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We have organised all eco-friendly business & services into following categories
Afforestation logo


Find organizations and companies with an active goal of Afforestation. These companies undertake initiatives to increase the green cover of the planet.
39 organisations
Sustainable products logo

Sustainable products

Find Sustainable products that provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health and the environment over their whole life cycle.
602 organisations
Waste management logo

Waste management

Find waste management companies working in the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of garbage, sewage, and other waste products safely and efficiently.
98 organisations
Water conservation logo

Water conservation

Find organizations, companies and individuals who are actively involved in enabling water conservation at small and large scales.
33 organisations
Recycling companies logo

Recycling companies

Find recycling companies actively working to recycle your food, electronic, medical, solid, construction and all other kinds of waste.
74 organisations
Sustainable packaging logo

Sustainable packaging

Find companies in sustainable packaging. These companies undertake to provide packaging materials and services for various industrial sectors.
120 organisations
Career in sustainability logo

Career in sustainability

Find careers in sustainability. Discover companies that are actively working towards environmental conservation and sustainability.
5 organisations
Energy & power logo

Energy & power

Find leading companies in generating and distributing clean/renewable Energy and Power. These companies do not follow the traditional fossil fuel, consumption model.
52 organisations
Infra & construction logo

Infra & construction

Find Infra and construction companies, consultancy and organizations contributing to promoting and adopting sustainable practices for development.
35 organisations
Carbon emission control logo

Carbon emission control

Find the leading companies in Emission Control management. These companies help measure and manage the carbon footprint of companies and organizations.
72 organisations
Community logo


Find an active community in environmental conservation and sustainability. These communities undertake networking, information exchange and activities.
20 organisations
Investment for sustainability logo

Investment for sustainability

Find companies that provide investment for sustainability-driven businesses. These companies provide funds and guidance to the early stage and large corporations.
59 organisations
Sustainability consultancy logo

Sustainability consultancy

Sustainability consultancy will research and recommend technologies that combine cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and environmental benefits.
17 organisations
Large scale cleanup logo

Large scale cleanup

Find initiatives local or global working at large-scale cleanups. These initiatives are working to clean water bodies and land and air pollution.
7 organisations
Information & awareness logo

Information & awareness

Gather information and awareness about key environmental and sustainability-related topics. These resources will help you dive deep into the topics you are interested in.
21 organisations
Sustainable agriculture logo

Sustainable agriculture

Find companies that promote sustainable agriculture. The companies work so that they can regenerate their productive capacity and minimize harmful impacts on ecosystems.
46 organisations
Platform logo


Find platforms that provide various facets to sustainability like e-commerce, community, information, and more. You can take action, participate or get inspired on key topics.
78 organisations
Organic gardening logo

Organic gardening

Find companies in sustainable gardening that work towards practices that pursue the goal of sustainability by conserving resources.
33 organisations
Podcast logo


Find impactful podcasts focusing on climate issues and impactful solutions around the world helping us tackle them.
1 organisations
Learning & education logo

Learning & education

This learning resource list is curated for you to learn more about science and history on the many environmental and sustainability-related topics.
9 organisations

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Our goal is to give more visibility of green initiatives for eco-concious consumers.

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