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Sustainable products

Find Sustainable products that provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health and the environment over their whole life cycle.
Svala Companylogo
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Svala products are made with premium, innovative, animal-friendly, PVC-free fabrics such as Italian PU, Pinatex (made from pineapple leaf fiber) and cork. Each Svala handbag is lined with fabric made with organic cotton and recycled polyester made with plastic bottles. Learn more about Svala Company.

Kammika Import Export offers complimentary products that include decor, ob jet, and table top items also from natural sustainable materials. They are committed to using hand methods and sustainable practices for our products for the well being of our material suppliers, employees, community, and surrounding communities. Learn more about Kammika Import Export.

Karavan ecologo
London, England

Karavan Eco source many of their products from women's groups and businesses committed to creating a positive social impact. They have a range of one-of- a-kind baskets and rugs and many other sustainable products. Learn more about Karavan eco.

Cadishead, England

E-pots products are sourced from reputable sustainable suppliers and are either 100% natural or made from recycled biodegradable materials. They use minimal plastic free compostable packaging. Learn more about e-pots.

Ecofabrik Organic Gearlogo
Oxnard, California, United States

Ecofabrik Organic Gear products include Bamboo Golf shirts, bamboo golf towels, bamboo sports towels, Hemp T-shirts, Organic Cotton T-shirts, Bamboo polos, Jute tote bags, organic cotton reusable shopping bags, and recycled cotton reusable bags. Learn more about Ecofabrik Organic Gear.

Shankara Naturals Australialogo
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Shankara Skincare products combine the best of Western anti-ageing skincare advances and the wisdom of ancient Ayurvedic tradition to create a line that provides skin with an unparalleled experience of nutrition, oxygenation, hydration and protection. Learn more about Shankara Naturals Australia.

Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

Plantable manufactures stationery related products using Seed Paper. Apart from being bio-degradable, is 100% wood free and made up of waste cotton scraps making it extremely environment-friendly. It provides eco-friendly plantable products that can be sown in soil, add water and sunshine to them and they will sprout forth their vibrant greens. Learn more about Plantables.

Spathose Wearable Sculpturelogo
Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States

Spathose create unique, organic, recycled sculptures from palm spathe (flower pod). The creations are a combination of organic material juxtaposed with an industrial edge. The application of metal and found objects fashion the pieces, generating their aesthetically distinctive expression, where form does indeed follow function. Learn more about Spathose Wearable Sculpture.

Brand Zerologo
New delhi, Delhi, India

Brand Zero craft eco-friendly products with the help of local artisans across India. Brand Zero India aims to ensure deep impacts on the livelihoods of the associated artisans whilst making sustainable living easy for everyone by providing truly zero-waste eco-friendly products. Learn more about Brand Zero.

Splat and Co dryer balls will last you more than 1,000 uses, reduce your drying time by 30% or more, soften your clothes, and reduce static with natural fibres and wrinkles. They believe in creating quality products that will last for years and have a little fun with cute characters and bright colours. Learn more about Splat And Co.

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Earth Tatva: changing our perception of ceramics

The first thing that comes into our mind when we hear ceramics is aesthetically pleasing material. It’s versatile, colorful ,and can be found everywhere in India. And yes, it is made of some natural ingredients such as clay or terracotta. But what if there is another side of the coin, we’re not aware of? Shashank Nimkar, the founder of Earth Tatva opened our eyes and gave us insight into the highly versatile, delicate and creative process of making sustainable ceramics.

Shashank Nimkar, is a multi-award winner, highly creative and humble person who started his entrepreneurial journey as a student at NID. As a student, he has always been inclined towards seeing the bigger picture behind things.
Ashaya logo
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Ashaya is a social enterprise that aims to increase the value of waste through technological and scientific innovations in recycling and then fairly redistribute that value to stakeholders in the supply chain, especially those who are the poorest: waste-pickers. Learn more about Ashaya .

Cause You Carelogo
Lake Oswego, Oregon, United States

Cause You Care offers shirts, tote bags, throw pillows and coffee mugs with designs inspired by endangered species. 25% of profits are donated to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to help save animals. Learn more about Cause You Care.

Manatee Bagslogo
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Manatee bags are perfect for all your grocery needs: greens, fruits, veggies, nuts, grains, and mushrooms. They eliminate the need for plastic bags and are great for both produce shopping and storage. Learn more about Manatee Bags.

Athena Shokuninlogo
Nashik, Maharashtra, India

Athena Shokunin make traditional crafts home decor and handcrafted products. They make a continuous effort to finding alternative to products that are made from chemicals and artificial material to be replaced by products made from natural ingredient that do not leave harmful residue after use. Learn more about Athena Shokunin.

Sintala Designslogo
Parcela, Segovia, Spain

Sintala Design creates products made of solid wood without cutting down trees. The Company works with wood that has been collected from fallen trees, prunings and remains of other manufacturing processes. Our finishes are highly ecological and respectful with the environment. Learn more about Sintala Designs.

London, England

MuLondon uses pure natural essential oils and herbal extracts to divinely scent and gently preserve the certified organic ingredients.The range is certified organic by The Soil Association, cruelty-free by The Leaping Bunny and registered vegan by The Vegan Society. Learn more about MuLondon.

Abington Reldan Metalslogo
Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, USA

Abington Reldan Metals is the leading sustainable precious metals refiner. They have refined end-of-life material to recover precious metals safely and responsibly for over 40 years. They process virtually any waste material, both current and imagined in the future, to recover maximum precious metal value for their clients while eliminating toxic by-products and reducing landfill impact. Learn more about Abington Reldan Metals.

Honour Your Flow make top of the range organic cotton reusable sanitary/ menstrual pads. Beautiful colours in designs with size options for all women. Learn more about Honour Your Flow.

