from synthetic and artificial dyes and additives which makes the cotton bed sheets long lasting and extremely soft to touch. They procure the cotton directly from the farmers, providing employment opportunities for them along the process of procuring, sorting, and using the raw cotton to make the products. Learn more about Amouve.

Goli Sodalogo
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Goli Soda are a Direct-to-Customer integrated marketplace bringing together a community of like-minded people, including women entrepreneurs, manufacturers, designers, and organisations promoting a sustainable lifestyle through a diverse product portfolio. Learn more about Goli Soda.

blog media

Earth Tatva: changing our perception of ceramics

The first thing that comes into our mind when we hear ceramics is aesthetically pleasing material. It’s versatile, colorful ,and can be found everywhere in India. And yes, it is made of some natural ingredients such as clay or terracotta. But what if there is another side of the coin, we’re not aware of? Shashank Nimkar, the founder of Earth Tatva opened our eyes and gave us insight into the highly versatile, delicate and creative process of making sustainable ceramics.

Shashank Nimkar, is a multi-award winner, highly creative and humble person who started his entrepreneurial journey as a student at NID. As a student, he has always been inclined towards seeing the bigger picture behind things.
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Paaduks create uniquely comfortable and sustainably stylish footwear with locally and ethically-sourced raw materials – jute, cotton, and more. Learn more about Paaduks.

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Heelium is a health and fitness solutions company that makes home & outdoor products from sustainable materials. Heelium accelerate the transition to sustainable products for everyday use for athletes and homemakers alike. Learn more about Heelium.

New delhi, Delhi, India

Reflekt create a range of truly sustainable products that are not only devoid of single use plastics and toxic chemicals but are convenient, effective, affordable and beautiful. All the products come in beautiful, reusable Aluminium and Glass bottles that are designed to last a lifetime. Refills come in the form of Smart Tablets for a truly zero waste home. Learn more about Reflekt.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

GreenWorx Bio Cleaning Solutions designs, manufactures and supplies, environmentally responsible, biotechnology cleaning products to households, businesses and industries across India. Learn more about GreenWorx.

Kadam Haatlogo
Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Kadam Haat provides design-driven products to the customers who are looking for sustainable alternatives for daily use products. Kadam Haat is a one-of-a-kind basketry barn working with the household industry, where rural artisans weave together natural fibres to create home utility products. Learn more about Kadam Haat.

Jus Amazinlogo
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Jus Amazin is committed to making clean nutrition products which are 100% natural, 0% junk, available to meet the nutrition needs of consumers across age groups, developed by parents. All of their products are free from dairy, gluten & soya, and made in a dedicated facility, which is free from these allergensess. Learn more about Jus Amazin.

Himalayan Originslogo
Dehradun, Uttrakhand, India

Himalayan Origins creates skin and haircare products which are packaged in s sustainable format and are beneficial not just for our bodies but also our environment. They also promote sustainable accessories in the personal care space alongside personal care products to adopt a more sustainable plastic free living. Learn more about Himalayan Origins.

Healthy Fibreslogo
Bangalore , Bangalore, India

Healthy Fibres makes organic products like almond oil, cocnut oil, etc. through perfect confluence of traditional recipes and modern technology. Healthy Fibres is a brand derived from the perfect confluence of traditional recipes and modern technology. They are involved in procuring naturally grown raw materials and every detail of the production process, guaranteeing natural integrity in all the products under the brand. Learn more about Healthy Fibres.

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerela, India

Qudrat manufactures and supplies sustainable and organic cutlery items. With every plate they serve, they take a step towards a plastic-free, carbon-neutral and sustainable future. Their products are made from extremely pragmatic research. They aim for a substitute that could reduce plastic and paper generation. Learn more about Qudrat.

Delhi, India

AGreenCo manufacture eco-friendly phone cases. They realise that the phone case industry has a huge problem as some of them use cheap, polluting plastics for their phone cases. Agreen is India’s first 100% Compostable and Eco-Friendly phone case. They showcase tales, conversations, narratives, poems, and songs, from people from all walks of life, who have adopted or are working to incorporate a Zero Waste lifestyle, for a better future for our Planet. Learn more about AGreenCo.

Born Goodlogo
Hosur, Tamil Nadu, India

Born Goiod provide lab-tested, proven and eco-certified range of detergents and home care products. Born Good products are formulated by a team of accredited bio-scientists and chemists, and backed by over 50 years of expertise. They jointly conceptualize and bring to market the sustainable products used in the manufacturing of clothes. Learn more about Born Good.

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Bamboology is a sustainable activewear brand. Bamboology believes in vegan clothing way rooted in simplicity & minimalism. Bamboology Trends has initiated a mission to provide sustainable fashion by focusing on Bamboo clothing. They provide products to our customers that are ant-bacterial, anti-odor, anti-static qualities, UV rays protector, CO2 absorbent, water savior, zero pesticides & 100% biodegradable clothing, unlike cotton. Learn more about BAMBOOLOGY.

Ava Velalogo
Goa, India

Ava Vela is a luxury home fragrance brand, committed to offering a truly sensational experience through our range of cruelty-free, eco-friendly and vegan products. Learn more about Ava Vela.

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Atah Lifestyle is an Online store where they are reimagining and reinterpreting everyday objects of Indian cultural significance. It makes personalized gifts, for every kind of occasion, business, personal or otherwise. They design products that connect us to the traditions but have long been presupposed. Learn more about Atah.

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

AstuEco aims at decreasing the use of disposable plastics globally and help reduce environment pollution. Astu Eco started with an intent to rid India of the plastic menace that is rampant today. They make delightful Earth Friendly products for the environmentally conscious, that provides an alternate to the harmful disposable plastic. Learn more about AstuEco.

Bare Necessitieslogo
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Bare Necessities produces everyday essential products that do not contribute to the waste epidemic and packaged in recyclable, reusable and biodegradable packaging. They address serious flaws in manufacturing, distribution, and consumption by innovating and providing sustainable solutions to waste. Learn more about Bare Necessities.

Lavos Performancelogo
Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India

Lavos Performance is India's largest manufacturer of bamboo-cotton blend clothing which is made through a sustainable process that reduces the stress on our nature. They make technical clothing and has crafted India's finest active and utility wear. They connect people to Nature with our Bamboo Performance Technology. Learn more about Lavos Performance.

Clan Earth is tackling the climate change issue creatively by making sustainable backpacks, wallets, and pouches from water-resistant cotton canvas. They plant five trees against the sale of every product. They work with experienced local artisans and use innovative sustainable fabrics to design stylish and super-functional carry accessories. Learn more about Clan Earth by Green Tribe Innovations.

Ibhanan Namahlogo
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Ibhanan makes 100% eco friendly Idols made of Shadu Mitti (River Clay) & Red soil with Natural Colours. They have wide range of 300+ unique idols from the best artist of Pen. Learn more about Ibhanan Namah.

New delhi, Delhi, India

Elynn is a body care and wellness brand, specializing in handcrafted cold-processed soaps, body care and aromatherapy. They use cold-pressed oils, unrefined butters and skin safe essential oils and fragrances to formulate all their products. Their products are plastic-free. Learn more about Elynn.

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Earthshala is a modern wellness brand rooted in the ancient holistic Ayurveda practices. Earthshala wants to offer solace to people from their stressful life. Ayurveda practice had embraced herbs and aromatics as an important part of the philosophy of healing. Learn more about Earthshala.

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Gaukriti manufactures 100% biodegradable organic stationery made from cow dung and natural materials. This paper made from cow dung consists of vegetation seeds. Even if the paper is dumped, the seeds present in it will grow in plants of Tulsi, Gander, Soap, cumin etc thereby encouraging nature. Learn more about Gaukriti.

Super bottomslogo
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Super Bottoms is an online e-commerce shop that provides sustainable eco-friendly products for the kids. It was born out of a personal passion for cloth diapering that would give the convenience of diapers while not harming the environment and baby's skin. Learn more about Super bottoms.

Praana poornalogo
Bangalore , Karnataka, India

Praanapoorna Collective manufactures 100% natural disinfectant Lab tested Cleaners, which are eco-friendly and biodegradable, safe for kids, pets, and the environment. It aspires to revolutionize the way we disinfect and clean our surroundings while we maintain our immunity with effective microorganisms in our Gut and Soil for a green and healthy planet. Praanapoorna offers a range of natural cleaners. Learn more about Praana poorna.

New delhi, Delhi, India

bioQ is the leading manufacturer of eco friendly and plantable gifting items in India. bioQ develops products that are aimed at helping people make the switch to eco friendly alternatives without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. They are now expanding into sustainable furniture systems and cork based accessories. Learn more about bioQ.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

D-Alive make OTC packaged foods and solutions specially for diabetes but it appeals to all health enthusiasts alike. All of their packaged foods are 100% Natural, Made out of Organic Ingredients of the topmost quality, no Gluten and absolutely naturally sweetened with Low GI sweeteners. Their products include almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, etc. Learn more about D-Alive.

Karmikh Sustainable Clothinglogo
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Karmikh is an ethical brand and a community embracing slow fashion. Keeping sustainability in mind, they avoid overstocking and use no plastic or cruelty in the process. Karmikh clothes are meant to be reused and worn for years to reduce pollution of water and prevent stuffing in landfills. The packaging is made of paper and cloth that are easily biodegradable Learn more about Karmikh Sustainable Clothing.

Canvas Design Co.logo
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Canvas Design Co. makes sustainable gifts and accessories blend in canvas. They make classic, handmade stationery, accessories and gifts, that, despite being made with the age-old canvas, with a coating of love, feel absolutely contemporary. They have tried to blend in canvas with most of the products. Learn more about Canvas Design Co..

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

EcoRight is a sustainable lifestyle brand that creates fun, eco-friendly alternatives and their vision is to create sustainable alternatives to plastic pollution and fast fashion. It makes sustainability a part of mainstream fashion. Learn more about EcoRight.

New York, New York, United States

ManyMoons stands as a creative haven for individuals seeking to convey their heartfelt emotions through personalized digital cards. The platform empowers users to craft meaningful cards that capture the essence of life's special moments, from birthdays and anniversaries to milestones and achievements. With a diverse range of customizable templates and design options, ManyMoons enables users to infuse their unique touch into each card, making them more than just digital greetings – they become cherished expressions of love, joy, and celebration. Learn more about Manymoons.

Newport Beach, California, United States

reCUPs are are made with EarthCoating and are easy for recyclers to process. Instead of 100% plastic, reCUPs are made using EarthCoating® technology, an award-winning mineral-based coating alternative that's engineered to make paper cups worth collecting and profitable to recycle. Learn more about Recup.

Splat and Co dryer balls will last you more than 1,000 uses, reduce your drying time by 30% or more, soften your clothes, and reduce static with natural fibres and wrinkles. They believe in creating quality products that will last for years and have a little fun with cute characters and bright colours. Learn more about Splat And Co.

Saukhyam Padslogo
Kolam, Kerela, India

Saukhyam makes reusable menstrual pads. Their mission is to combat climate change, support zero-waste communities, empower women, and transform lives - all through our beautiful reusable menstrual pads. They make reusable pads with banana fiber as the absorbent Banana fibre obtained from agricultural waste. Learn more about Saukhyam Pads.

West end, England

Elytrum luxury body brushes are designed to treat your skin with complete care, whilst you enjoy the indescribable revitalising feel of the bristles tingling across your skin. Learn more about ELYTRUM.

VZ Wrapslogo
Pennsylvania, United States

VZWraps are 100% cotton with some organic cotton and bamboo/cotton blends available. No more trash bags full of crumpled paper and plastic ribbons after a party or holiday. Reuse the bags for years. Learn more about VZ Wraps.

Bio-D product boxes, sprays, hand pumps and bottles contains 100% of our very own product, which is all made in our factory in the UK, by us and no one else. Learn more about Bio-D.

The Purple Goatlogo
Location not available

The Purple Goat products are carefully crafted, hand-made, packaged, sifted and poured. Free of sulphates, parabens, dyes, toxins, and harmful chemicals, The Purple Goat brings to light the importance of all-natural goods. Learn more about The Purple Goat.