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Atah Lifestyle is an Online store where they are reimagining and reinterpreting everyday objects of Indian cultural significance. It makes personalized gifts, for every kind of occasion, business, personal or otherwise. They design products that connect us to the traditions but have long been presupposed. Learn more about Atah.

Canelones, Uruguay

BioTerra products are premium quality, 100% natural and carefully prepared to promote soil health so that your plants, crops and gardens receive the necessary nutrients and a balance of essential microorganisms which are found in the most fertile soils of the planet. Learn more about BioTerra.

Milam mattresslogo
Epsom, England

Milam mattresses are double sided (softer and firmer side), anti allergy, mould and dust mite resistant, very breathable and never too hot. They also have alpaca wool duvet and pillows and 100% natural organic bed linen. Learn more about Milam mattress.

West end, England

Elytrum luxury body brushes are designed to treat your skin with complete care, whilst you enjoy the indescribable revitalising feel of the bristles tingling across your skin. Learn more about ELYTRUM.

Bangalore , Karnataka, India

Asterimos make sustainable home decor and gift products and safeguard stray dogs. They partner with NGOs enabling specially-abled people who make designer home decor that brightens up the spaces. There make products like trays, holders and gift products and directly directly contribute to the betterment of our shared society whilst safeguarding stray dogs. Learn more about Asterimos.

Ross-on-Wye, England

Soapimi has the range of shapes and sizes to offer that are perfect for gifts, guest soaps, wedding favours, travel or even just something to brighten your soap dish. Learn more about Soapimi.

The Home Farmlogo
Orlando, Florida, United States

The Home Farm are a health-conscious & nature-loving family enjoying a zero waste, minimalist lifestyle, and wild-schooling kids at the urban home farm in Orlando, FL. They are a social enterprise with a mission to inspire & empower others to live healthy and sustainable. Learn more about The Home Farm.

One Ocean One Love Clothing Shop items are either made from 100% cotton or a blend of organic and recycled materials. Each item is hand printed with love using non toxic ink that is safe for washing. 5% of all One Ocean net profits are donated toward keeping the oceans clean. Learn more about One Ocean One Love Clothing Shop.

Storrington, England

Savon Noir offers a good range of carefully sourced plastic-free household and body care products from family-run and ethical companies. They provide body care range which is equally completely natural handcrafted with only plant and mineral-based ingredients. Learn more about eco-vie.

Dr. Octologo
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Dr.Octo provides natuiral cleaning products for the people who wish to contribute to the environment because green cleaning products are never harsh on the environment. They provide provide Natural, Probiotic and Enzyme Based. 100% Biodegradable Home Cleaning Range. Learn more about Dr. Octo.

The Bamboovementlogo
Amsterdam, Netherlands The

Bamboovement is a 100% plastic-free and microplastic-free product and Natural and pure ingredients only, no synthetic chemicals added. Sustainable bamboo products for a cleaner world. Learn more about The Bamboovement.

San Francisco, California, United States

Indosole is on a mission to become the most responsible footwear company in the world by delivering high quality enviro footwear for lifestyle, adventure, and travel. Indosole products are handmade by skilled Balinese artisans and the production process does not contain fuel powered machines, just strong hands and minds. Learn more about Indosole.

Eila Eco Pencilslogo
Karnataka, India

Eila products provide a simple eco-friendly adjustment to our daily routine which allows us to improve our environmental health. All their products provide a simple eco-friendly adjustment to our daily routine which allows us to improve our environmental health. Learn more about Eila Eco Pencils.

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

BySmita provides sustainable gifts that grow caters to all age group. BySmita design every gift product in such a way that they build stronger relations ,grow environmental awareness, pollute less and are user friendly. These thoughtful gift products are biodegradable and will help reduce carbon footprints. Learn more about BySmita.

KinKind Ltdlogo
Bourne End, England

KinKind Ltd shampoo bars use carefully selected shampoo ingredients, without the water and without the plastic of bottled shampoo. They lather up and cleanse the hair, just like normal shampoo. Learn more about KinKind Ltd.

Niiyaa’s products are handwoven or tapestry products that are highly coveted worldwide by connoisseurs of style and charisma. It is a platform that flaunt passionate artists and artisans from across the world and innovate various different product categories using a particular art form. Learn more about Niiyaa – handcrafted designer scarves.

Meadow Skincare are qualified in skincare formulation, massage therapy and psychotherapy. They offer a natural, sustainable solution to every day skincare concerns. Learn more about Meadow Skincare.

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Mohop, is a socially-conscious company, which ensures that all of our collections are produced with vegan, sustainably-sourced, recycled, and/or fair-trade materials. Each of Mohop’s products is responsibly made from scratch by Annie Mohaupt and Justin Walker in our Chicago workshop. Learn more about Mohop.

A2 Organicslogo
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

A2 Organics aims to create products that are organic and natural. The products are carefully made from the ingredients readily available at their organic farms. The materials for their products are gathered from cow which are beneficial for our health and well-being as a whole. Learn more about A2 Organics.

Green Banana Paper make the world’s most unique vegan wallets. From the jungle to your pocket, these are the most sustainable and ethical wallets on the planet. Learn more about Green Banana Paper.

Portland, Oregon, United States

Scrapcycling creates one of a kind and one of a few items that reflect our commitment to resourcefulness and recycling. Learn more about Scrapcycling.

Kadam Haatlogo
Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Kadam Haat provides design-driven products to the customers who are looking for sustainable alternatives for daily use products. Kadam Haat is a one-of-a-kind basketry barn working with the household industry, where rural artisans weave together natural fibres to create home utility products. Learn more about Kadam Haat.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

CleanO2 is manufactures environmentally friendly soap. CleanO2 is the first company to turn carbon dioxide emissions into natural soap. They invented world’s first carbon-capture soap, made with natural ingredients, ingenuity and pearl ash. They figured that captured carbon, in the form of pearl ash, can be added to soap formulations to create luxuriously silky, sudsy lather. Learn more about CleanO2.