Seattle, Washington, United States

OneThird is a trailblazer in the fight against food waste, offering advanced technology that measures fruit freshness and shelf life. By providing retailers and suppliers with real-time data, they empower informed decisions that result in minimized waste and heightened sustainability. OneThird's innovative approach contributes to a more efficient and responsible food supply chain, making a tangible impact on reducing global food waste. Learn more about ReCapturit®.

HolyCow Lakshyamlogo
New delhi, Delhi, India

HolyCow Lakshyam is working towards making a holistic impact on society by creating products for the benefit of the community that is environment-friendly, healthy & chemical-free. These products are handmade and thus, help in generating a source of employment for rural women. Moreover, this attempts to tackle one of the biggest problems of our country: Cattle Management, by providing shelter to rescued cows in Barsana. Learn more about HolyCow Lakshyam.

SepuraHome emerges as a pioneering force in the realm of home automation, dedicated to crafting intelligent living spaces. With a focus on innovation, the company leverages advanced technologies to provide comprehensive solutions for controlling various aspects of the home environment. Their expertise extends to lighting, security, climate, and beyond, offering residents the convenience of centralized management while promoting energy efficiency. By seamlessly interconnecting devices and systems, SepuraHome transforms houses into smart homes that adapt to occupants' needs and preferences. Learn more about Sepura Home.

Los Angeles, California, United States

Skylar promise to provide a fresh take on scents, with fragrances that are better sourced, made, and priced. They create a collection of high-quality, safe, and freshly scented products you will love using everyday. Learn more about Skylar.

Zagreb, Croatia (Hrvatska)

MIRET a family-owned footwear business has a rich history of crafting high-end footwear for some of the most prestigious brands in the market. As their expertise and reputation grew, so did their moral dilemma. They grappled with the decision to continue being a part of the industry's ethical challenges or to take a bold stand for what's right. Ultimately, they chose ethics over profit, recognizing the importance of aligning their values with their actions. This marked a significant turning point in their journey as they made a firm commitment to be part of the solution rather than the problem. Their dedication to doing the right thing is now at the core of their business ethos. Learn more about MIRET.

Heirloom Seeds logo
Arizona, United States

Heirloom Seeds sell only Open-Pollinated, Non-Hybrid seeds, that are grown only with natural input, both for nutrients and pest control. Their products consist of heirloom seeds, spring and fall transplants, and fresh eggs. Learn more about Heirloom Seeds .

New delhi, Delhi, India

Forisca is sustainable alternatives in our products in addition to using certified- biodegradable and compostable packaging for all our products. Forisca vision is to become the world's most trusted and reliable name in cosmetic essentials and accessories moving towards affordable and sustainable alternatives. They keep the highest environmentally responsible standards in mind while procuring and manufacturing all our products. Learn more about Forisca.

Brown Livinglogo
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

India's First Plastic-Free marketplace for a wide range of everyday use products, specially curated for a sustainable, vegan, chemical-free and zero waste lifestyle. Each product is made locally in India. The packaging is plastic free. Learn more about Brown Living.

Location not available

Elevate your fashion game with, a leading online destination for the style-conscious. This platform showcases a meticulously curated collection of clothing that effortlessly balances trendy designs with timeless elegance. From chic casual wear to sophisticated ensembles, offers an extensive range of styles to cater to diverse tastes. Immerse yourself in a seamless shopping experience with its user-friendly interface, enabling you to explore and select the perfect additions to your wardrobe. Embrace fashion-forward choices and secure shopping as you browse through's diverse offerings, setting the stage for a wardrobe that exudes confidence and flair. Learn more about Kleiderly.

The Oldest Villagelogo
Location not available

The Oldest Village is here to promote and support beautifully handcrafted home textiles and accessories made by artisans from the oldest village of Portugal. Learn more about The Oldest Village.

Green Banana Paper make the world’s most unique vegan wallets. From the jungle to your pocket, these are the most sustainable and ethical wallets on the planet. Learn more about Green Banana Paper.

Leap Organicslogo
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Leap Organics believe in sustainable business practices, renewable energy, recycled packaging, and giving back. They only use ingredients that come from nature. Their goal is to use 100% certified-organic ingredients that help maintain the integrity of the land and the purity of the products. Learn more about Leap Organics.

Warszawa, Mazowieckie, Poland

Ecobean introduces a sustainable revolution in the realm of coffee enjoyment. With their range of reusable organic coffee capsules, they reimagine the traditional coffee experience by offering an eco-friendly alternative to single-use coffee pods. Compatible with a variety of coffee machines, Ecobean's capsules not only deliver a premium coffee taste but also significantly reduce the environmental impact associated with disposable coffee waste. This innovative approach empowers coffee enthusiasts to savor their favorite brews without compromising on their commitment to sustainability, reflecting a shift towards more responsible consumption habits and a greener future. Learn more about EcoBean.

Pink and Green Skincare passion for creating natural organic skincare and the affinity with nature is the inspiration to create a range of products for bath, body and face. Learn more about Pink and Green Skincare.

Eco Denlogo
Luton, England

Eco Den prides itself on being completely eco friendly, vegan and cruelty free. Learn more about Eco Den.

Buff & Butterlogo
Manchester, United Kingdom

Buff and Butter believe that essential oils as well as herbs and spices have been used world-wide for thousands of years for the treatment and prevention of many illnesses. Learn more about Buff & Butter.

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

TrashCon stands as a trailblazer in waste management, leveraging cutting-edge technology to revolutionize waste processing. Their advanced systems automate and optimize waste segregation, recycling, and disposal processes. By streamlining waste management practices, TrashCon contributes significantly to efficient resource utilization and promotes sustainable waste management on a larger scale. Learn more about TrashCon.

Jungle Culturelogo
Dereham, England

Jungle Culture is a UK supplier of coconut bowls, bamboo cutlery, safety razors, reusable straws  and other eco-friendly products. Learn more about Jungle Culture.

Ecobutterfly Organicslogo
Ojai, California, United States

Ecobutterfly Organics is a Fair Trade, Wild Crafted, Organic, Recycled, Vegetarian/Vegan Fiber Arts & Crafts movement with a focus on organic cotton yarn & fiber. Learn more about Ecobutterfly Organics.

IBUKU Bamboo Architecture and Design is an international design-build team creating luxury bamboo structures, furniture, & gardens that connect people with nature in groundbreaking ways. Bamboo can change the way we build, because of its strength, flexibility, and rapid growth cycle. Learn more about Ibuku Bamboo Architecture and Design.

Haryana, India

Fermoscapes are a sustainable home decor and lifestyle brand and a platform of skilful artisans with a vision of giving your home a mix of modern and traditional look. Learn more about Fermoscapes.

Cadishead, England

E-pots products are sourced from reputable sustainable suppliers and are either 100% natural or made from recycled biodegradable materials. They use minimal plastic free compostable packaging. Learn more about e-pots.

Location not available

KleenCup mission is to start a Reuse Revolution by enabling people to become plastic smart and reduce the negative environmental impact caused by single-use disposables. They make Reusable Cup from 100% Recyclable Plastic that is BPA and BPS Free. This makes it one of the most Eco-Friendly reusable cups. Learn more about KleenCup.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Blueland helps reimagine everyday products to save you money and space without any plastic waste. They are reinventing home essentials to end single-use plastic. Learn more about Blueland.

Sadie Dorchesterlogo
England, United Kingdom

Sadie Dorchester is a sustainable, contemporary interiors brand with a unique geometric colour aesthetic specialising in customisable, made to measure, storage benches, ottomans and blanket boxes. Learn more about Sadie Dorchester.

Avocado Green Mattresslogo
California, United States

Avocado Green Mattress is made with only finest natural and organic materials, including 100% natural Dunlop latex from tree-tapped and sustainable sources. Their mission is to provide you and your family a healthy, safe and luxurious sleep environment while reducing our impact on the environment. Learn more about Avocado Green Mattress.

The Home Farmlogo
Orlando, Florida, United States

The Home Farm are a health-conscious & nature-loving family enjoying a zero waste, minimalist lifestyle, and wild-schooling kids at the urban home farm in Orlando, FL. They are a social enterprise with a mission to inspire & empower others to live healthy and sustainable. Learn more about The Home Farm.

Detroit, Michigan, United States

Bogobrush is the toothbrush you can actually care about. It's beautifully designed, ecological, and now born entirely in the USA. And with each Bogobrush sold, they donate 10% of profits to sustainability efforts in communities across the planet. Learn more about Bogobrush.

Karavan ecologo
London, England

Karavan Eco source many of their products from women's groups and businesses committed to creating a positive social impact. They have a range of one-of- a-kind baskets and rugs and many other sustainable products. Learn more about Karavan eco.

Amsterdam, Netherlands The

Yoni makes organic cotton tampons, pads and liners free from plastic, chemicals and shame. Their mission is to bring women and other people in the know about all things vulva. Organic cotton is a vulva-friendly choice. Learn more about Yoni.

The Clay Curelogo
United Kingdom

The Clay Cure Co offers a range of 100% natural personal care products,such as natural deodorants tooth powders,tooth paste and soaps and shampoos and soil. Learn more about The Clay Cure.

EQUA CARE dispensers are refillable and designed to last a lifetime. They are made of recycled single-use plastic bottles waste, so no new plastic is being produced in the process.        Learn more about EQUA d.o.o..

Plaine Limitedlogo
England, United Kingdom

Plaine Limited created a capsule collection of natural homeware products you can use every day, without wasting your time worrying about what they’re made from. They use 100% biodegradable packaging that breaks down naturally over time. Learn more about Plaine Limited.

GreenHome Natural Cleanerslogo
New delhi, Delhi, India

GreenHome Natural Cleaners provides 100% plant-based cleaner for surfaces such as kitchen counters, chimneys, appliances, walls, floors, washbasins, dining tables, study shelves, and more. They can remove tough grease and oil deposits, wax, soot, adhesive, and all other dirt and grime. Learn more about GreenHome Natural Cleaners.

Evoco Ltd.logo
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Evoco Ltd stands as a leader in pioneering water purification solutions. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, the company provides a diverse array of advanced systems designed to ensure clean and safe water. These solutions cater to the demands of both residential and commercial sectors, offering reliable water treatment options that prioritize quality, health, and environmental sustainability. Learn more about Evoco Ltd..

R A JElogo
Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

RAJE focuses on Custom made dresses, Bespoke, Zero-Waste, Ethic, Bridal Wear, Western Wear, Boutique Fashion, Tailoring, Soft-Tailoring, Made to order, and Gender-less designs. They focus on enhancing local businesses of India, their art & craft, and detailed work and would work on bringing it on a global platform. RAJE’s mission is to create a sustainable way of shopping, using new technologies and software in the fashion Industry. Learn more about R A JE.

Venray, Limburg, Netherlands The

Bendl is a creative design studio that specializes in crafting sustainable and innovative lighting solutions. With a focus on bending materials to artistic forms, they create unique lighting pieces that blend aesthetics with functionality. Bendl designs illuminate spaces with a touch of artistic elegance while promoting eco-friendly design practices. Learn more about BENDL.

Switch and Ditchlogo
Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Switch and Ditch look to make sure products are both sustainable and eco-friendly. Everything is sourced as ethically as possible and we review the whole supply chain to minimise wasteful plastic. Learn more about Switch and Ditch.

Location not available

RhiFurb produces and sells recycled and hand-printed t-shirts, upcycled accessories and creates ornaments and other things from left over material scraps with an aim to reduce excess clothing waste. Learn more about RhiFurb.

Maiiro, is a new anti-inflammatory, sustainable, organic, skincare line, featuring a unique marine complex called packed with seaweed derived anti-oxidants, minerals and amino acids to help heal reactive, blemish-prone, polluted skin and bring it into optimal condition and radiance. Learn more about Maiiro.

Write Turnzlogo
Florida, United States

Write Turnz handcraft each piece, paying keen attention to fine detail, utilizing mainly reclaimed or re-purposed materials. They find these materials have the ultimate abundance of nature’s beauty, as well as delicate characteristics that give each piece its own exquisite individuality. Learn more about Write Turnz.

Supernatural creates an all natural cleaning solution for home like reusable frosted glass spray bottles for each surface. Learn more about Supernatural.