Quirky Taleslogo
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Quirky Tales comprises quirky, eclectic and exquisitely crafted handbags , minaudieres and clutches with a fresh take on conscious consumption. They aim to design and craft handbags that are cruelty-free where no animal leathers are used. The brand works with the best artisans in hand embroidery and crafting luxury bag silhouettes to provide timeless beauty with the best quality. Hand crafted by artisans, Quirky Tales brings to you luxury handbags and clutches that are chic, contemporary. Learn more about Quirky Tales.

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Eena is a label that handcrafts designer evening clutches, potli's, and bucket bags using Indian embroidery styles in a western sensibility. Eena is a label that handcrafts designer evening clutches, potli's, and bucket bags using Indian embroidery styles in a western sensibility. Learn more about EENA.

Organic Apotekelogo
Biddenham, England

Organic Apoteke products include age-defying, blemish clearing products for all skin types, Doctor brand, , effective brand that happens to be pure and Organic. Learn more about Organic Apoteke.

Ancient Livinglogo
Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Ancient Living is an organic wellness product company founded with the philosophy to create a positive socio-economic impact for farmers and artisans. Their vision is to enrich consumers’ lives with premium organic wellness products that are safe, eco-friendly, and with a superior level of value and quality based on Ayurveda principles. Learn more about Ancient Living.

the Re-Storelogo
Great Yarmouth, England

The Re-Store is a vegan, zero waste online shop selling ethical essentials for everyday living. They carry products from small U.K. businesses for the kitchen bathroom and beauty needs. Learn more about the Re-Store.

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Fun/ctional are conscious of the materials and processes we use and how that affects our eco-system. Fun/ctional have adopted the concept of Cradle to Cradle, a design philosophy inspired by nature in which all parts of a product (can) go back to the 'cradle' and are either reused, recycled or upcycled. Learn more about Fun/ctional.

Forest Essentialslogo
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Forest Essentials cater to four major categories – Facial Care, Body Care, Hair Care and Wellness. They offer handmade product uses traditional methods in its making and adheres to the highest standards of purity, authenticity and quality. Learn more about Forest Essentials.

The Solid Bar Company produces vegan shampoo bars, conditioner bars and other body care bars. Care products are created with finest natural ingredients to give you sheer luxury without compromise. Learn more about The Solid Bar Company.

Nat Ryott Lash Artist beauty and sustainable products are cruelty free and vegan. Learn more about Nat Ryott Lash Artist.

Container bamboo is a company that bridge Indonesia manufacturer to reach international market and ranks third in terms of bamboo producing countries in the world. They mainly produce bamboo skewers as the main product, but they can also provide raw bamboo material such a bamboo sticks or bamboo pole, etc and are partnered with 4 big factories. Learn more about Container Bamboo.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Prayas is a sustainable and affordable women clothing brand. Prayas curates its designs from Women & local artisans in breathable fabrics. From homegrown to an e-commerce brand, Prayas is working towards 100% sustainability. Learn more about Prayas.

Bio-Home carelogo
Manukau City, Auckland, New Zealand

Bio-Home care products are made from 100% plant-based active ingredients that does not contain any harmful chemicals. BIO Home-care provides a range of eco-friendly home cleaning solutions made from biodegradable and renewable plant-based active ingredients. The packaging is made of fully recyclable materials. Learn more about Bio-Home care.

Woodygrass – Bamboo Furniture in Indialogo
Sindudurgh, Maharashtra, India

Woodygrass is a Bamboo Furniture company in India. It is India's Bamboo-centric platform that showcases contemporary furniture and home décor products that are carefully curated to beautify your spaces at work and home. Learn more about Woodygrass – Bamboo Furniture in India.

Matruchaya Global Enterprises provides a wide Range of Cork Products. They are dedicated to manufacturing, trading, and export of cork along with a wide product portfolio made out of cork. Cork is natural, sustainable, renewable, and good for the environment. Their products include Gift & Home Accessories. Learn more about Matruchaya Global Enterprises.

BrambleWood Soap Cologo
Dorchester, England

BrambleWood Soap Co products are palm oil free and our packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable. They only use wonderful, natural and organic ingredients.All their soap and skin care products are handmade. Learn more about BrambleWood Soap Co.

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Bamboology is a sustainable activewear brand. Bamboology believes in vegan clothing way rooted in simplicity & minimalism. Bamboology Trends has initiated a mission to provide sustainable fashion by focusing on Bamboo clothing. They provide products to our customers that are ant-bacterial, anti-odor, anti-static qualities, UV rays protector, CO2 absorbent, water savior, zero pesticides & 100% biodegradable clothing, unlike cotton. Learn more about BAMBOOLOGY.

Mother’s Organics Humus Farm recycle yard waste, pre-consumer food waste and manures. Their products consist of composts, potting soil, gardening soil, topsoil, fill dirt and clay. They provide services such as debris removal, mulch and soil installation, bio seeding, and top dressing. Learn more about Mother's Organics Humus Farm.

Springsteen and Somerville Limitedlogo
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Springsteen and Somerville Limited supply all ancillary housekeeping services to include ironing, carpet cleaning, laundry, shopping, pet sitting, gardening and general maintenance. Learn more about Springsteen and Somerville Limited.

Naturally Legitlogo
London, England

Naturally Legit products are made with the finest natural plant ingredients, organic and cold pressed oils. They are pckaged in minimal, reusable,compostable, plastic-free materials. Learn more about Naturally Legit.

The ReUp Studiologo
Pune, Maharashtra, India

The ReUp Studio collect fabric waste from factories and make new garments. They challenge the use and throw mentality all have adapted with the things and people. They collect fabric waste from factories and treat this waste and use it to make new garments. That's how they have the collection of upcycled and sustainable clothing. Learn more about The ReUp Studio.

Eco Femmelogo
Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India

Eco Femme produce and sell washable cloth pads and provide menstrual health education. It is a women-led social enterprise whose goal is to create environmental and social change through revitalising menstrual practices that are healthy, environmentally sustainable, culturally responsive and empowering. Learn more about Eco Femme.

Palakkad, Kerala, India

Thenga is a homegrown brand from Kerala that repurposes coconut waste into lasting, sustainable and handmade home products. Learn more about Thenga.

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Ecohoy is an e-commerce stores that sells eco-friendly sustainable products. The goal of the company is to help communities and businesses create a positive impact on the environment by catalyzing them to adopt new processes, technology and products. Learn more about Ecohoy.

New delhi, Delhi, India

Upcycleluxe is India’s first e-commerce sustainable fashion tech marketplace that showcases environmental impact of sustainable products. The products are handcrafted, upcycled, or simply made from organic materials. Learn more about Upcycleluxe.

Shop - Swasthvrittalogo
Vadodara, Gujarat, India

SwasthVritta Health Solutions is focused Primarily on serving the 3 Aspects of Health - Promotive, Protective and Curative based on Science of Ayurveda. Learn more about Shop - Swasthvritta.

Empire Street Stylelogo
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Empire Street Style is a New York City-based Organic / Eco-Friendly clothing company and leading online source for Fair Trade Clothing, clean diet, exercise and self-help guides. They've teamed up with top nutritionists and fitness trainers, sharing their tips on how to get the best results and achieve healthy goals on their site. Learn more about Empire Street Style.

Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Earthbits provide all the pre-vetted eco essentials one will ever need. Earthbits fully vet all their suppliers and products, most of which are local, and fully investigate the sustainability of each product. The packaging is plastic-free and completely recyclable, and they make sure that all the products are not just environmentally friendly, but they are also durable and high quality, to avoid unnecessary waste whenever possible. Learn more about Earthbits.

Earth Rhythmlogo
Haryana, India

Earth Rhythm are committed to healthy skin, healthy people and a healthy planet. The ingredients are natural, organic and selected for their skin loving properties. These soaps are free from chemicals and they don’t need any harsh preservatives. Learn more about Earth Rhythm.

Pink and Green Skincare passion for creating natural organic skincare and the affinity with nature is the inspiration to create a range of products for bath, body and face. Learn more about Pink and Green Skincare.

Plants Potslogo
Panchkula, Haryana, India

Plants Pots make sustainable housing products like plants pots, stands, artificial plants and their accessories, fertilizers, lights and tools for gardening and many more. It provides exclusive range and plants and related products for your home and garden. Learn more about Plants Pots.

Eco Denlogo
Luton, England

Eco Den prides itself on being completely eco friendly, vegan and cruelty free. Learn more about Eco Den.

We Dash Love believe choosing ethical and sustainable fashion that is beautiful, minimalist and trans-seasonal is an easy way to show your love. Learn more about We Dash Love.

Saukhyam Padslogo
Kolam, Kerela, India

Saukhyam makes reusable menstrual pads. Their mission is to combat climate change, support zero-waste communities, empower women, and transform lives - all through our beautiful reusable menstrual pads. They make reusable pads with banana fiber as the absorbent Banana fibre obtained from agricultural waste. Learn more about Saukhyam Pads.

Discover Bluelogo
London, England

Discover Blue sources ocean-friendly bathroom products from ethical UK suppliers. Their boxes are letterbox sized and contain sustainable items to encourage plastic-free and zero waste lifestyles. Learn more about Discover Blue.

Anya exportslogo
Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

Anya Exports is a Areca leaf plate Exporters, Manufacturers, Suppliers in Madurai andd offer top-quality easily customizable areca plates to the clients at prices within their budget. Areca Leaf products are being produced with 100 % natural sustainable resource made from fallen leaves through Eco friendly process without chemicals or additives. Learn more about Anya exports.

Safe Chlorlogo
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Safe Chlor is a brand of eco Friendly disinfectant, sanitising products by Crest Aquatech.They are committed to the community with 100% Eco friendly, high quality products of Non-toxic disinfectants, 100% Natural Anti biotic free feed supplements, 100% Bio-degradable products to enhance safe food production and maintain over all hygiene for healthy community. Learn more about Safe Chlor.

Bangalore , Karnataka, India

Ecoworkx is a market place for verified eco-friendly products. All their eco-friendly product go through a review and testing process to ensure they follow the tenets of reuse, reduce, replace or recycle. Only then do they market products through our various channels. They support innovators whose products truly are eco-friendly. Learn more about ECOWORKX.

Texon Voguelogo
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Texon Vogue is an environmental friendly, durable and practical washable paper chosen by designers and manufacturers for major brands and independent retailers. It is also recognised as an animal-friendly material and a viable alternative to many leather-based products. Learn more about Texon Vogue.

Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, India

Sirohi Luxe-Sustainable Living Brand. It is a sustainable luxury brand that employs women artisans from rural North India to design functional home & lifestyle products that define luxe-sustainability. Skilled Samaritan Foundation put Sirohi on the map in 2012 with its solar lighting project. Learn more about Sirohi.

Boody North Americalogo
San Diego, California, United States

Boody has a collection of everyday essentials that are stylish, soft, individualistic and, most of all, friendly to the world around. Their viscose made from bamboo is blended with a touch of nylon and elastane to create a fabric that is superbly soft, stretchy and wrinkle-free. Boody is thermoregulating, breathable and eco-friendly; the perfect fit for you and for the planet. Learn more about Boody North America.