All Good Productslogo
Location not available

All Good provides healing balm, lip balms and tints, pain relief spray, sunscreens, and moisturizers. They aim high to walk the talk of our triple bottom line business philosophy, measuring success through environmental, social and economic health. Learn more about All Good Products.

Little Danube’s soap bars bring allegoric scents that transcend towards a past that is soft and distant. Their natural soap bars are 100% vegan, fragrance and cruelty free. They produce 100% handmade soaps through a cold press process in small batches with high quality, food-grade and partially organic ingredients. Learn more about Little Danube.

Paris, Paris, France

FabBrick stands as a groundbreaking force in the construction landscape, introducing an ingenious sustainable paradigm. Through their cutting-edge technology, they seamlessly convert discarded textiles into high-performance building materials with remarkable environmental benefits. This transformation not only reduces the burden on landfills but also curbs the carbon footprint associated with traditional construction materials. FabBrick's innovative approach aligns with the urgent need for eco-conscious solutions in the built environment, promoting a circular economy and demonstrating that waste can indeed be turned into valuable resources. As a trailblazer, FabBrick redefines construction, offering resource-efficient alternatives that inspire greener building practices while fostering innovative design expressions. Learn more about FabBRICK®.

Singapore, Singapore

Lumitics provides an innovative and cutting-edge technology that specializes in food waste management and analytics. Their website offers an intelligent food waste tracking system that empowers businesses, particularly in the hospitality industry, to monitor and reduce food wastage effectively. Learn more about Lumitics.

Meadow Skincare are qualified in skincare formulation, massage therapy and psychotherapy. They offer a natural, sustainable solution to every day skincare concerns. Learn more about Meadow Skincare.

Bennett Compostlogo
Phildelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Bennett Compost mission is to improve the environment through the collection and reuse of compostable materials. Learn more about Bennett Compost.

London, London, United Kingdom

NeverWaste stands as a pioneering platform committed to combating food waste by leveraging smart technology and sustainable strategies. Through seamless connections between consumers, businesses, and communities, they foster responsible consumption and empower individuals to play a vital role in reducing food waste. By aligning technology with a mission for sustainability, NeverWaste is a driving force in creating a more efficient and eco-conscious approach to food consumption and waste management. Learn more about Neverwaste.

Amravati, Maharashtra, India

Greenware is the new initiative towards creating sustainable eco-friendly future. Greenware products which are made of eco-friendly and biodegradable material does not harm the nature and disintegrates into its originally form by natural degradation process. Learn more about Greenware.

Container bamboo is a company that bridge Indonesia manufacturer to reach international market and ranks third in terms of bamboo producing countries in the world. They mainly produce bamboo skewers as the main product, but they can also provide raw bamboo material such a bamboo sticks or bamboo pole, etc and are partnered with 4 big factories. Learn more about Container Bamboo.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The refill technology packs concentrated cleaning solution in a water-soluble film. These refills completely dissolve when in contact with water. They promote the idea of buying only the refills and not the ready to use solution. Learn more about Ecosys.

Eugene, Oregon, United States

GloryBee vision is a healthy world where bees and people thrive. GloryBee is committed to providing ingredients for a healthy, natural life. They are also committed to the health of the planet through their SAVE the BEE initiative. Learn more about GloryBee.

Upper Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

Erda endeavour to cater to a range of niche green products, endorsing a natural way of life, while protecting the environment. It allows everyone to browse wide variants of products from natural perfumery, balms and incense to green bags, slippers and everything in between. Learn more about Erda.

Nammushroom is an exclusive online destination for mushroom enthusiasts, catering to a diverse range of mycological interests. This specialized marketplace offers a comprehensive array of premium mushroom products and cultivation supplies, making it a one-stop shop for all things fungi-related. Whether you're an experienced mycophile seeking gourmet mushroom varieties or a beginner eager to embark on a mushroom-growing journey, Nammushroom has you covered. The platform's commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in its selection of products, ensuring that every item, from fresh mushroom varieties to growing kits and tools, meets high standards. Nammushroom aims to foster a deeper passion for mycology and an appreciation for the unique world of mushrooms, making it the ultimate destination for those intrigued by the fascinating realm of fungi. Learn more about NÃM Mushrooms.

Sanah Sharmalogo
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Sanah Sharma is a Sustainable Engineered Fashion brand. Sanah Sharma practices sustainable and ethical creation. She is a conceptual designer label focused on making aesthetic clothing that is intelligently en­gineered for better sustainability indices. Sanah Sharma devel­oped Planar Flux - a unique cutting technique that reduces fabric consumption and is zero waste. Learn more about Sanah Sharma.

EarthOdic is your online destination for embracing sustainable living and enhancing your environmental awareness. This digital platform is committed to providing valuable insights, eco-friendly product recommendations, and practical tips to help individuals make more environmentally responsible choices in their daily lives. With a diverse array of informative articles, EarthOdic covers topics ranging from energy conservation and waste reduction to eco-conscious shopping and wildlife preservation. Whether you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint, adopt greener habits, or stay informed about the latest environmental developments, EarthOdic is your go-to resource for contributing to a greener, more eco-conscious world. Join the movement toward sustainability and make a positive impact on the planet with the guidance and inspiration offered by EarthOdic Learn more about Earthodic.

Alchemy Goodslogo
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Alchemy Goods transforms recycled bicycle inner tubes into stylish, eco-friendly vegan bags for the urban lifestyle through a process called “upcycling” — that is, using waste materials to create new consumer products. All Alchemy Goods products come with a limited lifetime warranty. Learn more about Alchemy Goods.

Scence Natural Skincare use the finest natural minerals and plant-based ingredients, all wrapped up in compostable and recyclable paper-based packaging. Learn more about Scence Natural Skincare.

Pune, Maharashtra, India

reCharkha works on UPCYCLING Waste Plastic bags and Multilayered wrappers using a traditional Charkha and Handloom, thus enabling livelihoods for the tribal women and youth. The products are a sustainable alternatives to those available in the market made from virgin polyester or plastic. Learn more about reCharkha.