ALT Retaillogo
Bangalore , Karnataka, India

ALT Retail are a Mom-led and parent-approved venture, that creates fun, open-ended, and gender-neutral toys that allow kids to play independently and have imaginative play experiences. Their toys are free from plastic, harmful chemicals and offer Screen-free delight to the little ones. Learn more about ALT Retail.

Maiiro, is a new anti-inflammatory, sustainable, organic, skincare line, featuring a unique marine complex called packed with seaweed derived anti-oxidants, minerals and amino acids to help heal reactive, blemish-prone, polluted skin and bring it into optimal condition and radiance. Learn more about Maiiro.

Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Phool is the world’s first profitable and lean solution to the monumental ‘temple-waste’ problem. They collect 8.4 tons of floral waste from temples in Uttar Pradesh, India daily. These sacred flowers are handcrafted into charcoal-free incense, organic and biodegradable packaging material through their ‘Flowercycling’ technology. Learn more about Phool.

Bamboo Sheets Shoplogo
Florida, United States

Bamboo Sheets Shop has ultra-soft sheets, sheet sets, bamboo duvet covers, and bamboo pillowcases that will create long and tranquil night sleeps for all. Their products are hypoallergenic and Oeko-tex certified. Learn more about Bamboo Sheets Shop.

World Bottlelogo
England, United Kingdom

The World Bottle is a reusable cleaning product bottle made from at least 40% recycled glass, with ingredients for 3 homemade cleaning recipes printed on the bottle, these 3 recipes use natural ingredients that can be found packaged in glass, metal, bulk and from refill shops, minimising your plastic usage, harmful chemicals in your home and your shopping costs. Learn more about World Bottle.

Born Goodlogo
Hosur, Tamil Nadu, India

Born Goiod provide lab-tested, proven and eco-certified range of detergents and home care products. Born Good products are formulated by a team of accredited bio-scientists and chemists, and backed by over 50 years of expertise. They jointly conceptualize and bring to market the sustainable products used in the manufacturing of clothes. Learn more about Born Good.

Future Botanics vision is to create beautiful, quality, effective products using natural plant and botanic based ingredients.They use organic where possible.They have researched and formulated a natural deodorant with safe, effective ingredients to create a gentle and non-toxic deodorant that actually works. Learn more about Future Botanics.

Dacc Clothinglogo
Chennai, Karnataka, India

Dacclothing is the ideal material for protecting and cleaning newborn babies, particularly for making clothes, bandages, cleaning wounds, baby crib beddings, baby clothes, towels, and thousands of such things. Learn more about Dacc Clothing.

Ossining, New York, United States

Ecobag's mission is to offer thoughtful, ethically and sustainably sourced, durable-reusable bags that inspire people to reduce, reuse, recycle and re-imagine the world we live in. Learn more about Ecobags.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Paaduks create uniquely comfortable and sustainably stylish footwear with locally and ethically-sourced raw materials – jute, cotton, and more. Learn more about Paaduks.

New delhi, Delhi, India

Elynn is a body care and wellness brand, specializing in handcrafted cold-processed soaps, body care and aromatherapy. They use cold-pressed oils, unrefined butters and skin safe essential oils and fragrances to formulate all their products. Their products are plastic-free. Learn more about Elynn.

Ibhanan Namahlogo
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Ibhanan makes 100% eco friendly Idols made of Shadu Mitti (River Clay) & Red soil with Natural Colours. They have wide range of 300+ unique idols from the best artist of Pen. Learn more about Ibhanan Namah.

 Trinidal Bamboologo
Marylebone, England

Bamboo grows as fast as 4cm per hour and doesn’t need any pesticides or fertilizers. In fact, bamboo forests can actually improve depleted soil. That makes it a super-speedy and sustainable alternative to your bog standard loo roll, plus, it’s naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic Learn more about Trinidal Bamboo.

Fizzy Fernlogo
Faridabad, Haryana, India

Fizzy Fern is a curated, luxury skincare brand and handcrafted in small batches. Fizzt Fern helps to achieve a healthy and a glowing skin. They bring high-quality skincare products, that have fast and visible results. Learn more about Fizzy Fern.

Ecovia Renewableslogo
Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States

Ecovia Renewable's mission is to develop and commercialize high-performing biobased ingredients and materials from sustainable processes at the best value for customers. Learn more about Ecovia Renewables.

earth & vinelogo
London, England

Earth & vine is an online plant and aromatherapy store curated for those who want to make home their happy place in a sustainable and natural way. Learn more about earth & vine.

Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Bhasaa delivers eco-friendly products and make the lifestyle sustainable and head towards climate-positive. Their mission is to promote environmental products through up-cycling and to move on towards zero waste culture. Learn more about Bhasaa.

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

We are a group of Earth enthusiasts who have taken up the responsibility to keep the planet cleaner and greener by replacing single use plastic with bagasse made compostable tableware. These products are backyard compostable and biodegradable. Learn more about Chuk.

Location not available

Reconsolution's motive is to provide a regenerative route to use the excess amount of waste material by introducing an efficient and effective conceptual technology. They aspire to be the one-stop solution to Reprocess, Rebuild and Recycle. Learn more about Recosolutions.

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Heelium is a health and fitness solutions company that makes home & outdoor products from sustainable materials. Heelium accelerate the transition to sustainable products for everyday use for athletes and homemakers alike. Learn more about Heelium.

GreenHome Natural Cleanerslogo
New delhi, Delhi, India

GreenHome Natural Cleaners provides 100% plant-based cleaner for surfaces such as kitchen counters, chimneys, appliances, walls, floors, washbasins, dining tables, study shelves, and more. They can remove tough grease and oil deposits, wax, soot, adhesive, and all other dirt and grime. Learn more about GreenHome Natural Cleaners.

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Earthshala is a modern wellness brand rooted in the ancient holistic Ayurveda practices. Earthshala wants to offer solace to people from their stressful life. Ayurveda practice had embraced herbs and aromatics as an important part of the philosophy of healing. Learn more about Earthshala.

Conscious Skincare is a high quality organic skincare  brand. One built with an ethical philosophy, from the sourcing of ingredients to the eco friendly packaging they use. Learn more about Conscious Skincare.

Ash Vale, England

JüniperBe soaps are manufactured using the traditional cold process and only with plant-based ingredients, which are infused in olive oil for two months, and topped with our own blends of steam-distilled essential oils Learn more about JüniperBe.

Bloomin Promotionslogo
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Bloomin has always operated at the forefront of environmental consciousness. Bloomin products are printed with water- and soy-based inks and their packaging is primarily corn-based. People choose their products to communicate their own green initiatives. Learn more about Bloomin Promotions.

Emsworth], England

Eco Sal is a one-stop shop for all things plastic free and eco-friendly. They offer all eco-friendly and sustainable health, skin care, hair care and houshold products. Learn more about Eco-Sal.

Haryana, India

SoulTree products use authentic Ayurvedic recipes and honestly-sourced natural, organic ingredients that do no harm, only good. It is the first and only Indian skincare and beauty brand certified 100% natural by BDIH, Germany. Learn more about SoulTree.

London, England

Auklett reduce your everyday use plastics by replacing them with our great eco alternatives. They make products that are planet friendly, compostable where possible, reusable, and ethically made with Zero Plastic Packaging. Everything is vegan and cruelty-free. Learn more about Auklett.

Agro Composites manufactures an enormous range of bio-based as well as bio-degradable products that help reduce the use of plastic, hence displacing them from landfills. They are committed to creating a community of people dedicated to living a sustainable lifestyle. Learn more about Agro Composites.

Aussie Bread Bags is a small business making & selling reusable biodegradable bags for you to collect & store your freshly baked bread from the bakery. Aussie Bread Bags is on a mission to eliminate single-use plastic bread bags. Learn more about Aussie Bread Bags.

One For Bluelogo
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

One For Blue makes T-Shirts with recycled fibers and fabrics to address human impact on the planet. One For Blue is developing a range of products to help us achieve the target of Zero-Waste manufacturing. Not only do they use recycled material for the products, they also ace the zero waste feat. Learn more about One For Blue.

Poison Free Pest Controllogo
Dahlonega, Georgia, United States

Poison Free Pest Control offers non-toxic, environmentally safe, pet safe, and people-safe pest control services all around Atlanta and in North Georgia. They put in the hard work and hours, provide the products, and face the bugs and pests for you. Learn more about Poison Free Pest Control.

Clan Earth is tackling the climate change issue creatively by making sustainable backpacks, wallets, and pouches from water-resistant cotton canvas. They plant five trees against the sale of every product. They work with experienced local artisans and use innovative sustainable fabrics to design stylish and super-functional carry accessories. Learn more about Clan Earth by Green Tribe Innovations.

Winter Park, Florida, United States

RMPUSA mulch, made from recycled tires, is available in a range of colours, 99.9% wire-free, shock-absorbent, and aesthetically designed to create the perfect complement to your property. Learn more about RMPUSA.

Vitality Hemplogo
England, United Kingdom

Vitality Hemp local and natural travel soap range has been lauded for it's luxurious qualities and we supply everything at an affordable price. All products they work with are cruelty-free and completely natural, using hemp as a catalyst to create effective products. Learn more about Vitality Hemp.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

GetSocked are antimicrobial and possess a natural wicking material. Bamboo consumes just one third of the amount of water in growth compared to other trees, and it requires neither herbicides or pesticides to thrive. This means you get to wear truly comfortable socks that are better for the environment. Learn more about GetSocked.

Cubbiekit logo
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Cubbiekit delivers organic cotton baby clothing in modern gender neutral colors as your baby grows. Send it back and Cubbiekit will donate/recycle gently used baby clothing through their donation & textile recycling program. Learn more about Cubbiekit .

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Loopify is an online e-commerce store that sells sustainable products without any plastic. It usually makes products for gifting and event purpose and deliver right to the door step. Loopify is the one stop shop for making all your celebrations sustainable. Learn more about Loopify.

Fresh Naturalslogo
Scarborough, England

Fresh Naturals is a shop for the best quality natural, handmade, ethical and plastic-free skincare and bath products. Learn more about Fresh Naturals.

Phoenix Organic Feedlogo
Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Phoenix Organic Feed Flour offers food grade flours and grains including: chicken layer, broiler, turkey, hog, starter, grower, finisher, goat, cattle and dairy feed and other commodities like flax, kamut (aka Khorasan) wheat and barley. Learn more about Phoenix Organic Feed.

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Menesthò, a pioneer in vibrant ethical fashion, combines unparalleled design and organic materials of highest quality to offer you a truly unique product, made with minimum impact on the environment. Learn more about Menestho.

Funktionhouse Urban Lumber & Furnishingslogo
Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States

Funtionhouse Urban Lumber & Furnishings create beautiful items from reclaimed and salvaged stuff. By reducing the purchases of rare and endangered woods, they offer comparable local exotics so we do their part for the environment one tree at a time. Learn more about Funktionhouse Urban Lumber & Furnishings.

Bio-D product boxes, sprays, hand pumps and bottles contains 100% of our very own product, which is all made in our factory in the UK, by us and no one else. Learn more about Bio-D.