Svala Companylogo
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Svala products are made with premium, innovative, animal-friendly, PVC-free fabrics such as Italian PU, Pinatex (made from pineapple leaf fiber) and cork. Each Svala handbag is lined with fabric made with organic cotton and recycled polyester made with plastic bottles. Learn more about Svala Company.

YellowBag Foundationlogo
Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

TheYellowBag is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering community engagement and social responsibility. Through its unique initiative, it encourages individuals to fill yellow bags with gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories. These bags are then collected and redistributed to those in need, promoting sustainable fashion practices while helping disadvantaged communities. TheYellowBag platform provides a simple way for people to make a positive impact by decluttering their closets and contributing to a circular economy. By facilitating donations and promoting conscious consumption, the organization strives to create a more equitable and environmentally friendly world, one yellow bag at a time. Learn more about YellowBag Foundation.

Paris, Paris, France

Neoplants is your one-stop destination for all things botanical. Browse through a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants, spanning from lush greens to colorful blooms, all available for hassle-free delivery. With Neoplants, you can effortlessly bring the beauty of nature into your space and cultivate a greener, more vibrant environment. Learn more about Neoplants.

Monterrey, Mexico, 

Biofase is a part of the ecological revolution by distributing the most demanded and popular biodegradable products in the industry, those made from avocado seeds. Learn more about Biofase.

The Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box ensure and only offer a collection of carefully chosen organic, natural, non-toxic and cruelty-free products that represent high standards of clean beauty. Learn more about Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box.

Sintala Designslogo
Parcela, Segovia, Spain

Sintala Design creates products made of solid wood without cutting down trees. The Company works with wood that has been collected from fallen trees, prunings and remains of other manufacturing processes. Our finishes are highly ecological and respectful with the environment. Learn more about Sintala Designs.

New delhi, Delhi, India

Upcycleluxe is India’s first e-commerce sustainable fashion tech marketplace that showcases environmental impact of sustainable products. The products are handcrafted, upcycled, or simply made from organic materials. Learn more about Upcycleluxe.

Hungry Giant Waste Systemslogo
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Hungry Giant Recycling is a prominent waste management company that excels in delivering sustainable recycling solutions tailored for businesses and communities. With a clear objective of reducing landfill waste and advancing recycling practices, they provide specialized services that enable clients to significantly lower their environmental impact while actively participating in the creation of a more eco-friendly tomorrow. Learn more about Hungry Giant Waste Systems.

Emeryville, California, United States

MycoWorks is at the forefront of sustainability and innovation, using groundbreaking technology to transform fungi into leather-like materials. This eco-friendly alternative reduces the environmental footprint associated with traditional leather production, offering a unique and responsible approach to material design. MycoWorks' commitment to merging creativity, sustainability, and versatility paves the way for a more eco-conscious and stylish future. Learn more about MycoWorks.

Pure by Priyankalogo
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Pure By Priyanka products offer superior efficacy and convenient usage made with utmost love, faith and passion. They are continuously working and treading on the path of helping you get naturally radiant skin and lustrous hair. Learn more about Pure by Priyanka.

Sintra Naturalslogo
Macclesfield, England

Sintra Beauty is a sustainable company that creates products that are effective, nature-friendly, and suitable for all-skin types, even sensitive skin. Learn more about Sintra Naturals.

Planeta Veganologo
Madrid, Spain

Planeta Vegano wide range of ecological products suitable for various food intolerances, among other things. All with the aim of promoting veganism and helping those who are interested in adopting this alternative life. Learn more about Planeta Vegano.

Soap Simple Creations products are created with great environmental consciousness, which ensures that they are totally biodegradable minimally, yet beautifully packaged, and cruelty free. Learn more about Soap Simple Creations.

Made by the Forgelogo
Wetheringsett, England

Made by the Forge specialises in world-class handcrafted solid iron and metal curtain poles, accessories and homeware. Their products have both classic and contemporary aspects, both time-tested and more than stylish, and are made to a standard second to none. Learn more about Made by the Forge.

Natural or Nothing offers plant based alternatives products. They use all natural packaging, that is 100% recyclable, right down to the tape that seals the box. Learn more about Natural or Nothing.

Niiyaa’s products are handwoven or tapestry products that are highly coveted worldwide by connoisseurs of style and charisma. It is a platform that flaunt passionate artists and artisans from across the world and innovate various different product categories using a particular art form. Learn more about Niiyaa – handcrafted designer scarves.

Berlin, Germany

Vly Foods stands as a trailblazer in the realm of plant-based nutrition. With a steadfast commitment to sustainable eating, the company offers a diverse array of flavorful plant-powered products. Through their innovative approach, Vly Foods provides individuals with delicious and nutritious alternatives to traditional animal-based protein sources. By catering to a wide range of dietary preferences, they empower consumers to make conscious choices that not only benefit their personal well-being but also contribute to the larger cause of environmental sustainability. Vly Foods' mission reflects a harmonious blend of culinary delight and eco-consciousness, shaping a future where plant-based eating is accessible, enjoyable, and impactful. Learn more about vly.

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

Qudrat stands as a catalyst for sustainable agriculture, providing a range of innovative solutions that encompass organic and biodegradable products tailored for crop nutrition and soil health. By offering environmentally friendly alternatives, they play a vital role in reducing the reliance on harmful chemicals and promoting eco-conscious farming practices. Qudrat's commitment extends beyond individual farms, as their solutions contribute to building healthier ecosystems and fostering the resilience of agricultural systems for a more sustainable and prosperous future. Learn more about qudrat.

Beyond the Labellogo
Los Angeles, California, United States

The Beyond the Label T-Shirt Exchange allows consumers to exchange a gently worn tee for a new one that is sustainably and ethically made with the signature “nutrition label” graphic printed on the front of the T-shirt. Learn more about Beyond the Label.

Eco Happylogo
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Happy Pencils have the mission of creating sustainable and eco-friendly stationery for everyone. Their products are made of recycled newspaper serve as the starting points for developing and inculcating these habits. Their pencils have seeds attached to them, which can be planted into the soil. Learn more about Eco Happy.

Internal Changes Organic Clothinglogo
Boca Raton, Florida, United States

Internal Changes Organic Clothing are an online company that sells eco-friendly and organic conscious clothing with graphic designs to enhance positivity in our lives and world. Learn more about Internal Changes Organic Clothing.

Cause You Carelogo
Lake Oswego, Oregon, United States

Cause You Care offers shirts, tote bags, throw pillows and coffee mugs with designs inspired by endangered species. 25% of profits are donated to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to help save animals. Learn more about Cause You Care.

Just Vertical stands as a pioneer in the realm of indoor gardening solutions, offering a transformative approach to cultivating plants within the confines of homes and businesses. With their vertical hydroponic systems, they redefine the possibilities of indoor agriculture by optimizing space and efficiency. This innovative technology empowers individuals and businesses to engage in sustainable food production, regardless of spatial limitations. Just Vertical's vertical hydroponic systems allow for the cultivation of a diverse range of plants, from herbs to vegetables, in a space-saving manner. By eliminating the need for traditional soil-based cultivation and utilizing nutrient-rich water solutions, they create an environment conducive to rapid growth and consistent yield. In an era where urban living and limited outdoor space are becoming increasingly common, Just Vertical's solution provides a path to fresh and homegrown produce. Their commitment to sustainability, resource efficiency, and promoting a closer connection to food sources positions them at the forefront of fostering a greener and more self-sufficient future. Learn more about Just Vertical.

Odacova Skincare products is made with avocado oil and it is packed full of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body.All their products are kind and gentle and has been independently certified by a pharmacologist and cosmetic scientist. Learn more about Odacova Skincare Ltd.

United Kingdom

Canopey stands out as a visionary enterprise committed to transforming urban landscapes through ingenious green roofing solutions. Specializing in the integration of lush vegetation atop buildings, the company addresses pressing urban challenges. Their approach not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of structures but also offers tangible environmental benefits. By curbing the urban heat island effect, improving air quality, and fostering biodiversity, Canopey contributes to the creation of sustainable and harmonious cities. Through innovative design and a deep understanding of ecological dynamics, they pave the way for a future where urban spaces seamlessly coexist with nature. Learn more about Canopey.

Greener Beauty is a fully vegan, cruelty free, ethical business retailing a range of products & brands that fit this ethos as well as being natural. All their products are not only good for you and your health but also animals and the planet. Learn more about Greener Beauty.

Naturally Legitlogo
London, England

Naturally Legit products are made with the finest natural plant ingredients, organic and cold pressed oils. They are pckaged in minimal, reusable,compostable, plastic-free materials. Learn more about Naturally Legit.

Palakkad, Kerala, India

Thenga is a homegrown brand from Kerala that repurposes coconut waste into lasting, sustainable and handmade home products. Learn more about Thenga.

Pure Planet Clublogo
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Pure Planet Club tree-ply Toilet Tissue is 100% plastic-free and tree-free, and is made from renewable bamboo. Their Lip Balms are all-natural, super hydrating and nourishing, plus they taste amazing. They are created from a blend of shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, sunflower oil, antioxidant-rich vitamin E and certified organic flavours. Learn more about Pure Planet Club.

Bamboo Sheets Shoplogo
Florida, United States

Bamboo Sheets Shop has ultra-soft sheets, sheet sets, bamboo duvet covers, and bamboo pillowcases that will create long and tranquil night sleeps for all. Their products are hypoallergenic and Oeko-tex certified. Learn more about Bamboo Sheets Shop.

Macro Oceanslogo
San Francisco, California, United States

Macro Oceans is a holistic platform at the forefront of ocean conservation and environmental sustainability efforts. It provides a wealth of resources, insights, and actionable solutions aimed at safeguarding marine ecosystems and raising awareness about crucial ocean-related issues. Through its diverse content and community engagement, Macro Oceans acts as a catalyst for positive change, inspiring individuals and organizations alike to actively participate in preserving our oceans for future generations. Learn more about Macro Oceans.

Dr. Bronner’slogo
Vista, California, United States

Dr. Bronner’s continues to make their unsurpassed soaps with care and integrity. Their soaps, renowned for their quality, versatility and eco-friendliness, enjoyed a small but loyal following in the early years. Their products include Fair Trade and Organic Personal Care Products and Delicious Culinary Oils, Baby & Sensitive Skin Care products, Cleaning products, and Coconut Oil. Learn more about Dr. Bronner’s. stands as a meticulously curated online thrift store, presenting a carefully selected assortment of pre-loved clothing, accessories, and assorted treasures. With a keen focus on sustainable fashion, the platform not only offers an array of distinctive styles but also champions the cause of reducing fashion's environmental footprint. By facilitating the purchase of second-hand items, empowers individuals to embrace eco-friendly shopping practices and make stylish choices that align with conscious consumerism. This innovative marketplace caters to those seeking unique pieces with a history, making a positive impact on the planet by giving existing items a new lease on life. Learn more about Thrift+.

W.R. Yumalogo
Antwerpen, Belgium

W.R Yuma make 3D printed sunglasses using dashboards, bamboo & other recycled materials. They are built on the conviction that sustainable fashion should at least be equal in quality and certainly not more expensive than conventional fashion. Learn more about W.R. Yuma.

Eila Eco Pencilslogo
Karnataka, India

Eila products provide a simple eco-friendly adjustment to our daily routine which allows us to improve our environmental health. All their products provide a simple eco-friendly adjustment to our daily routine which allows us to improve our environmental health. Learn more about Eila Eco Pencils.

Rent a Romperlogo
El Segundo, California, United States

RentARomper introduces a game-changing concept in children's clothing. Catering to the dynamic needs of growing kids, their platform enables parents to rent premium-quality, gently-used clothing. This approach not only ensures children are dressed in stylish attire but also addresses the common issue of rapidly outgrown outfits that contribute to unnecessary waste. By promoting clothing rental, RentARomper empowers parents to embrace eco-friendly parenting practices while enjoying cost-effective and convenient solutions. With RentARomper, dressing kids in well-fitting, fashionable clothes becomes a sustainable and hassle-free endeavor, marking a significant step towards a more responsible and conscious approach to children's fashion. Learn more about Rent a Romper.