Buddha Groove collection includes Buddha statues, Buddha home accents, Buddha stationery, books, and Buddha gifts. Buddha Groove features numerous practical, accessible items for those simply seeking to create harmony and balance in their environment. Learn more about Buddha Groove.

Tinted Basicslogo
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

TINTED is an e-commerce site selling clothes for men and women. The brand dabbles with fabrics like organic cotton and breathable fabrics to give its users luxurious yet classic clothing pieces that are meant to impart comfort along with style. Learn more about Tinted Basics.

Eco Happylogo
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Happy Pencils have the mission of creating sustainable and eco-friendly stationery for everyone. Their products are made of recycled newspaper serve as the starting points for developing and inculcating these habits. Their pencils have seeds attached to them, which can be planted into the soil. Learn more about Eco Happy.

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Pela has been around for over 10 years and has helped over 1 million customers make the switch to more eco-friendly products. Pela is famous for being the creators of the world's first compostable phone case, Apple watch strap + AirPods case, and fully biodegradable sunglasses. Learn more about Pela.

Conscious Merchantlogo
Denver, Colorado, United States

The Conscious Merchant’s philosophy is that making cleaner and more sustainable choices for home should be easy, attainable, and fun. The Conscious Merchant strives to curate all things with care, including. Learn more about Conscious Merchant.

Green My Melbournelogo
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Green My Melbourne provides us with all of life’s necessities in perfect balance; being surrounded by nature is proven to improve our mental state and help us to re-center in what is otherwise a crazy world. Learn more about Green My Melbourne.

Natural or Nothing offers plant based alternatives products. They use all natural packaging, that is 100% recyclable, right down to the tape that seals the box. Learn more about Natural or Nothing.

Empatika’s eco fitted storage options are pioneering in the field of sustainable furniture, so you can depend on the team to up the green credentials of your home. They don’t just make stylish, contemporary built in furniture without thinking about our environmental impact. Learn more about Empatika Contemporary Fitted Furniture.

Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Atelange is a sustainable brand that produce a range of organic clothing with contemporary style having the mixture of our art, culture, and architecture. They strive to create awareness about conscious slow-living and providing people with affordable organic products. Learn more about Atelange.

Super bottomslogo
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Super Bottoms is an online e-commerce shop that provides sustainable eco-friendly products for the kids. It was born out of a personal passion for cloth diapering that would give the convenience of diapers while not harming the environment and baby's skin. Learn more about Super bottoms.

Delhi, India

AGreenCo manufacture eco-friendly phone cases. They realise that the phone case industry has a huge problem as some of them use cheap, polluting plastics for their phone cases. Agreen is India’s first 100% Compostable and Eco-Friendly phone case. They showcase tales, conversations, narratives, poems, and songs, from people from all walks of life, who have adopted or are working to incorporate a Zero Waste lifestyle, for a better future for our Planet. Learn more about AGreenCo.

The Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box ensure and only offer a collection of carefully chosen organic, natural, non-toxic and cruelty-free products that represent high standards of clean beauty. Learn more about Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box.

Veganologie aim’s to provide consumers with modern, smart and clean fashion without denting the environment. Along with providing clean products, their aim is to build awareness for our consumers on how to maintain a sustainable yet fashionable lifestyle. Learn more about Veganologie.

Soap Simple Creations products are created with great environmental consciousness, which ensures that they are totally biodegradable minimally, yet beautifully packaged, and cruelty free. Learn more about Soap Simple Creations.

Silvan Skincare is proudly vegan and cruelty free. All of their products are certified as cruelty-free under the Leaping Bunny programme. Their range of face creams, balms, lip balms and hand cream are registered with the Vegan Society. Learn more about Silvan Skincare.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

IndieGood is a home-grown design brand building a Premium range of handcrafted functional products for humans and pets. Their products are made from sustainable and non-toxic materials that are soft on your pet's skin and durable enough to last. Their aim is to explore different sustainable and eco-friendly materials for the making, and bring comfort with craft to the pet parents. Learn more about IndieGood.

Scence Natural Skincare use the finest natural minerals and plant-based ingredients, all wrapped up in compostable and recyclable paper-based packaging. Learn more about Scence Natural Skincare.

HolyCow Lakshyamlogo
New delhi, Delhi, India

HolyCow Lakshyam is working towards making a holistic impact on society by creating products for the benefit of the community that is environment-friendly, healthy & chemical-free. These products are handmade and thus, help in generating a source of employment for rural women. Moreover, this attempts to tackle one of the biggest problems of our country: Cattle Management, by providing shelter to rescued cows in Barsana. Learn more about HolyCow Lakshyam.

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Zenmaste is a Canadian boutique offering premium quality products that are great for yourself and are warmly appreciated as gifts. They are committed to provide their customers with the highest quality meditation supplies to support and inspire their spiritual practice. Learn more about Zenmaste.

Sonkatch, Madhya Pradesh, India

Gauksheer manufactures sustainable incense (dhoop) sticks. Gauksheer Farms, are working to keep the ideologies of Sanatan Dharma alive. Gauksheer Dhoop Sticks are 100% natural. It is made from Desi Cow Dung & Hawan Samagri. The Dhoop Sticks give almost all benefits doing Agnihotra Sacrifice. Learn more about Gauksheer.

Jungle Culturelogo
Dereham, England

Jungle Culture is a UK supplier of coconut bowls, bamboo cutlery, safety razors, reusable straws  and other eco-friendly products. Learn more about Jungle Culture.

Nuts Organiclogo
Tonbridge, England

Nuts Organic is a nutrient rich, award-winning, plant-based skincare line, offering high-performance skincare that targets skin inflammation, environmental damage and ageing skin concerns. Learn more about Nuts Organic.