Hempy's Hemp Clothing and Accessories is the heart of every Hempy’s product. They have a diverse selection of jeans, T-shirts, beanies, and more. Across the shop, simple styles come to life with sustainable hemp fabrics, recycled materials, and gorgeous design. Learn more about Hempy's Hemp Clothing and Accessories.

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Ottan Studio stands as a tribute to traditional craftsmanship, infusing it into contemporary designs. Their diverse range encompasses heritage-inspired lifestyle products, spanning apparel and accessories. Immerse yourself in their collection to discover a captivating fusion of culture, creativity, and modern aesthetics that redefine the essence of style. Learn more about OTTAN.

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Fun/ctional are conscious of the materials and processes we use and how that affects our eco-system. Fun/ctional have adopted the concept of Cradle to Cradle, a design philosophy inspired by nature in which all parts of a product (can) go back to the 'cradle' and are either reused, recycled or upcycled. Learn more about Fun/ctional.

Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Bhasaa delivers eco-friendly products and make the lifestyle sustainable and head towards climate-positive. Their mission is to promote environmental products through up-cycling and to move on towards zero waste culture. Learn more about Bhasaa.

Voyage Foodslogo
Oakland, California, United States

Voyage Foods specializes in providing on-the-go convenience through their selection of nutritionally balanced freeze-dried meals. Catering to adventurers, travelers, and busy individuals, the company ensures that sustenance is readily available without compromising on nutrition or taste. With a focus on quality ingredients and portability, Voyage Foods empowers people to maintain a nourishing diet even in the midst of their journeys and explorations. Learn more about Voyage Foods.

Conscious House products are handmade in small batches, using ingredients and materials from trusted suppliers to give you natural and eco-friendly alternatives to your every day routine. Each product is designed with our commitment to sustainable, natural and cruelty-free living in mind. Learn more about Conscious House London.

Papayas Natural Foodslogo
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Papaya’s is Kauai’s largest natural, organic grocery store with bulk food, herbs and spices, fresh local and organic produce, gift items, health and beauty products and Fresh Vegetarian & Vegan food from The Kitchen. Learn more about Papayas Natural Foods.

Bio-Home carelogo
Manukau City, Auckland, New Zealand

Bio-Home care products are made from 100% plant-based active ingredients that does not contain any harmful chemicals. BIO Home-care provides a range of eco-friendly home cleaning solutions made from biodegradable and renewable plant-based active ingredients. The packaging is made of fully recyclable materials. Learn more about Bio-Home care.

Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Earthbits provide all the pre-vetted eco essentials one will ever need. Earthbits fully vet all their suppliers and products, most of which are local, and fully investigate the sustainability of each product. The packaging is plastic-free and completely recyclable, and they make sure that all the products are not just environmentally friendly, but they are also durable and high quality, to avoid unnecessary waste whenever possible. Learn more about Earthbits.

Koln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Airpaq's innovative approach reimagines discarded airbags and seatbelts, transforming them into stylish and sustainable backpacks. Their commitment to sustainability stems from a dual belief in the critical importance of upcycling and recycling for our planet's well-being and the allure of the distinctive and unique qualities that upcycled products possess. Airpaq's creations not only reduce waste but also embody the essence of environmental consciousness. Their eco-conscious backpacks invite you to become part of a remarkable reincarnation journey, where materials with a previous life find new purpose and style. Explore their product range and join the movement to make a positive impact on the planet with Airpaq. Learn more about Airpaq.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Suspire platform is more than just a marketplace; it is a lifestyle choice to be free of unsustainable forms of consumption whilst upholding individual expression. They are committed to this transition towards a responsible economy. Learn more about Suspire.

Kochi, Kerala, India

Malai introduces a revolutionary paradigm in sustainable materials, harnessing creativity and eco-consciousness. Through pioneering biocomposite technology, they produce innovative materials by combining agricultural waste with bacterial cellulose. This unique approach aligns fashion, design, and packaging with environmental responsibility, offering a range of transformative products that challenge conventional norms. Malai's commitment to reducing the ecological footprint while encouraging creativity showcases a forward-thinking approach to sustainability. Explore their distinctive offerings that not only redefine material possibilities but also contribute to a more conscious and greener future for various industries. Learn more about

Woodygrass – Bamboo Furniture in Indialogo
Sindudurgh, Maharashtra, India

Woodygrass is a Bamboo Furniture company in India. It is India's Bamboo-centric platform that showcases contemporary furniture and home décor products that are carefully curated to beautify your spaces at work and home. Learn more about Woodygrass – Bamboo Furniture in India.

Refill Milllogo
England, United Kingdom

Refill mill store stocks a wide range of organic dried foods, cleaning refills and natural skin care products. We have a wide range of reusable products in-store and encourage our customers to take small steps towards living sustainably. Learn more about Refill Mill.

Olio • Share More, Waste Lesslogo
London, London, United Kingdom

OLIO revolutionizes food sharing by connecting individuals and local businesses through its app, combating food waste and fostering community cooperation. This innovative platform empowers users to share surplus edible items that would typically go to waste, fostering a culture of responsible food consumption. By redistributing excess food, OLIO not only helps address food insecurity but also contributes to a more sustainable and socially conscious society. Learn more about Olio • Share More, Waste Less.

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Eena is a label that handcrafts designer evening clutches, potli's, and bucket bags using Indian embroidery styles in a western sensibility. Eena is a label that handcrafts designer evening clutches, potli's, and bucket bags using Indian embroidery styles in a western sensibility. Learn more about EENA.

Heavenly Organics Skin Care provides organic, vegan lifestyle skincare that meets both ethical & skin’s requirements. Learn more about Heavenly Organics Skin Care.

Swasthvritta Health Solutions logo
Vadodara, Gujarat, India

SwasthVritta Health Solutions is focused Primarily on serving the 3 Aspects of Health - Promotive, Protective and Curative based on Science of Ayurveda. Learn more about Swasthvritta Health Solutions .

India Hemp & Cologo
Indiranagar, Bangalore, India

India Hemp & Co produces nutritious, sustainable, natural superfood. Hemp is a nutritious, sustainable, natural superfood with unmatchable health benefits. All products are animal-friendly, vegan & gluten free. Learn more about India Hemp & Co.

Bluecat Paperlogo
Bangalore , Karnataka, India