The Soapy Zebra only make cruelty-free, vegetarian products. Each soap is poured, cut and trimmed by hand and then cured for a minimum of 5 weeks. Then they get weighed and checked before being boxed in our eco-friendly packaging. Learn more about The Soapy Zebra.

Beyond the Labellogo
Los Angeles, California, United States

The Beyond the Label T-Shirt Exchange allows consumers to exchange a gently worn tee for a new one that is sustainably and ethically made with the signature “nutrition label” graphic printed on the front of the T-shirt. Learn more about Beyond the Label.

 Ingrained Culturelogo
Girvan, Scotland

Ingrained Culture offer a fully consultative/involved design process included in the price. They make modern wooden public art sculpture and memorials. Both private and public memorials. Learn more about Ingrained Culture.

Birmingham, England

EcoBayt products are sustainable, zero waste and eco-friendly lifestyle in nature. Their collection of products are carefully researched and hand-selected. Learn more about EcoBayt.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Forsarees is a hand loom industry. Their products are made from hand and are sustainable. Forsarees is an ode to Indian artisans who have been carrying the legacy of crafts and a promise to popularise their work globally. Learn more about Forsarees.

Good Roots Barnlogo
Okehampton, England

Good Roots sell their fantastic plastic free alternative garden supplies. Learn more about Good Roots Barn.

Best Organics Inc.logo
Longmont, Colorado, United States

Best Organics Inc. mission is to promote the growth of organic food, agriculture and local economies by serving as the nation’s leading provider of all organic and eco-friendly gift basket collections. Learn more about Best Organics Inc..

Jus Amazinlogo
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Jus Amazin is committed to making clean nutrition products which are 100% natural, 0% junk, available to meet the nutrition needs of consumers across age groups, developed by parents. All of their products are free from dairy, gluten & soya, and made in a dedicated facility, which is free from these allergensess. Learn more about Jus Amazin.

Refill Milllogo
England, United Kingdom

Refill mill store stocks a wide range of organic dried foods, cleaning refills and natural skin care products. We have a wide range of reusable products in-store and encourage our customers to take small steps towards living sustainably. Learn more about Refill Mill.

Soul Flowerlogo
Minnesota, United States

Soul Flower specializes in original designs printed on organic cotton & made right here in the USA. Their passion is creating funky, comfort-focused fashions that reflect your spirit and respect mother earth. Learn more about Soul Flower.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Treeincarnation believe in upcycling as much of the timber as practicably possible to reduce unconscious waste. Forests are cut down to make furniture, yet trees that are already being removed are typically cut up for firewood or disposed of as mulch. This not only discards a lot of the timbers’ up cycling potential, but also releases a lot of the stored carbon, in the timber, back into the atmosphere. Learn more about Treeincarnation.

Ecobutterfly Organicslogo
Ojai, California, United States

Ecobutterfly Organics is a Fair Trade, Wild Crafted, Organic, Recycled, Vegetarian/Vegan Fiber Arts & Crafts movement with a focus on organic cotton yarn & fiber. Learn more about Ecobutterfly Organics.

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Uneako provides eco-friendly and sustainable products. Their goods are carbon positive, supported by green technology, and provide economic and social assistance to underprivileged people. Learn more about Uneako.

Seed Savers Exchangelogo
Iowa, United States

Seed Savers Exchange conserves and promotes America’s culturally diverse but endangered garden and food crop heritage for future generations by collecting, growing, and sharing heirloom seeds and plants. Learn more about Seed Savers Exchange.

Core Asanalogo
Gurgaon, Delhi, India

Core Asana has blended functionality with style and bring to you a sublime range of products to help you put your fashion foot forward while uplifting your spirituality. All their products, processes and practices are planet-friendly and sustainable to the best possible extent. Learn more about Core Asana.

The Fabulous Timeslogo
Manchester, England

The Fabulous Times is for those seeking to live a mindful life; covering sustainable fashion, eco-travel, clean beauty, natural food, wellness and lifestyle. Learn more about The Fabulous Times.

Perth, Australia

Onya offers high quality reusable alternatives to single-use plastic: Reusable shopping and produce bags, sandwich wraps, coffee cups, water bottles, bulk food bags and now bread bags. Learn more about Onya.

Bangkok, Thailand

Hippie-Pants are a slow fashion brand which means that they work side by side with local producers, prioritizing quality over speed and managing the supply chain and logistics directly. Learn more about

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The refill technology packs concentrated cleaning solution in a water-soluble film. These refills completely dissolve when in contact with water. They promote the idea of buying only the refills and not the ready to use solution. Learn more about Ecosys.

Basket Roomlogo
Chipping Sodbury, England, United Kingdom

The Basket Room work with small craft collectives in Africa to bring the ethical, stylish, accessories with a story with woven with stunning colours & unique patterns Learn more about Basket Room.

Cullompton, United Kingdom

UseSoap bring together Artisan Soap makers from across the UK. They make a donation to charity every time a bar of soap is sold. Learn more about UseSoap.

Daisy Lifelogo
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Daisy Life provides everyday use products like bags, baskets, home décor, kitchenware, personal care made with minimally processed sustainable plant-based fibres like bamboo, cane, coconut shell, jute, wood etc. transforming city lifestyle and modern homes with an effortless interaction with nature in daily routines. Learn more about Daisy Life.

Better World Fashion is a danish fashion brand that develops, designs & sells its own collection of sustainable leather jackets, made from recycled materials. Learn more about Better World Fashion.

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Hohmgrain is an all things wood artisanal home decor brand. They offer designs that are sustainable & environment friendly. Wood is carefully selected for each design, keeping in mind the grains and knots to create dramatic and timeless designs. The product range includes raised garden beds, wooden planters, serve ware and home décor essentials. Learn more about Hohmgrain.

The Wild Nettle Co.logo